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Even and teenage
Even at its most far-fetched, this animated film approaches the teenage experience much more realistically than shows like Dawson's Creek.
On the site, Stanhope pledged, " Even if you cannot take my offer, I will still use my money or money donated through this page to pay for at least one abortion for a disadvantaged teenage girl each year for the rest of my life in the name of your mother.

Even and Emperor
Even though Byzantine emperors maintained a claim over the territory, and no barbarian king in the west dared to elevate himself to the position of Emperor of the West, Byzantine control of most of the West could not be sustained ; the reconquest of the Italian peninsula and Mediterranean periphery by Justinian was the sole, and temporary, exception.
Even as late as 1733, a 2300 volume, 《 武英殿聚珍版丛书 》, was printed with 253500 wooden movable type on order of the Yongzheng Emperor, and completed in one year.
Even though Francis Stephen was his favourite candidate for Maria Theresa's hand, the Emperor considered other possibilities.
Even though Charlemagne was the first to receive papal coronation as Emperor of the Romans, Otto I is considered the first Holy Roman Emperor in historiography.
Even though the Emperor was wounded and bleeding, the collar saved his life.
Even after the consolidation of the shogunate's power in the east, the Emperor continued to rule the country, particularly its west.
Even Zhu Di's troops praised his effectiveness, especially when Emperor Hongwu rewarded them for their service.
Even though the Hongwu Emperor may have meant for his descendants to be buried near his own Xiaoling Mausoleum ( this is how Hongwu's heir apparent, Zhu Biao was buried ), Yongle's relocation of the capital to Beijing necessitated the creation of a new imperial burial ground.
Even as it became clear the Greek Church would never consent to the Filioque clause, the Emperor continued to press for a reconciliation.
Even before he was formally enthroned, Emperor Xianzong immediately had Wang Shuwen and Wang Pi exiled, on September 2 — in Wang Pi's case, to be the military advisor to the prefect of Kai Prefecture ( 開州, in modern Chongqing ).
Even Tsar Ivan the Terrible expressed horror at the carnage in a letter to the Emperor.
The American historian Henry Charles Lea wrote: " Even in distant Germany Philippe's death was spoken of as a retribution for his destruction of the Templars, and Clement was described as shedding tears of remorse on his death-bed for three great crimes, the poisoning of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor, and the ruin of the Templars and Beguines ".
Even a city or a prince on the side of the Emperor had to pay taxes towards the war.
Even after Emperor Gaozu ( Liu Bang )' s victory over Xiang Yu, there were still unstable areas in the empire, requiring the new government to launch military campaigns to pacify these regions thereafter.
Even worse, Buzz comes into cahoots with another Buzz Lightyear action figure, who is deluded like Buzz was in the first film, and is pursued by a deluded Emperor Zurg action figure.
Even after what happened, however, Emperor Ling did not change his wasteful and corrupt ways.
Even after Emperor Joseph II proclaimed toleration in 1781, only Lutherans and Calvinists were allowed to openly practice their faith.
Even though Emperor Fei was an adult, he did not have actual power, as not only were governmental matters largely in the hands of his granduncle Sima Yu the Prince of Kuaiji, but Sima Yu himself was not fully able to make decisions, as the paramount general Huan Wen imposed many of his own decisions on the imperial government, which had no choice but to accept.
Even though he had a younger brother, Sima Dewen, born of Consort Chen as well ( in 385 ), who was described to be intelligent and careful, and who learned to take care of him throughout the years, for reasons unknown, Emperor Xiaowu appeared to have never seriously considered making Sima Dewen his heir, and in 387, Sima Dezong was created crown prince.
Even Emperor Meiji was impressed with his character, especially his diplomatic efforts between the Russian Imperial Household and the Japanese government.
Even after the Shunzhi Emperor came to power, there was still much friction between Hooge and Dorgon.
Even after his great victory, Emperor Napoleon considered Archduke Charles ' large army a threat.
Even though Emperor Louis IV, in return for Henry's mediation in the dispute with Frederick the Fair, had assured him in 1330 that his daughter could succeed him, Louis reneged on his promise in a secret treaty with the House of Habsburg in the same year.

Even and left
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Even if that's all the promise he ever gave or ever will give, the giving of it once was enough and you believed it then and you will always believe it, even when it is finally the only thing in the world you have left to believe, and the whole world is telling you that one was a lie.
Even though the parentheses were rearranged ( the left side requires adding 5 and 2 first, then adding 1 to the result, whereas the right side requires adding 2 and 1 first, then 5 ), the value of the expression was not altered.
Even though he admired the eminent Rodin he left the Rodin studio after only two months, saying, " Nothing can grow under big trees.
Even after an accused has left office, it is possible to impeach to disqualify the person from future office or from certain emoluments of his prior office ( such as a pension ).
Even when the impact of the Great Depression led to an enormous surge in support for the Nazis across Germany, Berlin resisted the party ’ s appeal more than any other part of Germany: at its peak in 1932, the Nazi Party polled 28 % in Berlin to the combined left ’ s 55 %.
Even so, to avoid becoming a private citizen and thus be open to prosecution for his debts, Caesar left for his province before his praetorship had ended.
Even after this experience, once Eckstine's band left town, Davis ' parents were still keen for him to continue formal academic studies.
Even the local barons started to melt away, and soon Adrian's Byzantine allies were left hopelessly outnumbered.
Even as late as the early 18th century, there were many Sami who were still settling on these farms left abandoned from the 1350s.
Even rendering similar salutes, for example raising the left instead of the right hand, or raising only three fingers, are put under prosecution.
( e. g., Even if the goalie had moved left, rather than right, could he have intercepted a ball that was traveling at such a speed?
Even if none of the men in the database left the crime-scene DNA, a match by chance to an innocent is more likely than not.
Even so, the force that left Berwick-upon-Tweed on 17 June 1314 was impressive: it comprised between 2, 000 – 3, 000 horse ( probably closer to 2, 000 ) and 16, 000 foot.
Even provisions left by Bering at Yudoma Cross could not fend off starvation.
Even though scurvy was cured through the native remedy ( Thuja occidentalis infusion ), the impression left is of a general misery, and of Cartier's growing conviction that he had insufficient manpower either to protect his base or to go in search of the Saguenay Kingdom.
Even this version proved troublesome, and Olsen left in mid-project to start Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC ).
Even some units that have two audio inputs simply combine the left and right audio channels into one mono audio signal.
Even Xenophon, who fails to note his presence at Leuctra, says of his Mantinean campaign: " Now I for my part could not say that his campaign proved fortunate ; yet of all possible deeds of forethought and daring the man seems to me to have left not one undone.
Even if he left half of his troops in the west, he would still have a numerical advantage over Seleucus.
Even more devastating was that in his will, he left all property to her brothers, and left her only a 100 coins, saying that " sufficient for her is her destiny which will be the greatest of any woman ".
Even so, many plantation owners left the area, leaving only their slaves, their dead and their name.
Even more scandalously, the third Vicar General, Bernardino Ochino, left the Catholic faith in 1543 after fleeing to Switzerland, where he was welcomed by John Calvin, became a Calvinist pastor in Zurich and married.

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