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Even and those
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
Even as he spoke those words Billy Tilghman's life hung on a thread.
Even though we did not see many of your faces, it appears now quite evident that a considerable number of your profession heard, from those whom we had the fortune to encounter, that we had been in your midst.
Even those who appear in only one or two scenes are full personalities, defined with economical precision.
Even so, he generally listened and was usually reasonable to those who voiced their objections properly.
Even for those who have been observing the political scene a long time, no script from the past is worth very much in gazing into the state's immediate political future.
Even so, Gannett judiciously argued, the Association could legitimately decide that Parker `` should not be encouraged nor assisted in diffusing his opinions by those who differ from him in regard to their correctness ''.
And he took repeated care to let his colleagues know that he intended them: `` Even the Unitarian churches have caught the malaria, and are worse than those who deceived them '' -- which implied that they were very bad indeed.
Even those who support the intent of the law worry that it might have unintended consequences.
Even more divergent are American stir-fry dishes inspired by Chinese food, that may contain brown rice instead of white, or those with grated cheese ; milk products are almost always absent from traditional Chinese food.
Even if the wave function is not regarded as real, there is still a divide between those who treat it as definitely and entirely subjective, and those who are non-committal or agnostic about the subject.
Even though those activities are strongly associated to the Capoeira, they have different meanings and origins.
Even those programs completely independent from membership organizations enjoy association support and endorsement .</ p >
Even those in the Church inherited their privileges and status.
Even when such a sentence might have been imposed, the Cities of Refuge and other sanctuaries, were at hand for those unintentionally guilty of capital offences.
Even those choices where some randomness was part of the natural system ( such as when to throw a surprise pitch-out to try to trick a runner trying to steal a base ) were decided based on probabilities supplied by Weaver or La Russa.
Even among those who believe in disclosure there are differing policies about when, to whom, and how much to disclose.
" Even I, as head of state in this very tense situation, cannot claim to be able to control those elements in the military.
Even before Christianisation, the Imperial Roman government had suppressed many pagan, Christian, philosophical and divinatory texts that it viewed as threats to Roman authority, including those of the Greek mystic and mathematician Pythagoras.
Even for those whose death had brought honourable release, the taint of infamia was perpetual.
Even when the house contained those that were married, they would live together as brother and sister, since there was a suggestion and custom of practicing celibacy.
Even some of those who see Islamism as fraught with contradictions believe " the socioeconomic realities that sustained the Islamist wave are still here and are not going to change: poverty, uprootedness, crises in values and identities, the decay of the educational systems, the North-South opposition, and the problem of immigrant integration into the host societies ".
Even then, the form of execution used for witches in England ( unlike Scotland and Continental Europe ) was hanging, burning being reserved for those also convicted of treason.

Even and who
Even today range riders will come upon mummified bodies of men who attempted nothing more difficult than a twenty-mile hike and slowly lost direction, were tortured by the heat, driven mad by the constant and unfulfilled promise of the landscape, and who finally died.
Even D. A. Wasson, who compared The Emancipation Of Massachusetts to the lifting of a fog from ancient landscapes, was also forced to admit the methodological deficiencies of the author.
Even though it was known that the Luftwaffe in the north was now being directed by the young and energetic General Peltz, the commander who would conduct the `` Little Blitz '' on London in 1944, a major raid on Bari at this juncture of the war was not to be considered seriously.
Even a city of thirty thousand might have six baseball teams, sponsored by grocers and hardware merchants or department stores, that played two or three times a week throughout the summer, usually in the cool of the evening, before an earnest and partisan audience who did not begrudge a quarter each, or even more, to be dropped into a hat when the game was half over.
Even though the stone had been around centuries and was known to both the Sumerians and the Egyptians, both who used the gem for decoration and for playing important parts in their religious ceremonies, any agate of this color from Sicily, once an ancient Greek colony, is called Greek agate.
Even Poseidon, who normally favors the Greeks, comes to Aeneas ' rescue after he falls under the assault of Achilles, noting that Aeneas, though from a junior branch of the royal family, is destined to become king of the Trojan people.
Even after the Norman Conquest, Ealdred still controlled some events in Worcester, and it was Ealdred, not Wulfstan, who opposed Urse d ' Abetot's attempt to extend the castle of Worcester into the cathedral after the Norman Conquest.
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz ( Hebrew: עדין שטיינזלץ ) or Adin Even Yisrael ( Hebrew: עדין אבן ישראל ) ( born 1937 ) is a teacher, philosopher, social critic, and spiritual mentor, who has been hailed by Time magazine as a " once-in-a-millennium scholar ".
Even men who had been bitter enemies were allowed to not only return to Rome but assume their previous positions in Roman society.
Even certain male deities representing regeneration and fertility were occasionally depicted with breast-like appendices, such as the river god Hapy who was considered to be responsible for the annual overflowing of the Nile.
Even though she is the one who initially trained Jen, Jen is never seen to use poison herself.
Even though Confucius denounced them for their practices, the aristocracy was likely attracted to the idea of having trustworthy officials who were studied in morals as the circumstances of the time made it desirable.
:: Even to the homeopathic physician who attended me, and rejoiced in my recovery, I could not then explain the modus of my relief.
Even today, the procedure is credited with ending the devastation caused by the early epidemics, and vaccination, in many ways an updated and modernized form of the procedure, continues to be recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for at-risk populations, such as potential victims of bioterrorism, and research scientists who work with surviving strains of the virus.
Even more than two hundred years later, during the last century, when Western specialists in Chinese, who had by that time created the discipline known as sinology, designed the early forms of numerous transcriptions used today, the first mistakes of enthusiastic missionaries, envoys and business men were not fully eliminated.
Even though it might have cost me a lot of money, I kept saying no .” She eventually found a publisher who agreed to print the book containing only 10 % of the material.

Even and share
Even so, the EU continues to be the second-largest trading partner of northern Cyprus, with a 24. 7 % share of total imports and 35 % share of total exports.
Even for axis-parallel cuboids ( considered to be adjacent when two cuboids share a two-dimensional boundary area ) an unbounded number of colors may be necessary (; ).
Even though there are also reports of distressing experiences and negative life-reviews, which share some similarities with the concept of Hell, the positive experiences of meeting or entering ' the Light ' is reported as an immensely intense feeling state of love, peace and joy beyond human comprehension.
Even peasants, who did not share the bonds of kinship and culture, would often avoid killing a nobleman, valuing the high ransom that a live capture could bring, as well as the valuable horse, armour and equipment that came with him.
Nichiren encouraged his disciples not to share in violence: Even if other are clad in armor and instigate, my disciples should never do the same.
Even after Chris-Craft sold its share of the network to Viacom, WWOR was still commonly regarded as the flagship station since it had long been common practice to accord this status to a network's New York station.
Even though the memory allocated for specific processes is normally isolated, processes sometimes need to be able to share information.
Even though two or more systems may share the same words, the meanings of those words may be different.
Even as he oversaw a continued buildup, Clifford preferred to emphasize the points Johnson had made in his March 31, 1968 address: that the South Vietnamese army could take over a greater share of the fighting, that the administration would place an absolute limit on the number of U. S. troops in Vietnam, and that it would take steps, including the bombing restrictions, to reduce the combat level.
Even identical twins ( who share their DNA ) do not have identical fingerprints.
Even today, occasional outside visitors may be called or referred to as ' Kokopelli ' when they bring news, stories, and trinkets from the outside world to share with the little pueblos or villages.
Even so, it was subsequently said to all rascally children that Omobe's lack of respect for constituted authority had landed him in dire straits and that if they did not alter their ways they might share the same fate.
Less serious regular features include " Guy Confessions " ( pages where men share embarrassing stories or shameful things they've done ); celebrities ; " You, Even Better ", which contains a wide variety of fun facts and advice.
Even city-dwelling relatives thousands of miles away are entitled to a share of each whale killed by the hunters of their ancestral village.
Even when uttered erroneously, their mother's word was supreme for the Pandavas, who then agreed to " share " the princess, who was subsequently married to all five brothers.
Even if CCTV is the most powerful network of mainland China, it has only about 30 % of audience share all over the national territory.
Even in the pre-imperial era, a system was proposed to organize the people into " groups of families which would be mutually responsible for each other's good behavior and share each other's punishments.
Even before his death the Liège physician seems to have confessed to a share in the circulation of and additions to the work.
Even though the present forms developed in Argentina and Uruguay from the mid 19th century, there are records of 18th and early 19th century Tango styles in Cuba and Spain, while there is a flamenco Tangos dance that may share a common ancestor in a minuet-style European dance.
Even if SM. 79s were considered overall to be quite sturdy and well-developed aircraft, they had their share of misfortune.
Even More Contraptions started a service allowing players to share their homemade puzzles using a service called " WonSwap ".
Even though public administration systems vary a great deal, there are some common elements which they all share which can be compared, such as the recruitment of bureaucrats and common programs which all governments have ( e. g., a taxation regime ) and common roles ( e. g., rule-making ).
Even in the U. S., Java ME phones have a larger market share than Brew enabled handsets.

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