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Some Related Sentences

Even and though
Even though in most cases the completion of the definitive editions of their writings is still years off, enough documentation has already been assembled to warrant drawing a new composite profile of the leadership which performed the heroic dual feats of winning American independence and founding a new nation.
Even though headquarters actually have been moved into the Chatham building, do they believe that they can make the new name stick??
Even though he would later be resurrected, he was at this moment dead indeed, the expression on his face reflecting what he had gone through on the cross.
Even though I have always had a genius for `` throwing myself '' into every role and `` playing it for all it's worth '', no actress can be expected to do her best work when her fortune, her reputation, her livelihood, her home and her nation itself are all imperilled.
Even though the registers may have an incomplete record of persons present in a particular area or include persons no longer living there, they contain precise information on ages, by date of birth, for some of the persons present ( especially children in relatively stable communities ) and supplementary information ( such as records of marital status ) for many others.
Even though in civil rights legislation in 1957 and 1960 the provision for the Attorney General to act was eliminated, should we nevertheless support such a clause??
Even though we did not see many of your faces, it appears now quite evident that a considerable number of your profession heard, from those whom we had the fortune to encounter, that we had been in your midst.
Even though the bondage of his verse is not so great as the writing poet can manage, it is still great enough for him often to be seriously impeded unless he has aids to facilitate rapid composition.
Even though it was known that the Luftwaffe in the north was now being directed by the young and energetic General Peltz, the commander who would conduct the `` Little Blitz '' on London in 1944, a major raid on Bari at this juncture of the war was not to be considered seriously.
Even though we had walked miles in Kyoto that day, we started out again to see Nara at night.
Even though his theological theses have become, to us, commonplaces, the fundamental interrogation he phrased is very much with us.
Even though the boy could not see them, he knew they were clouded by distance.
Even though this is my rock, you can use it sometimes.
Even though they had the advantage of fighting on the defensive, the Confederate forces had " almost as high a percentage of casualties as the Union forces ".
Even though this may appear similar to a series of animation drawings, there was no way of viewing the images in motion.
Even though it's not up to him / her to make laws ( only to promulgate them and make edicts ), the President is the leader of the winning party.
Even though scientific research is not their main goal, many amateur astronomers make a contribution to astronomy by monitoring variable stars, tracking asteroids and discovering transient objects, such as comets.
Even though they do not compete directly with cultivated plants, sometimes winter annuals are considered a pest in commercial agriculture, because they can be hosts for insect pests or fungal diseases ( ovary smut – Microbotryum sp ) which attack crops being cultivated.
One might say, " Even though the usual ordering of the real numbers does not work, it may be possible to find a different ordering of the real numbers which is a well-ordering.
Even though this element is not abundant, it is found in over 100 mineral species.
Even though this period-known in its earlier part as the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period-in its latter part was fraught with chaos and bloody battles, it is also known as the Golden Age of Chinese philosophy because a broad range of thoughts and ideas were developed and discussed freely.
Even in Athanasius ’ Orations against the Arians, Arius hardly emerges consistently as the creative individual originator of the heresy that bears his name, even though it would have greatly strengthened Athanasius ’ case to present him in that light.
Even touching an alpha source is usually not harmful, though many alpha sources also are accompanied by beta-emitting radio daughters, and alpha emission is also accompanied by gamma photon emission.
Even though the parentheses were rearranged ( the left side requires adding 5 and 2 first, then adding 1 to the result, whereas the right side requires adding 2 and 1 first, then 5 ), the value of the expression was not altered.

Even and stone
Even the stubby remnant disappeared in 1480, when the then-Sultan of Egypt, Qaitbay, built a mediæval fort on the former location of the building using some of the fallen stone.
Even to this day almost all the akharas ( Combat training Gymnasiums ) use heavy stone maces for training for the simple reason that it combines weight and maneuverability training.
Even his head was of stone.
Even as more durable materials of stone came into use, the cheaper and easily available mud bricks were used for all but the most important monumental structures .< ref > R., C. L.
Even more precious is the bright blue mantle colored with lapis lazuli, a stone imported from Afghanistan.
It is usually transliterated as a proper name by dropping the definite article ( Ha ) from the Hebrew word for " help " ( Ezer ) and putting it together with the Hebrew word for " stone " ( Even ) to create: " Ebenezer.
Even before painting cave walls, early humans fashioned shapes from stone.
Even the track bed to which iron strap rail was affixed consisted of the stone.
Even the Maori only visited temporarily for hunting, fishing and to collect the precious stone Pounamu ( New Zealand jade ) from Anita Bay and the mouth of Milford Sound .< ref >
Even when a church is built of wood, the cornerstone must in fact be made of stone.
) Even though there is a foundation stone marked ' BBC 1956 ' in the basement of the main building, construction had begun on the site in 1951.
Even in Norwich, which boasts more medieval churches than anywhere in Europe, it was wool money that got the stone lifted, the glass stained and the panels carved.
While traveling with the IDF's parachute demonstration team, Epstein changed his last name to Even (" stone " in Hebrew ).
Wood-Martin in 1902 asserted that it was anciently “ connected with aphrodisiac customs .” Even today, newlyweds, together with the wedding party, will visit the stone in observance of the ancient local custom.
Even the carved stone reliefs have an aggressive, hostile quality to them, a consequence of their focus on surface detail at the expense of the humans in the design.
Even as early as 1767, the south wall was quarried for stone to build Schwetzingen Castle.
Even without the benefit of Amawtakuna knowledge, it was the general population that was responsible for building most of the Inca road system, rope bridges, water fountains, agricultural development, irrigation systems, massive stone buildings, fortress temples and the rest of the impressive architectural and engineering marvels for which the Incas are still renowned still today.
Even so, the village is a quite popular place to live, with its predominant stone buildings.
Even though the detail of the Gothic style is much simpler than the Romanesque style, it still has decorative stone and wood carvings inside and outside the building.
Even after the Gi's poisonous arrows turned his body to stone ...... Even after they all ran away ... Seto, continued to protect us.
Even though Ultraman Tiga stood in his way, he was no match for the Ruler of Darkness who turned him back to stone.
Even in the eighteenth century, Parish records show that gravel and stone was being removed from Carey ( or quarry ) Hill in the centre of the village.
Even older than plateways were wagonways which used wooden rails, or ( occasionally ) grooves cut in stone blocks such as at the Haytor Granite Tramway, to guide the wheels and to reduce friction.

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