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Page "mystery" ¶ 749
from Brown Corpus
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Even and two
Even two decades ago in Go Down, Moses Faulkner was looking to the more urban future with a glimmer of hope that through its youth and its new way of life the South might be reborn and the curse of slavery erased from its soil.
Even when they are finished, however, the contrast will remain, for Istanbul is the only city in the world that is built upon two continents.
Even those who appear in only one or two scenes are full personalities, defined with economical precision.
Even a city of thirty thousand might have six baseball teams, sponsored by grocers and hardware merchants or department stores, that played two or three times a week throughout the summer, usually in the cool of the evening, before an earnest and partisan audience who did not begrudge a quarter each, or even more, to be dropped into a hat when the game was half over.
Even before Johnston arrived in Tennessee, two forts had been started to defend the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River which provided avenues into the State from the north.
Even after leaving the abbacy of Tavistock, he continued to hold two properties from the abbey until his death.
Even if the text of the Septuagint is proved to be the older, it does not necessarily follow that all these variations first arose after the Greek translation had been made, because two different editions of the same text might have been in process of development side by side ..."
Even adding a second execution unit ( see below ) does not improve performance much ; rather than one pathway being hung up, now two pathways are hung up and the number of unused transistors is increased.
Even though he admired the eminent Rodin he left the Rodin studio after only two months, saying, " Nothing can grow under big trees.
Even though each 1541 had its own on board disk controller and disk operating system, it was not possible for a user to command two 1541 drives to copy a disk ( one drive reading and the other writing ) as with older dual drives like the 4040 and 8050 that were often found with the PET computer, and which the 1541 was backward compatible to ( it could read 4040 disks but not write to them since its internal Operating System was essentially the same ).
Even more than two hundred years later, during the last century, when Western specialists in Chinese, who had by that time created the discipline known as sinology, designed the early forms of numerous transcriptions used today, the first mistakes of enthusiastic missionaries, envoys and business men were not fully eliminated.
Even when the proposition has only two words, the three terms are still there.
Even individual songs may be a blend of the two.
Even for axis-parallel cuboids ( considered to be adjacent when two cuboids share a two-dimensional boundary area ) an unbounded number of colors may be necessary (; ).
Even the relationship with France improved, after the election of Valéry Giscard d ' Estaing as president, trade increased and the two countries exchanged diplomatic visits.
Even so, the response styles of the two groups were similar, indicating that the experimental group still based their choices on the length of the run sequence.
Even though the outcome of a race of the two machines could not be assumed, a quick inspection would instantly reveal the difference in the level of professionalism of the designers.
Even though the set may be the same, the same function might be a homomorphism, say, in group theory ( sets with a single operation ) but not in ring theory ( sets with two related operations ), because it fails to preserve the additional operation that ring theory considers.
Even one or two great basketball players could make a high school team a powerhouse, and nearly every Indiana town dreamt of such glory.
Even though these two groups " look " different in that the sets contain different elements, they are indeed isomorphic: their structures are exactly the same.
Even though two employees in different departments have a top-secret clearance, they must have a need-to-know in order for information to be exchanged.
Even rarer, Shatner and Spader each won a second consecutive Emmy while playing the same character in two different series.
Even in some computer typefaces, the two characters are barely distinguishable.
Even Downey's affiliates, many of which were low-rated independent television stations in small to medium markets, were so fearful of advertiser and viewer backlash that they would air one or even two local disclaimers during the broadcast.

Even and three
Even the authorized history of BJU notes that both Bob Jones, Sr. and Bob Jones, Jr. “ played political hardball ” when dealing with the three municipalities in which the school was successively located.
Even though the three processes mentioned above proved to be equivalent, the fundamental premise behind the thesis — the notion of what it means for a function to be effectively calculable — is " a somewhat vague intuitive one ".
Even if we do make some sort of connection between the 4th century Huns and the 1st century Xiongnu, an awful lot of water has passed under an awful lot of bridges in the three hundred years ' worth of lost history.
Even after German reunification in October 1990, the Reichsbahn continued to exist for over three years as the operator of the railroad in eastern Germany, ending finally on 1 January 1994 when the Reichsbahn and the western Deutsche Bundesbahn were merged to form the privatized Deutsche Bahn AG.
Even though the band is regularly described as being over a hundred men, usually only three or four are specified.
Even when the orbiters Discovery and Atlantis joined the fleet, Challenger remained in heavy use with three missions a year from 1983 to 1985.
Even rendering similar salutes, for example raising the left instead of the right hand, or raising only three fingers, are put under prosecution.
Even so, the total perturbation does not coincide with experiment, and an empirical spin orbit coupling, named the Nilsson Term, must be added with at least two or three different values of its coupling constant, depending on the nuclei being studied.
Even though Kathy was worried about the spoken alliance between Paschal and Neleh coming into play at the final three, she voted with them and eliminated Sean.
Even though FHA is statutorily required to be budget neutral, the GAO is projecting taxpayer funded subsidies of half a billion dollars over the next three years, if no changes are made to the FHA program.
Even worse were the pirates, the " Victual Brothers ", who launched three devastating raids on the port ( the last in 1427 ).
Even today, Clay County is one of only three counties in Alabama to have no U. S. Highways in its boundaries.
Even when compelled to paint landscapes ( three are known to exist ), Modigliani chose a proto-Cubist palette more akin to Cézanne than to the Macchiaioli.
Even the three authors of the book were chosen from among the small number of people who had seen the map before Mellon bought it — two British Museum curators and Marston.
Even though it is a broad consensus currently regarding the overall ideology of Taiwanization, there are still deep disputes over practical policies between the three main political groups of Taiwan independence, Chinese reunification, and supporters of Chinese culture.
Even as more anthropogenic carbon is produced, forests remove around three billion tons of anthropogenic carbon every year.
Even the three great towers near Herod's palace seemed small in comparison.
Even a great historian like Tacitus may have been unaware of the oldest of the three sisters, or perhaps the court deliberately obscured her identity because she was not a niece of Augustus.
Even on a cloudy day, toplighting is three to ten times more efficient than sidelighting.
Even in distant Germany, Philip's death was spoken of as a retribution for his destruction of the Templars, and Clement was described as shedding tears of remorse on his death-bed for three great crimes, the poisoning of Henry VI, and the ruin of the Templars and Beguines.
Even if the observer knows the composition of the urns and has just observed a sequence of three balls, e. g. y1, y2 and y3 on the conveyor belt, the observer still cannot be sure which urn ( i. e., at which state ) the genie has drawn the third ball from.
Even then, because Heerhugowaard is surrounded on three sides by large bodies of water, as well as enjoying a significant heat island effect, nights rarely fall below.

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