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Every and 10
The album's lead single, " She's Every Woman " peaked at number-one on the Billboard Country Chart, however its follow-up single, " The Fever " ( a cover of an Aerosmith song ) only peaked at number 23, becoming Brooks's first released Country single to not chart on the Top 10.
Every point on the Lorenz curve represents a statement like " the bottom 20 % of all households have 10 % of the total income.
Every year, the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam ( IDFA ) gives an acclaimed filmmaker the chance to screen his or her personal Top 10 favorite films.
In 2007, Iranian filmmaker Maziar Bahari selected O Dreamland and Every Day Except Christmas ( 1957 ), a record of a day in the old Covent Garden market, for his top 10 classics from the history of documentary.
Every 10 seconds, the spin value of a fresh proton is measured.
On 10 March 2003, the Police were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and performed " Roxanne ", " Message In a Bottle ", and " Every Breath You Take " live, as a group ( the last song was performed alongside Steven Tyler, Gwen Stefani, and John Mayer ).
Advertising for the film ( pictured at right ) boasted of the extravagant expense incurred in presenting the spectacle :" Actual Sinking of an Ocean Liner. Two Battleships Sunk by United States Navy .$ 18, 000 Used for Ammunition in One Battle. 40, 000 People Employed. 10, 000 Horses in Thrilling Cavalry Charges. 40 Aeroplanes in Great Air Battle. Every Death-dealing Device Known to Modern War in Operation. One Year in the Making. Cost $ 1, 000, 000. 00. Entire Cities Built and Destroyed. An Awe-inspiring Spectacle that one minute makes your blood run cold and another thrills you with its touches of human gentleness. The Story of the Greatest Love of the Ages —- the Love of Humanity.
Every Friday morning ( 10. 00 – 12. 30 a. m .) the Waagplein is the backdrop for this traditional cheesemarket.
Every year, approximately 10, 000 people enjoy the good food, rides, and entertainment throughout the weekend.
Every late July ( ending on the last Saturday of July and beginning 10 days previous ) it hosts what may be the world's largest free-admission fair.
Every August, 10 days are devoted to " Bill Johnston's Pirate Days ", a town-wide festival that features professional performers acting out pirate battles and a " siege " of the town by none-other than the " Pirate of the Thousand Islands ," Bill Johnston ( pirate ), whom the festival is named after.
Every wagon was manned by 7 to 10 soldiers and the Wagenburg was equipped with bombards.
The band has also charted ten singles to the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, including six Top 10 singles and the Hot 100 number-one single, " Every Rose Has Its Thorn ".
* Every 10 years, Knutsford in England, hosts The Knutsford Great Race, first started in 1980, with the next event due 2020.
Every hour, the capitalist receives $ 40 worth of work and only pays the worker $ 10, capturing the remaining $ 30 as gross revenue.
Every time she sleeps with Truman she gets an extra $ 10, 000.
Every year the IDFA ( International Documentary Festival ) in Amsterdam screens an acclaimed filmmaker's 10 favorite films.
As the Catholic Encyclopedia ( 1908 – 10 ) described his work " Every page of his writings reveals a wealth of strong common sense, clear perception, and a vein of wonderful and ever varying erudition.
After a year of intensive recording ( and eighteen months after " Getting Away with It "), the debut album Electronic was released to critical acclaim and domestic commercial success, featuring the Top 10 single " Get the Message " and another Top 40 single, " Feel Every Beat ".
Every Friday, it houses nearly 10, 000 worshippers and may accommodate up to 20, 000.
Every night of the fair, at 10 pm, a 10-minute fireworks display was presented that could be seen over much of Knoxville.
Every crossing with a new race took about 10 years before the desired genes were fixed in the strain.
* Every 5 to 10 mins to Elephant & Castle, all stations, operated by London Underground.
* Every 5 to 10 mins to Harrow & Wealdstone, all stations, operated by London Underground.

Every and percent
Every decade has had a substantial rate of growth, ranging from 33 percent between 1980-1990 to a 67 percent increase between 1950-1960.
Every year, the Plansee Group invests approximately ten percent of its sales revenue in developing new products as well as in new processes and technologies.
Every day, radio reaches 80 percent of the U. S. population.
He is quoted as saying, " Every time you talk to me you're ten percent smarter than before.

Every and increase
Every single instance of altruistic behavior need not always increase inclusive fitness ; altruistic behaviors would have been selected for if such behaviors on average increased inclusive fitness in the ancestral environment.
The newest formulas of Mobilgas Special was advertised as offering " A Tune-Up in Every Tankful " due to a combination of chemicals known as the " Mobil Power Compound " which was designed to increase power, check pre-ignition ping, correct spark plug misfiring, control stalling and combat gumming up of carburetors.
Every corn-growing country decided to increase tariffs in reaction to this, except Britain and Belgium.
Every year the association coordinates the day of French language within International Organisations ( 2010 ). It also organizes seminaries to increase awareness about the importance of linguistic, cultural and conceptual diversity.
In 1991, she launched Every Child By Two, a nationwide campaign that sought to increase early childhood immunizations along with Betty Bumpers, wife of former U. S. Senator Dale Bumpers of Arkansas.
*" Every denunciation of existing law tends in some measure to increase the probability that there will be violation of it.
Every village, town and city can build a Wizard Tower, and the Wizard only has to be inside one Wizard Tower, the other towers will also increase his domain.
* The Every Player Counts scheme-to grow disability football provision across 44 Football League clubs in England and Wales and increase the opportunities for people with varying disabilities to access sports through their local Football Clubs
Every creature in the universe tries to increase its knowledge, to figure out what is going on, what will happen next, and how things are evolving.
Every CPU cycle that is not a poll represents an increase in latency of reaction to pending I / O.
Every stage is viewed from an overhead perspective, as walls are blown up to find power-ups ( which increase the power of explosions, or the number of bombs that can be set ) and locate enemies.
The Commission Report quotes Max Weber, Every bureaucracy seeks to increase the superiority of the professionally informed by keeping their knowledge and intentions secret ... Bureaucracy naturally welcomes a poorly informed and hence a powerless parliament — at least insofar as ignorance somehow agrees with the bureaucracy ’ s interests.

Every and price
Every man has his price.
Every price change can be decomposed into an income effect and a substitution effect ; the price effect is the sum of substitution and income effects.
The producers, mindful of the stigma of the price of " Every Breath " refused to allow him to throw more money at it, and in the end it was agreed that we would do one more take and then wrap.
Every conceivable product is available in this city-for a price, indeed many of the adventure stores frequently restock with finer weapons, armor and accessories from every imaginable part of Faerûn.

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