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Every and April
Every year, on the last Sunday in April, there is an ice fishing competition in the frozen estuarine waters of the Anadyr River's mouth.
The revised edition of Robyn was released in the UK in April 2007, and contains two new tracks —" With Every Heartbeat " ( a collaboration with Kleerup ) and " Cobrastyle " ( a cover of a 2006 single by Swedish rockers Teddybears )— alongside slightly altered versions of two of the original songs.
Every year on April 19, survivors, families and friends return to the memorial to read the names of each person lost.
Every year in April the bloemencorso ( flower parade ) takes place.
Antony Jay's How to Beat Sir Humphrey: Every Citizen's Guide to Fighting Officialdom ( ISBN 0-9528285-1-0 ) was published in April 1997.
Every year on 23 April, the anniversary of Cervantes ' death, the city of Alcalá hosts the ceremony awarding the Cervantes Prize, the Spanish-speaking world's most prestigious award for lifetime achievement in literature.
A second single was released from the album in April 2010, a new remix of the song " Love Don't Live Here " backed by Ian Masterson's 2010 reworking of the 1995 single " Every Shade of Blue " and " The Runner " remixed by Buzz Junkies
Every year in April, Geneva holds a River Festival, which brings in hundreds of people from all over the country to the small town.
Every April, the Midway Society conducts an annual service commemorating the town's settlement.
Every April, a reenactment of the battle is held.
Every year from the last week of April through the end of the first week of May, Wenatchee hosts the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, which probably brings in the largest number of people Wenatchee sees annually, with the exception of all the migrant workers coming in to pick the crop.
Every year from October to April he would spend in the small village Chapora, developing a significant crowd of supporters, or apprentices as some back in Finland would call them.
Both concerts, on 1988 ( Break Every Rule Tour ) and April 1990 ( Flowers in the Dirt world tour ), respectively, attracted crowds of over 180, 000 people.
Every year during the month of March – April ( varies according to Hindu calendar ) grand festival is celebrated.
Every year, on April 12, the Historic Halifax State Historic Site celebrates Halifax Day.
Every April, one week is set aside in the Greek community for Greek Week, a series of coed competitions that instill a sense of unity among the houses, while providing friendly competitiveness.
Every April the local art gallery also organises ' Art Beat ' for the promotion of local original art.
Every day between April 23, 1995 and June 30, 2000, St. GIGA servers broadcast material via the BS network to be received and unscrambled by subscribers to Nintendo's Satellaview service.
Every year, this day falls on 13 / 14 April of Georgian calendar.
Every April they host " The Big Show " at the Dow, which features a big name performer.
Every April the paper is distributed to the public of Perth's metropolitan area by students dressed in costume in exchange for a donation, often a " gold coin " donation.
* Nováci Every day from September 1995 to April 1996 ; sometimes reprised
Every such person whose Canadian parent or parents were also not born in Canada and obtained their citizenship at birth by descent ( second generation born abroad ) must have successfully applied to maintain their Canadian citizenship before their 28th birthday, that is, if their 28th birthday took place before 17 April 2009.
Every year, in April or May, the Society holds its Annual Conference.

Every and May
Every home game since May 15, 2003 has been sold out — a MLB record that has spanned almost nine years.
* May 24 – Sertab Erener wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 for Turkey with the song Every Way That I Can, in Riga, Latvia.
Every year, with cooperation from the city, Lewis-Clark State College hosts the Avista NAIA World Series in May, and the Lewiston Round Up in September.
Every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon ( from May until October ) the famous water features take place.
Every May, her priests, the Fratres Arvales, held a three day festival in her honor.
Every year since 1880, the organizations of the French left have held a demonstration in this symbolic place during the last week of May.
Every May, the town hosts the " Hometown Days " carnival in Burton Park, the city's largest park.
Every year, The Vanceboro Strawberry Festival takes place in Spring, usually in Early May.
Every year, " Pike Days " ( also called the " National Road Festival ") are celebrated during a weekend in May.
Every year Jamestown holds the Hell Hole Swamp Festival on the first full weekend in May.
Every year the Edmonds Rotary sponsors the Edmonds Jazz Connection festival, on Memorial Day Weekend in May.
Every year in May, Spokane hosts the Lilac Festival.
Every May since 1993, thousands of cagers have descended upon Thermopolis for the annual 3 on 3 Hot Spot Shootout Basketball Tournament.
Every second Sunday in May – Mothers Day ( Emadepäev )
Every evening from 1 May until 15 September you may accompany the night watchman in Ribe on his route through the old town, while he is singing to alert citizens about bedtime approaching.
This is showcased by such bands as Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, The Showdown, Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, Once Nothing, Memphis May Fire, Acid Bath and Down.
Every year in the third week of May the ATP tournament takes place in Sankt Pölten.
Every May the town hosts the Toledo Cacao Festival, held over the Commonwealth Day Holiday weekend, which celebrates the District's ancient and modern-day links with cacao and chocolate.
Every May, the community honors him with the open air Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival.
* Every third Sunday of May, the town commemorates the help it received from Saint Roch during its fight against the Spanish army in 1654.
Every May, Ashby holds an arts festival currently sponsored by the district council.
Every year on 5 May, Puebla celebrates the defeat of invading French troops here in 1862.
" Perfect in Every Way ", Sports Illustrated ( May 25 ; available online ).

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