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Every and February
* Super Bowl: Every first Sunday of February
* World Marriage Day: Every second Sunday of February
* Leap Day: February 29 ( Every four years, with some exceptions )
A February 2, 1893 article in the New York Sun stated that, " Every groan from the fiend, every contortion of his body was cheered by the thickly packed crowd.
Every year, thousands of tourists come to visit Tempio Pausania to assist to the characteristic carnevale ( carnival ), which takes place at the end of February.
Every February, annually, the Sells Rodeo and Parade is held in the capital of the Nation.
Pope John Paul II explained in his Apostolic Letter Salvifici Doloris ( 11 February 1984 ):" In the Cross of Christ not only is the Redemption accomplished through suffering, but also human suffering itself has been redeemed ... Every man has his own share in the Redemption.
Every Sunday in the summer months ( 1 March to end October ) and on the first and third Sunday of the month in the winter months ( 1 November to end February ) the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery run a tour starting at 14: 00 at the Anglican chapel and lasting 2 hours.
Every February, Eagle hosts a checkpoint for the long-distance Yukon Quest sled dog race.
Every February, Central hosts a checkpoint for the long-distance Yukon Quest sled dog race.
Every February, Circle City hosts a checkpoint for the long-distance Yukon Quest sled dog race.
Every official document issued by the government, however, records his birthday as February 7, 1887.
Every February, the community gathers to celebrate the Festival Comunitario de Humacao, sponsored by the Dulce Nombre de Jesús parish.
Every February, A. Y. S. O.
Every three years the College also holds a ball, usually off site due to the problem of securing the college's perimeter sufficiently for insurance purposes. The most recent off-site ball was held was February 9, 2008 at Heythrop Park.
* " Crazy ' Bout An Automobile ( Every Woman I Know )" Recorded live, October 25, 1980 at Victoria Apollo, London / " If Walls Could Talk " Recorded live, February 26, 1981 at Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California / " The Very Thing That Makes You Rich ( Makes Me Poor )" Recorded live, February 26, 1981 at Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California / " Look At Granny Run Run " Recorded live, February 26, 1981 at Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California ( 1981 ; Warner Records )
* February 2-The King's Men give a repeat performance of Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour at court.
" Lift Every Voice and Sing " was publicly performed first as a poem as part of a celebration of Lincoln's Birthday on February 12, 1900 by 500 school children at the segregated Stanton School.
Every winter, there is an annual vigil for the École Polytechnique Massacre, the trees in the park are decorated with Christmas lights, the " Lighting of the Lights " and Snowfest is held in February.
Every year on February nineteenth, June nineteenth, September nineteenth of the lunar calendar, it welcomes millions of people for the celebration of the birth of Guanyin, being a monk and being Bodhisattva.
Every February 2, on Groundhog Day, Willie took part in the local Wiarton Willie Festival.
Every year, in February, the city hosts one of Europe's largest and most colourful carnivals ; notable features of the Patras Carnival include its mammoth-sized satirical floats and extravagant balls and parades, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors in a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Every and Santa
Every year at Christmas time Santa leads a parade from his perch high atop a city fire truck, delighting residents and visitors of all ages.
Aled Jones also, with the National Philharmonic Orchestra, was behind the Santa Claus The Movie, original motion picture soundtrack, Every Christmas Eve of 1985.
Every year, in summer, a medieval festival takes place in Santa Maria da Feira-the Feira Medieval-during which the city goes back to the Middle Ages.
Every two months these bags were taken from the church of Santa Croce, where they were ordinarily kept, and in a short ceremony drawn out at random.
Every other person got a ' present ' from ' Santa ', who turned out to be Marty Whelan.
Ticket stubs bear the verbiage " I traveled the HI-LEVEL Santa Fe way " and " Every seat is on the scenic HI-LEVEL.
* Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Candiria, Diecast, Killswitch Engage, Most Precious Blood, NORA, Poison the Well, Shai Hulud, Another Victim, Skycamefalling, This Day Forward, Twelve Tribes, Walls of Jericho, Bloodjinn, Every Time I Die, Martyr AD, Santa Sangre, God Below, All Else Failed, Cataract, Ensign, From Autumn to Ashes, Bleeding Through, Lamb of God, Reach the Sky, Brother's Keeper, Until the End, Lariat, Curl up and Die, Thursday, Mastodon, Sworn Enemy, If Hope Dies, Blood Has Been Shed, Unearth, Wrong the Oppressor, Kalibas, Standfast, Eighteen Visions, Arkangel, Pig Destroyer, Rembering Never, Premonitions of War, Destro, Garrison, Maharahj, A Death For Every Sin, Creation Is Crucifixion, Cipher, In Dying Days
Then, sometime in mid-September, Dylan reassembled his standing band at Rundown Studios in Santa Monica, California, where they recorded a number of his new songs, including " Every Grain Of Sand.

Every and de
Every person should be identified uniquely as resident in one place but where they happen to be on census day, their de facto residence, may not be the best place to count them.
Every year, Esperanto speakers meet for the World Congress of Esperanto ( Universala Kongreso de Esperanto ).
Example 2: " Elke zondag was ik de auto " ( Dutch: " Every Sunday I wash the car ", lit.
Every two years, the Festival de Loire recalls the role played by the river in the commune's history.
Every student of the engineering trainee program receives the degree of “ ingénieur de l ' École centrale de Nantes ”, more commonly called “ ingénieur centralien ”.
In 1960, de Havilland published her first memoir called Every Frenchman Has One.
His circle of friends and acquaintances included Lord Burghley, Fulke Greville, Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, John Stow, John Dee, Jacques de Thou and Ben Jonson, who was Camden's student at Westminster and who dedicated an early edition of Every Man in His Humour to him.
Every November, Salar de Uyuni is the breeding grounds for three species of pink South American flamingos: the Chilean, Andean and rare James's Flamingos, their color presumably originating from feeding on pink algae.
Every October, Belém receives tens of thousands of tourists for the year's most important religious celebration, the procession of the Círio de Nazaré.
Starting with Gringalet in 1959, Olmedo starred in 49 movies, including: Los Doctores las Prefieren Desnudas ( Doctors Prefer Them Naked ), in 1973, Maridos en Vacaciones, ( Husbands on Vacation, 1975 ), Fotógrafo de Señoras ( Ladies ' Photographer, 1978 ), Las Mujeres Son Cosas de Guapos ( Women Are For The Brave, 1981 ), Los Fierecillos Indomables ( The Indomitable Little Beasts, 1982 ), Sálvese Quien Pueda ( Every Man for Himself, 1984 ), and Rambito y Rambón, Primera Misión ( Little Rambo and Big Rambo, First Mission, 1986 ).
He observed that his patients who used his mantra-like conscious suggestion, " Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better ", ( French: Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux ), replacing their " thought of illness " with a new " thought of cure ," could augment their medication plan.
He also praised the score, stating, " Every time ... the orchestra stikes up for one of Johnny Mercer's and Gene de Paul's salutes to comic-strip fury, the beat is driving, the voices are clamoring.
Every year there is a holiday called " Desfile del 18 de marzo " ( March 18 Parade ) which commemorates Mexican oil expropriation and has two beautiful parades, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Every year on 23 June, the night before St. John's day ( nit de Sant Joan ), there is a ceremony called Flama del Canigó ( Canigou Flame ), where a fire is lit at the mountaintop.
Every summer, there is an election of the Graziella (" Little Graceful "), a young woman that wears the customary clothes of the island, referring to the history told in Alphonse de Lamartine's novel, Graziella.
She also performed a song for the flash anime of Xenosaga-A Missing Year and the anime series El Cazador de la Bruja ( performing forest and I reach for the sun ) and Kajiura's latest Pandora Hearts ( performing Every time you Kissed Me which is now featured on the second original soundtrack published by JVC Music in Japan.
Every year since 2006, she has attended the Rose Ball ( Bal de la Rose ) to help raise funds for the Princess Grace Foundation.
Every year, people flock to the annual Portuguese Festival, known as Portugal Day, " Dia de Portugal " ( typically held the first or second weekend in June ), an enormous celebration of Portuguese culture which attracts nearly half a million people, and within the past few years reaching even higher.
Every year, the Grand Prix de la ville d ' Angoulême is awarded during the Angoulême International Comics Festival to an author for his body of work and / or for his achievement in the evolution of comics.

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