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Every and First
* First published in 1982 as Every Secret Thing.
Every large enterprise and institution of the Soviet Union had a First Department that reported to the KGB ; the First Department was responsible for secrecy and political security in the workplace.
In his final months, Long followed up his earlier autobiography, " Every Man a King ", with a second book entitled My First Days in the White House, laying out his plans for the presidency after the election of 1936.
The International Committee of the Red Cross 1958 Commentary on 1949 Geneva Convention IV Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War states: " Every person in enemy hands must have some status under international law: he is either a prisoner of war and, as such, covered by the Third Convention, a civilian covered by the Fourth Convention, or again, a member of the medical personnel of the armed forces who is covered by the First Convention.
In November 2006, Korean singer K included a cover of the Vandross song " Every Year, Every Christmas " on his Christmas single, ファースト ・ クリスマス (" First Christmas "), released in Japan.
Starting with Gringalet in 1959, Olmedo starred in 49 movies, including: Los Doctores las Prefieren Desnudas ( Doctors Prefer Them Naked ), in 1973, Maridos en Vacaciones, ( Husbands on Vacation, 1975 ), Fotógrafo de Señoras ( Ladies ' Photographer, 1978 ), Las Mujeres Son Cosas de Guapos ( Women Are For The Brave, 1981 ), Los Fierecillos Indomables ( The Indomitable Little Beasts, 1982 ), Sálvese Quien Pueda ( Every Man for Himself, 1984 ), and Rambito y Rambón, Primera Misión ( Little Rambo and Big Rambo, First Mission, 1986 ).
Every year, the annual Christmas in Washington program is filmed at the museum, with the President and First Lady.
Every year, in Masurian town of Mrągowo, there is Festiwal Kultury Kresowej ( Festival of Kresy Culture ), sponsored among others by the Senate of the Republic of Poland and the Minister of Culture of Poland, with patronage of the First Lady Anna Komorowska.
; Sherrington's First Law: Every posterior spinal nerve root supplies a particular area of the skin, with a certain overlap of adjacent dermatomes.
* Every new officer cadet at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, is issued a challenge coin upon completion of First Year Orientation Period.
Every year, Trubee held a reunion for the First Yale Unit in New York City in the summer and sometimes other naval aviators would attend as well original members.
Every branch of the Central Statistical Administration and its successor the State Statistics Committee ( Goskomstat ) also had a First Department to control access, distribution, and publication of official economic, population, and social statistics.
* George Creel, How We Advertised America: The First Telling of the Amazing Story of the Committee on Public Information That Carried the Gospel of Americanism to Every Corner of the Globe.
* Donald McRae, " Every Second Counts: The Race to Transplant the First Human Heart ," New York, Putnam, 2006.
* First Appearance: " Every Dog Has His Day "
Every decade, there is an attempt to hold the General Assembly in other parts of the Country: On June 5, 2005, First Presbyterian Church in Edmonton, was the location of the Opening of the 131st General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada ; the Reverend Jean Morris, of Calgary, Alberta was Moderator of the 131st General Assembly in 2005 ; her father, the late ( June 2008 ) Rev.
After the album was released they toured the Take Action Tour with Every Time I Die and From First to Last followed by a short tour supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan.
#" The First Thing I Do Every Morning "
* Every first Friday of the month the entire student body, faculty and staff participate in a First Friday Mass.
* First Appearance: " Climb Every Fountain "
Her 1997 memoir, Every Secret Thing: My Family, My Country, is an account of her childhood in South Africa and her relationship with her parents Joe Slovo and Ruth First — both famous South Africans and major figures in the anti-apartheid struggle who lived perilous lives of exile, armed resistance, and occasional imprisonment, which culminated in her mother's murder by South African forces in 1982.

Every and Family
Every family of Riviera Presbyterian Church has been asked to read the Bible and pray together daily during National Christian Family Week and to undertake one project in which all members of the family participate.
The event is timed to coincide roughly with Juneteenth and Father's Day and is promoted with the slogan " Every day is Family Day When Real Men Cook.
Every Duke thereafter has either died without heirs or succeeded to the Crown, and so has not been able to leave the Royal Family.
She has also written a number of books including Cristina Ferrare ’ s Family Entertaining, " Cristina Ferrare Style: How To Have It In Every Part of Your Life ", Okay, So I Don't Have a Headache and Realistically Ever After.
It is arguable that the recent Consultation Paper issued by CAFCASS and entitled Every Day Matters is a recognition of the hurt and resentment caused by the existing Family Law system, and is a call for radical change, particularly by the early adoption of Shared Residence in the vast majority of cases.
At the peak of its popularity, No Limit became notorious for producing lengthy albums that consisted of up to 20 tracks and featured numerous cameo appearances by other No Limit artists ( Fiend's 1998 release, There's One in Every Family, for instance, contained fifteen ), in addition to the cheap packaging of its CDs in cases that consisted mostly of cardboard stock and a small amount of plastic, as well as spearheading the movement of garish Pen & Pixel-designed album covers.
Every year Royal Ascot is attended by HM Elizabeth II and various members of the British Royal Family such as The Prince of Wales, arriving each day in a horse-drawn carriage with the Royal procession taking place at the start of each race day and the raising of the Queen's Royal Standard.
There are some wonderful tunes, including the ' Mary Poppins '- ish ' Cut Every Corner ,' Bart and Sideshow Bob performing the score to ' HMS Pinafore ,' the SUV parody commercial ' Canyonero ,' and Homer and Marge's take on the All in the Family theme [...], but too much of it is filler.
* Fiend-There's One In Every Family ( 50715 )
Every year the Guide presents its Editor's Awards in the following categories ; Best New Entry, Best Pub Newcomer, Wine List of the Year, Best Chef, Best Up-and-Coming Chef, Best Pub Chef, Best Fish Restaurant, Best Value for Money, Best Use of Local Produce, and Best Family Restaurant.
* There's One in Every Family
Political topics addressed on The Simpsons include homophobia and gay marriage ( in the episodes " Homer's Phobia " and " There's Something About Marrying "), immigration and border control (“ Much Apu About Nothing ,” “ Midnight Rx ”, “ Coming to Homerica ”), drug and alcohol abuse (" Brother's Little Helper ", " Weekend at Burnsie's ", " Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment ", " Duffless ", " E-I-E-I -( Annoyed Grunt )", and " Days of Wine and D ' oh ' ses "), gun rights (" The Cartridge Family "), environmental issues (" The Old Man and the Lisa ", " Trash of the Titans ", " Lisa the Tree Hugger ", " The Wife Aquatic ", " The Squirt and the Whale ", in addition to being an important plot device in the feature-length film ), election campaigns (" Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish ", " Sideshow Bob Roberts ", " Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington ", " See Homer Run ", " E Pluribus Wiggum ", " Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson "), and corruption (" Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington ").
* Episode 31: " Every Bachelor Should Have a Family "

Every and seems
Every Planet and Satellite seems suspended in space, without any support ; performing their annual and diurnal revolutions without any apparent cause ".
Every peculiarity of diction, every particle, every sign, is to be considered as of higher importance, as having a wider relation and as being of deeper meaning than it seems to have.
Every year, TG attracts more than ~ 5200 ( mostly young ) people, and the demand seems to be times higher every year.
" Every sector of the media is growing in India as we speak, and it just seems right launch more titles.
" Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war ... Mostly the animals understand their roles, but man, by comparison, seems troubled by a message that, it is often said, he cannot quite remember or has gotten wrong ... Bereft of instinct, he must search continually for meanings ... Man was a reader before he became a writer, a reader of what Coleridge once called the mighty alphabet of the universe.
Every movement they make is followed and applauded, and I have never seen such breathless interest as they excite, for the whole crowd seems to devour them with their eyes, while their hands beat time to every step.
Every kind of trade and business throughout the Empire seems to have had its collegium, as is shown by the inscriptions collected in the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum from any Roman municipal town.
It seems that he regrets his powers or he gained his powers by accident when he was young because in his first appearance when he was blowing out the candles of his birthday cake and it blows the whole cake away, he cries out " Every time!
In a review in The New York Times, rock critic Robert Palmer wrote of Nile ; " Every once in awhile the times seems to produce an artist who is at once an iconoclast and near-perfect expression of contemporary currents.
Every character in the film is human, and he just seems to be a duck just to give the film a catchy title.

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