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Every and Friday
Every first Friday of the month, a trolley travels around Washington Street at different cafes and shops as artists showcase different pieces and may include auctions. This neighboorhod is scattered with urban blight ( within the residential section, from Caroll St east to the Brandywine Highway ).
Every Saturday night, from 1995 to 2000, he would host a pair of horror films ( such as Friday the 13th Part 2 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare ) provide a running commentary, trivia, off-color jokes and a drive-in total.
* The Empty Space: Every Friday the Students ' Union hosts a live music venue in The Empty Space, attended by students for free ( this was canceled in 2011 due to changes installed by the 69th Student Legislative Council ).
He is live Every Friday & Saturday night from 9pm Till Midnight and Saturday & Sunday afternoons from Midday Till 3pm.
Every Friday morning ( 10. 00 – 12. 30 a. m .) the Waagplein is the backdrop for this traditional cheesemarket.
* Every year in November, the Friday after Thanksgiving marks the start of Coeur d ' Alene's Christmas Lighting Ceremony including a parade, fireworks and special holiday candles given out by the local downtown businesses.
Every Good Friday, the body is said to reemerge from the waters and wash its hands.
Every August, the town hosts Ma and Pa Kettle Days, an annual festival ; that includes a pancake breakfast, parade, a Miss Kettle River pageant, a mud bog on Saturday afternoon, and street dances on Friday and Saturday night.
Every year the town remembers its Dutch heritage with a two-day celebration, the Holland Fest, held in Memorial Park the last Friday and Saturday in July.
Every year on the first Friday in August the people of Braham celebrate Pie Day.
Every year in August there is a three day festival in Kortenaken, named Boerenrock, with electro music on Friday, rock music and a party on Saturday, and on Sunday music for children and their parents.
The 1940s brought us Before I Hang ( 1940 ), Black Friday ( 1940 ), Dr. Cyclops ( 1940 ), The Devil Commands ( 1941 ), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( 1941 ), Man Made Monster ( 1941 ), It Happened Tomorrow ( 1944 ), It Happens Every Spring ( 1949 ), and The Perfect Woman ( 1949 ).
Every Friday, some believers go there to seek priests to ask for fortune and security from Mazu.
Every year, during the celebration of Brahmstsavam in the month of Vaisaka, Lakhs of devotees throng the holy centre to worship the goddess to attain salvation and Friday is the day very dear to Kamakshitai.
Every Wednesday and Friday morning at 10: 30 a bus runs from the Dinton Hermit crossroads into Aylesbury, returning at approximately 13: 30.
Every Friday the WI holds a country market.
Every Friday evening, people gather at the Qiushi Garden near the east gate to practice English.
Every Friday night from 10 – 1 am
Every Friday there is a weekly market.
Every semester, the student union organises a " 24 hour lecture ", in which many researchers of the university present interesting topics in short lectures starting at 6 pm on a Friday, and ending at 6 pm on the following Saturday.
Every Friday the Guild sends a copious email to members containing up-to-the-minute news items, work and learning opportunities, and details of forthcoming performances, broadcasts or publication of members ’ work.
Every year from spring until fall, AMS hosts " Friday Night Drags " where participants drag race down the pit road.
The FareStart Restaurant serves lunch Monday through Friday, from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. Every Thursday from 5: 30 p. m. to 8 p. m is the famous Guest Chef Night, which features a special three-course dinner, prepared by students under the supervision of a " guest chef "-- a noted Seattle chef from another restaurant that volunteers his or her services to support the cause.
Every other Friday during the academic year " 11: 07 ", a student improv comedy show, is held in the theatre.

Every and houses
Every man in every one of these houses is a Night Rider.
Every state except Nebraska has a bicameral legislature, meaning that the legislature consists of two separate legislative chambers or houses.
Every April, one week is set aside in the Greek community for Greek Week, a series of coed competitions that instill a sense of unity among the houses, while providing friendly competitiveness.
Every year a Miner's Memories Day is held at the Country Park Visitor Centre which permanently houses plenty of mine memorablia along with a cafe and indoor viewpoint over the valley.
Every year, the houses competed for the House Shield ; points were awarded for all forms of competitions, from sword dancing to vaulting.
Every Year 5-6 student is a member of one of the five houses, the name of which is an amalgation of its Year 1-4 predecessors in RI and RGS:
Every week, the RTD lists the addresses of houses where the most tacky Christmas lights can be found.
Every day, demolition teams tear down old houses and bulldoze hundred-year-old gardens.
Every summer, the Hippodrome usually houses a major West End touring show, some of these consist of Starlight Express, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Cats, Mary Poppins and We Will Rock You.
Every year, the Hippodrome houses a pantomime from the company QDOS-the entertainer Brian Conley, ' Loose Woman ' Lynda Bellingham and Puppet Basil Brush have been confirmed as the stars of Cinderella for 2011 / 12.
Every year, tourists roam the municipality to witness the decoration of houses.
Every pupil is assigned to one of four houses ( Darcy, Rokeby, Beresford and Armstrong ) which are all named after former Church of Ireland Archbishops.
Every summer, the school has a ' Sports Day ' for each of the five houses – Mendip, Malvern, Brecon, Chiltern and Cotswold.
Every pupil in the school is a member of one of the houses and represents them in awards and sporting events.
Every year some of the village's most impressive houses have donation boxes outside them in order to raise money for charity.

Every and nearly
Every year, nearly half a million new cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis ( MDR-TB ) are estimated to occur worldwide.
George Every claims that the existence of " myths in the Bible would now be admitted by nearly everyone ", including " probably all Roman Catholics and a majority of Protestants ".
Every year, nearly half a million new cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis ( MDR-TB ) are estimated to occur worldwide.
Every county, and nearly all clubs, have grounds on which to play their home games, with varying capacities and utilities.
Every year, there are nearly 2 million businesses created in the USA, and 600 – 800 get venture capital funding.
Every field officer of his brigade was killed or wounded save two, and his brigade, already sadly reduced by its terrible sacrifices at Chancellorsville, lost in nearly 550 men out of the 1, 350 engaged.
Every year, scouts from both the United States and Canada meet on and near the grounds of the fort and reenact the battle that took place nearly two hundred years ago.
Every year since 1995, she has hosted Middle Tennessee's YWCA, " Celebrity Auction ", and it has raised nearly $ 400, 000 so far.
Every year, people flock to the annual Portuguese Festival, known as Portugal Day, " Dia de Portugal " ( typically held the first or second weekend in June ), an enormous celebration of Portuguese culture which attracts nearly half a million people, and within the past few years reaching even higher.
Musically speaking, Bhekhirst's method is to sing a verse ( in itself very repetitive ) two, four or six times, then stop abruptly ( although the cassette's final piece, " Every Time I ", lasts for nearly seven minutes ).
*" Every day, we are assassinating nearly 16, 000 additional victims.
Every year, nearly 30 foreign professors, scholars are to be invited to give lectures or teach in order to meet the needs of learning some major courses.
Every time it rained it nearly melted away.
Every year March 26 is the black day for NADARS in the world & also all shops from Ochankulam to Jeba Garden in Nellai are closed nearly 15 years right now which is never seen wherever for MAVEERAN SELWYN / SELVIN NADAR JEYANTHI.
Every CG has nearly the same ratio of boys and girls and an optimum diversity of students from different cultural and educational backgrounds.
Every year nearly 20. 000 flamingo come into the area to breed.
" Every week Lutheran Media programs are broadcast nearly 600 times on over 500 stations across Australia to an estimated audience of 1 million people ... Special programs are broadcast on Good Friday and Christmas Day.
Every time during battle he is nearly destroyed, however always foils his opponent's method after discovering a " weakness " or a potential flaw that he could use to his advantage.
Every day it supplies 2. 3 billion litres of treated drinking water and takes away nearly one billion litres of waste water from customers ' properties and treats it before returning it to the environment.

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