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Every and January
Every January 19, in the early hours of the morning, the person made a toast of cognac to Poe's original grave marker and left three roses.
She returned to No. 1 on the same charts in November 2004 with " Everyman ... Everywoman ...," a reworking of her song " Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him ", in January 2008, with " No No No ," and in August 2008, with " Give Peace a Chance.
Every January, the Manatee County Fair takes place at the fairgrounds.
Every January 1, the Township Committee re-organizes and selects a mayor and deputy mayor from among its membership.
* January 8-Ben Jonson's Every Man Out of His Humour is performed at court by the King's Men.
Every January, a festival, Fotanian-Open Studio Programme, sees many of the studios open to the public.
Every Sunday from November 25 to January 20, 1957 were car free.
In his 1949 State of the Union address to Congress on January 5, 1949, Truman stated that " Every segment of our population, and every individual, has a right to expect from his government a fair deal.
On November 20, 2008, it was announced that lead vocalist Kaori Mochida will begin her solo career in January 2009 but both she and Itoh will continue as Every Little Thing.
* New year wide Historical play (, Every January
Every January since 2006 at the Lake Placid, New York track, a charity run is held with the US bobsled team and NASCAR drivers to raise money for the sled project.
" The events of that January shadowed the relationship between O ' Neill and Rostenkowski from that point on " said former Representative James Shannon, " Every step of the way, Danny Rostenkowski looked at Tip O ' Neill and, while he loved the guy felt, ' Man, that is where I should be '.
Every January the town has a celebration of San Pablo on January 25th.
" Clunk Click Every Trip " was the slogan of a series of British public information films sponsored by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents ( RoSPA ), commencing in January 1971 and starring Jimmy Savile.
Every year, at the end of January, the offerings of the members of the society all over the world are forwarded to these central bureaux, and the total amount is divided among all the missions of the earth.
On January 8, 2008, John Davis announced on the Superdrag news section that the band is reunited indefinitely, stating that " Superdrag's original line-up will reconvene in the recording studio in February to begin work on our first new recording project together since 1998's Head Trip In Every Key.
Every second weekend of January, there is a Kukeri or Surva festival held in the local stadium by E-79 which rivals Razlog and Pernik's own Kukeri Festivals.
Every year on the 3rd week of January, the Philippines celebrates the festival of the " Santo Niño " ( Holy Child Jesus ), the largest being held in Cebu City.
The Taizé Community attempts to send pilgrims back from youth meetings to their local churches, to their parishes, groups or communities, to undertake, with many others, a “ Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth .” Every year around New Year ( usually from 28 December to 1 January ), a meeting in a large European city attracts several tens of thousands of young adults.
Every 6 January ( Cudjoe's birthday ) at Accompong, descendants and friends of the Maroons come together at a festival in celebration of the treaty.
Every year in January the village puts on a Pantomime and the whole village gets involved in someway.
Every January Palm Beach County Public School safety patrol boards a chartered Amtrak train at the station for their annual trip to Washington, D. C ..
Every 31 January there is " La scasada dol zenerù " ( the chasing of January ).

Every and 21
Every seven years, a film documented the life of the same individuals during the intervening period, titled 7 Plus Seven, 21 Up, etc.
Every male over the age of 21 who was the occupier of a rateable property under the act was entitled to vote at the election of the Commissioners.
** 1908 Feb, in Every Where Vol. 21
Every person who contravenes section 20, section 21, or section 22 commits an offense and is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years.
#" Every Minute Every Day " – 4: 21
Every year, on 20 / 21 April ( depending on the Hindu calendar ), the area around the Negi Memorial in Chamba comes alive with many kiosks being set up.
* ( 2008, October 21 ) Rocco Gets Real: Cook at Home, Every Day.
Every year on Virgin of La Altagracia Day ( January 21 ), a national holiday, tens of thousands of pilgrims visit the Cathedral.
* It's a Brand-New Construction Job Every Night in the Holland Tunnel, Engineering News Record, July 21, 1949, pp. 32 – 34
Article 21 ( 1 ) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union states that Every citizen of the Union shall have the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States, subject to the limitations and conditions laid down in this Treaty and by the measures adopted to give it effect.
OKI has been working to achieve a better global environment for the next generation and has built the system of “ Company-wide network-type environmental management .” Every year OKI creates an environmental protection activity program, " OKI Eco Plan 21 " to reduce environmental impacts continuously and to promote concrete efforts for the targets set in the program.
Every year, November 21 is World Hello Day.
# " Every Beat of My Heart " ( Savigar, Stewart ) – 5: 21
* Sting-" Message in a Bottle ", " Driven To Tears ", " Every Breath You Take " ( with alternative lyrics ) ( HP 21: 45 )
Every President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt except for George W. Bush has dined at 21 ( although his wife and daughters have ), and the restaurant has been frequented by so many celebrities that many of them have favorite tables.
* Tina Turner performed here on November 21, 1987 during her Break Every Rule Tour.

Every and memorial
Every year on April 19, survivors, families and friends return to the memorial to read the names of each person lost.
Every summer Nekrasov would go hunting to his brother's estate of Karabikha near Yaroslavl ( now a memorial museum ).
Every Remembrance Sunday, there is a parade around the village war memorial, hosted by the Royal British Legion and attended by service men and women past and present, 1st Flackwell Heath Scout Group, Flackwell Heath Guide District, Flackwell Heath Girl's Brigade and more recently a local Troop of the Boy Scouts of America.
Every year the parade sees hundreds of residents stood around the memorial and many wreaths laid.
Every year, in the month of Falgun ( February to March ), " Lalon Smaran Utshab " ( Lalon memorial festival ) is held in the shrine of Lalon in Kushtia, Bangladesh, where bauls and devotees of Lalon from Bangladesh and overseas come to perform and highlight the mystics of Lalon.
Every May, supporters of the Szmul Zygielbojm Memorial Committee gather at the memorial.
Every year on the weekend closest to his death, April 18, there is a memorial service.
Every year the families and friends of those that died join together at the garden to pay their respects and lay flowers in a memorial service.
Every chapter of the Fraternity performs a ritualistic memorial service to remember members who have died.
Every year there is a small memorial service where family members and friends come to pay their respects and talk about those they lost.
Every year ex-British Army members hold a memorial service at the Memorial Cross.
Every year the Royal Marines Band from Portsmouth visit the memorial bandstand in Deal to pay their respects to those who died in the bombing.
Every year since 2001, there has been an annual national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.
Every year on 18 April a national memorial is held in Dybbøl.

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