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Every and Link
Every iteration of Link wears a green tunic and a long green Phrygian cap and has long, pointed ears, a distinctive trait of the Hylian race and their descendants.
Every episode of Zelda follows the adventures of the hero Link and Princess Zelda as they defend the kingdom of Hyrule from an evil wizard named Ganon.
Their theology and practices are also held by a number of other similar movements in varying degrees including ; The International Churches of Christ ( ICOC )’, ‘ Every Nation Movement ’, ‘ Calvary Chapel Movement ’, ‘ Salt and Light Ministries International ', ' Newfrontiers ', ' Ichthus Christian Fellowship ', ' Link NZ ' and ‘ Sovereign Grace Ministries ’.
#* The song includes the interlude " Link Music – Henry's Time ", as it was originally included on the " Every Picture Tells a Story ", as part of the track
Every day, a train of three or more Milk Tank Wagons would be filled from lorries, and then taken to London by either the GWR or the SR. Express Dairies sold the creamery and a similar unit in Kirkcudbright, Scotland in July 2002 to Milk Link, which by that time produced UHT milk.

Every and 16
" ( intro ), " Come Back and Stay ", " That's The Way Love Is " ( with Alison Moyet ), " Every Time You Go Away " ( W 16: 38 );
Every August 16, the ancient city of Kyoto holds the Gozan no Okuribi, a Buddhist, bonfire based spectacle, which marks the end of the * O-Bon season.
The offset part of the logical address contains an offset inside the segment, i. e. the physical address can be calculated as ( if the address line A20 is enabled ), respectively ( segment_part × 16 + offset ) mod 2 < sup > 20 </ sup > ( if A20 is off ) Every segment has a size of 2 < sup > 16 </ sup > bytes.
Every year on the night of 15 – 16 September, the president of Mexico re-enacts the Grito from the balcony of the National Palace.
Every frame is subdivided in 13 slots, from which slot 0 ( 16 bits ) is used to specify which audio codec is talking to the controller.
The market asked for 16 bit systems but there was no real 16bit multi-user OS for 16bit systems. Every month Phase One announced OASIS-16 but it did not come.
Every May 16 there is a celebration attended by many pilgrims.
* Episode 16: " A Prize in Every Package "-Sam Drucker
Every series starts with 32 contestants, who are typically wittled down to 16, 8 and then 4 for the grand final.
Every positive integer can be expressed as the sum of at most 19 fourth powers ; every sufficiently large integer can be expressed as the sum of at most 16 fourth powers ( see Waring's problem ).
Every year, Schroeder marks December 16, the birthday of his hero.
Every time the player completes 5 waves of enemies ( i. e. at wave 6, 11, 16 and so forth ), the planet ( and all its 10 Humanoids ) is restored.
Every palette has 16 colors ( 15 unique colors, 1 color reserved as transparent ).
Every year, on his feast day ( 16 August ), the Doge made a pilgrimage to the church.
Every month the CBBC Bamzooki site releases a new gallery based on a topic like space Zooks or spooky Zooks, for every gallery there are 16 spaces and the Zook moderators choose the best looking zooks to take those places.
*" Every day, we are assassinating nearly 16, 000 additional victims.
Every one of the compute nodes has two 333 MHz Pentium II Xeon processors, each with a 16 KB level-1 cache and a 256 KB level-2 cache.
On June 16, they released " A Hundred Times In Every Direction " after announcing the album was released on August 18, which is entitled White Fields & Open Devices.
That same year, at the age of 16, she recorded the first version of Ed Cobb's ballad, " Every Little Bit Hurts ", released as a single by Del-Fi Records.
Every year on 16 August, the De-jure Transfer Day ( Vidhitāntaraṇa Dinamu in Telugu ) is celebrated throughout Pondicherry Union Territory.
Every Vallentuna resident older than 16 years can register on the website to vote ; anyone in the world can take part in the debates, if they can write in Swedish.
Every candidate who issued how-to-votes used some variation of the donkey vote when instructing their voters how to preference, presumably to simplify the task of voting, made onerous by needing to vote for 16 candidates, many with no public profile.
* Episode 16: " A Prize in Every Package "

Every and user
Every document window is an object with which the user can work.
* Promote common corporate culture: Every user has the ability to view the same information within the Intranet.
Every unintended change in the configuration, by user mistake or due to a software error, results in additional calls.
* Every rule of thumb on earth in one place-A user participation reference project based on Tom Parker's 3 best-selling books and more than 25 years of research.
# Every user is uniquely and securely identified.
# Every user can search, retrieve, create and store documents.
# Every document can be rapidly searched, stored and retrieved without user knowledge of where it is physically stored.
Every user on the network has a unique Jabber ID ( usually abbreviated as JID ).
# Every user has his or her web resource.
# Every web resource its user.
# Every medium its user.
Every time a FairPlay-protected track is copied onto the iPod, iTunes will copy the user key from its own key repository to the key repository on the iPod.
Every lawn mower sold in the US since 1982 has an " operator-presence " device, which by law must stop the blades within 3 seconds after the user lets go of the controls.
Every time a user clicks on one of the links listed on a web page, it generates revenue for Tucows through their partnership with third-parties who provide syndicated pay-per-click results.
Every user is given a ' mini-me ( 미니미 )', a caricature.
Every graphical user interface based on a windows metaphor has some form of window management.
Every page using this template uses the same boilerplate text, each time a user visits it.
Every IMS user shall have one IMPI.
Every user has a file which contains a list of standard abbreviations for common commands, command strings, or commands with common variables.
Every user can himself define the criteria after which the charts are compiled: the highest or the lowest rated releases and films can for example be ranked by year, decade, format or country.
Every student is provided with his own user name and e-mail account.
* Every time a power user knocks out another power user, he / she will gain another talent, senseless or not.
Every user can provide personal information such as the place they live in, date of birth, schools and universities they attended, workplaces, interests and pets.

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