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Every and October
Every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon ( from May until October ) the famous water features take place.
Maxwell Fyfe brought up Raeder's order of 15 October 1939, which read: " Measures which are considered necessary from a military point of view will have to be carried out, even if they are not covered by existing international law ... Every protest from neutral powers will have to be turned down ... The more ruthlessly economic warfare is waged ... the sooner the war will come to an end ".
" Don't Stand So Close to Me ' 86 " was released in October 1986 as their final single and made it into the UK Top 25 ; it also appeared on the 1986 compilation Every Breath You Take: The Singles.
On 2 October 1991 ( Sting's 40th birthday ), Summers joined Sting on stage at the Hollywood Bowl during The Soul Cages Tour to perform " Roxanne " and " Every Breath You Take ".
Every Sunday in the summer months ( 1 March to end October ) and on the first and third Sunday of the month in the winter months ( 1 November to end February ) the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery run a tour starting at 14: 00 at the Anglican chapel and lasting 2 hours.
Every October the wineries host a harvest fest.
Additionally, around the same time, a new version of Every Extend Extra was produced by Q Entertainment for Xbox Live called Every Extend Extra Extreme, which was released on October 17, 2007.
Every 5 years during October, Taft holds a quinquennial birthday celebration.
Every year in October, the community celebrates with the Borrego Days Desert Festival at Christmas Circle.
Every year at the end of October, the Salem Apple Festival is held on the town green.
Every October, the downtown area of New Albany is host to the Harvest Homecoming festival, one of the largest annual events in the state.
Every year since 1957, Baldwin City has hosted the Maple Leaf Festival during the third full weekend in October.
Every October since 1974 the Taneytown Jaycees organize a Halloween event called " The Haunted Barn ".
Every October the wineries host a harvest fest.
The Festival Takes Place the first Saturday of Every October.
Every October, The mill is transformed into a haunted house given the title, the Haunted Mill.
Every weekend in October, people visit Van Cortlandt Manor to see the Blaze.
Every October the town hosts the Great Pumpkin Festival and Weigh-Off, which coincides with world-wide pumpkin weigh-off.
Every October the wineries host a harvest fest.
Every two years elections are held on the first Saturday of October, and the mayor and commissioners serve four year staggered terms.
Every year, animals like goat and fowl are sacrificed before the deity on the occasion of her annual Yatra / Jatra ( festival ) held in the month of Aswina ( September – October ).
* Every third person will be a slum dweller within 30 years, UN agency warns ; John Vidal ; The Guardian ; October 4, 2003.
A tribute album titled Enjoy Every Sandwich: Songs of Warren Zevon was released October 19, 2004.

Every and plays
The spirit of the rule is generally something in good fun ; while rules that unfairly sway the game in favor of one player or to the detriment of one specific player are quite easy to concoct (" Every time James plays a ten, he gets a penalty of ten cards "), they are also generally frowned upon as unsportsmanlike.
Every year, Leitchfield plays host to the Grayson County Fair.
Every summer, Chatham plays host to the annual Alger County Fair and Homecoming celebration held at the Rock River Township Recreation Area.
Every player plays one card to the trick, which is in the middle of the table.
Every year there are many Broadway musicals playing in the academy, including Western plays such as Singin ' in the Rain, Saturday Night Fever, and Annie.
Every month, SPU's food lab plays host to a Community Kitchen ; a time for homeless people to come and assist with cooking meals that they then all eat together.
Every year in late March, Warragul plays host to these Field Days at Lardner Park.
His plays show a willingness to experiment with dramatic form: An Humorous Day's Mirth was one of the first plays to be written in the style of ' humours comedy ' which Ben Jonson later used in Every Man in his Humour and Every Man Out of his Humour.
Every Memorial Day Weekend, Turkey Run State Park plays host to Serb Fest.
Every Christmas, Robin Ince plays host to his Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, a festival of science, music and comedy.
Every year, in March, the Great Hall of the People plays host to the liang hui ( literally means " two meetings ") event, where both the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ( CPPCC ) and the National People's Congress ( NPC ) meet in sessions lasting for two to three weeks at the Great Auditorium.
Every team plays every other team in its group once, receiving 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, or 0 points for a loss.
In addition to Every Man in His Humour ( 1598 ) and Every Man Out of His Humour ( 1599 ), Condell is known to have performed in four more of Jonson's plays: Sejanus ( 1603 ), Volpone ( 1605 ), The Alchemist ( 1610 ), and Catiline ( 1611 ).
The genre soon became very popular ; the intricately-plotted romantic comedies of Shakespeare and John Lyly that had been in vogue on the public and private stages until this point were largely superseded by plays which were set in a recognizable contemporary London, and which dealt with, in Ben Jonson's words, " deeds and language such as men do use " ( Prologue to Every Man in his Humour ).
Every family situation is different ; though scheduling plays a large part in your ability to train your toddler, take your time and work with the resources that you have available.
Every March, the Trump International Golf Club plays host to the PGA Tour's Puerto Rico Open.
Every year Fairyland has plays put on by local kids ages 8 – 10.
Every other year, they have a repertoire of student-directed plays, in which students apply to direct a play of their choice.
Every first week of May, Vigan plays host to visitors for this festival featuring painting and product exhibits, a Calesa parade, and other cultural activities.
Every year in February, CEG plays host to Techofes, a four-day inter-collegiate cultural festival.

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