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Every and Salsa
Every instrument in a Salsa band is either playing with the clave ( generally: congas, timbales, piano, tres guitar, bongos, claves ( instrument ), strings ) or playing independent of the clave rhythm ( generally: bass, maracas, güiro, cowbell ).
He has both written and performed original songs for 1986's Back to School (" Educated Girl "), 1988's Mac & Me (" Take Me, I'll Follow You "), 1988's Salsa (" Puerto Rico ") and its sequel (" Every Teardrop ").

Every and composition
Every court in North Korea has the same composition as the Central Court.
Every dynasty had its set of rules regarding the numerical composition of the harem.
) Every raga has a strict set of rules which govern the number of notes that can be used ; which notes can be used ; and their interplay that has to be adhered to for the composition of a tune.
Every proper rotation is the composition of two reflections, a special case of the Cartan – Dieudonné theorem.
Every covering map is a semicovering, but semicoverings satisfy the " 2 out of 3 " rule: given a composition of maps of spaces, if two of the maps are semicoverings, then so also is the third.
Every finite group has a composition series, but not every infinite group has one.
Every functor F: D → E induces a functor F < sup > C </ sup >: D < sup > C </ sup > → E < sup > C </ sup > ( by composition with F ).
Every finite-length module M has a composition series, and the length of every such composition series is equal to the length of M.
) Every raga has a strict set of rules which govern the number of notes that can be used ; which notes can be used ; and their interplay that has to be adhered to for the composition of a tune.
" Every Little Thing " ( written by Paul, sung by John ) is a very rare example of a Lennon – McCartney composition written by one member of the partnership and sung by the other.
Every point on a ternary plot represents a different composition of the three components.

Every and involves
Every linguistic act involves choice, and choices are made on many scales.
Every four years, the Cricket World Cup involves all the Test-playing nations and other national sides who qualify through the ICC World Cup Qualifier.
Every five or six years since 1964, the town has played host to the Bollington Festival which runs for two and a half weeks and involves various community activities, from concerts, theatrical, opera, art exhibitions, to local history events, science events and competitions.
Every lift involves at least two terminals and — usually — intermediate supporting towers.
Every activity that the firm performs has the potential to imbed information technology because it involves information processing.
Every album focuses on a particular color and usually involves themes of small town rural America.
Every July locals and visitors enjoy the Praze Fair, which involves a parade of local residents and pupils from Crowan School, and a local marching band, and is preceded by a week-long visit from a touring funfair.
Every edit to the database involves making two changes, one to the record being changed and the other to the zone serial number.
Every summer since 1988 ( usually in February ), this exercise in fitness and balance involves athletes running from the base of the street to the top and back down again.
Every death sentence involves first an eligibility determination and then a selection of an eligible defendant for the death penalty.
Every year, an international students ' exchange involves about 500 students of the Warsaw School of Economics and the university hosts over 300 students from foreign universities.
Every episode involves Time Maniac arriving at a turning point in history, but being thrown back through time just as he tries to mention future events.
Every tier involves an exam at the end of the final year, called Esame di Maturità, required to gain a diploma and have access to further education.
In Quebec, which makes use of civil law, there is a general duty to rescue in its Charter of Rights: " Every human being whose life is in peril has a right to assistance ... Every person must come to the aid of anyone whose life is in peril, either personally or calling for aid, by giving him the necessary and immediate physical assistance, unless it involves danger to himself or a third person, or he has another valid reason.
Every story in the Little Ego comic book involves erotic imagery, with Ego appearing half-naked or fully naked in at least one point.

Every and complex
* Every commutative real unital Noetherian Banach algebra with no zero divisors is isomorphic to the real or complex numbers.
* Every CW complex is Tychonoff.
Every logical calculation, from the simplest to the most complex, must complete in one clock cycle.
Every Riemann surface is a two-dimensional real analytic manifold ( i. e., a surface ), but it contains more structure ( specifically a complex structure ) which is needed for the unambiguous definition of holomorphic functions.
* Every real number greater than zero or every complex number except 0 has two square roots.
Every non-zero number x, real or complex, has n different complex number nth roots including any positive or negative roots, see complex roots below.
Every apartment A in a building is a Coxeter complex.
Every Hermitian manifold is a complex manifold which comes naturally equipped with a Hermitian form and an integrable, almost complex structure.
Every vector bundle theory ( real, complex etc.
Anarchist historian Max Nettlau provided a more complex concept of propaganda when he said that " Every person is likely to be open to a different kind of argument, so propaganda cannot be diversified enough if we want to touch all.
Every complex manifold is itself an almost complex manifold.
Every hyperkähler manifold M has a 2-sphere of complex structures ( i. e. integrable almost complex structures ) with respect to which the metric is Kähler.
* Every character value is a sum of n m < sup > th </ sup > roots of unity, where n is the degree ( that is, the dimension of the associated vector space ) of the representation with character χ and m is the order of g. In particular, when F is the field of complex numbers, every such character value is an algebraic integer.
Every constellation of a complex postulates a disturbed state of consciousness.
Every complex number can be represented in the form x + iy, where x and y are real numbers called the real part and the imaginary part of the complex number respectively.
* Every CW complex is compactly generated Hausdorff.
Every event with the exception of swimming and water polo was hosted under the premises of the main stadium only, the events of swimming and water polo were organised at the adjacent swimming pool within the premises of the complex.
Every ( normal ) Boolean algebra with operators can be represented as a field of sets on a relational structure in the sense that it is isomorphic to the complex algebra corresponding to the field.

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