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Every and TV
* 1995: Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child TV series .... Mary ( unknown episodes )
Every resident in Germany with a radio, TV or other relevant device ( such as a computer or mobile phone with internet access ) is obliged to pay this licence fee.
* Every Second Counts ( TV Movie ) ( 2008 ) ... Joe Preston
* Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child ( 1995 ) TV Series ( voice ) .... Old King Cole
Every important sector of the ' big media ' today -- film, records, radio, and cable TV -- was born of a kind of piracy so defined.
The Hip performed the song " It Can't be Nashville Every Night " on a season two episode of Canadian situation comedy TV program Corner Gas.
Every year, the company launches aggressive marketing campaigns on Arab satellite TV channels that in recent years have become very popular, and achieved cult status with viral marketing videos exchanged on the Internet.
Every year TOY WISHES appeared in over 100 TV interviews and in over 500 newspapers, including “ The Today Show ”, “ Good Morning America ” and USA Today.
Every Wednesday night at midnight, Ladd devotes an hour to Headsets, which combines music with a slightly more " sonic " quality ( designed to be listened to in headphones, or with no background noise interfering ), spoken-word poetry, and audio clips from movies & TV.
Every day more TV viewers are skipping past commercials with their DVRs which in turn has made out-of-home advertising all the more appealing.
* Christmas Every Day ( 1996, TV movie )
In 2005, Alicia Keys famously covered " Every Little Bit Hurts " for her Unplugged special, and in 2007, Vivian Green played Holloway in a cameo appearance on the TV show, American Dreams, where she sang " Every Little Bit Hurts ".
Every week sees a new group of celebrity guests, generally featuring at least one footballer who is free on the Saturday, and a mix of musicians, TV personalities, and other sportsmen.
The band is best known for their hit songs " Summer Girls ", " Girl on TV ", and " Every Other Time ".
* Christmas Every Day ( 1996, TV movie )
Every classroom has a TV with a DVD player, VCR and cable TV hookups.
The singer interprets the songs in English and Portuguese, with the songs " Agreement Signed " and " Every Minute " being included on the soundtrack of national and international TV Globo soap opera Seven Sins.
Every year, the hotel is used in the German ( RTL ) and UK TV series I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here !.
Another film adaptation was the animated TV episode " Henny Penny " ( 1999 ), which was part of the series Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child.
* Every Man Needs One ( 1972 ) ( TV )
: Every viewer were entitled to call and leave messages on the pager numbers posted on TV.
Every section of the media should get the same attention from me, from the capital's most prominent TV channel to the smallest newspaper in the provinces.

Every and device
Every device in a WPAN will be able to plug in to any other device in the same WPAN, provided they are within physical range of one another.
Every solid-state device has a small voltage drop across it.
Every device attaches to the SCSI bus in a similar manner.
Every device contains at least one swap chain.
Every device connected to one of its ports can send packets to any of the others.
Every device on the bus has a unique 5-bit primary address, in the range from 0 to 30 ( 31 total possible addresses ).
Every network must have one coordinator device, tasked with its creation, the control of its parameters and basic maintenance.
Every lawn mower sold in the US since 1982 has an " operator-presence " device, which by law must stop the blades within 3 seconds after the user lets go of the controls.
Every device on the bus has a ring-in and a ring-out connector, either on pigtails or built in.
" Every man has a right to enter the Republic, exit it, travel through its territory, and change his residence without the need of a security card, passport, or any similar device.
Every time a device turns on or off, it introduces a pop or click into the line.
* Every external device connected to the Freebox player is available to that device only but the devices connected to the Freebox Server are available to every Freebox player connected.
" Every implement or utensil, every mechanical device ... is a triumph of mind over the physical forces of nature in ceaseless and aimless competition.
Every building in the town has installed a large air conditioning device.
The device was used in the song ' Procession ', from the 1971 album ' Every Good Boy Deserves Favor '.
Political topics addressed on The Simpsons include homophobia and gay marriage ( in the episodes " Homer's Phobia " and " There's Something About Marrying "), immigration and border control (“ Much Apu About Nothing ,” “ Midnight Rx ”, “ Coming to Homerica ”), drug and alcohol abuse (" Brother's Little Helper ", " Weekend at Burnsie's ", " Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment ", " Duffless ", " E-I-E-I -( Annoyed Grunt )", and " Days of Wine and D ' oh ' ses "), gun rights (" The Cartridge Family "), environmental issues (" The Old Man and the Lisa ", " Trash of the Titans ", " Lisa the Tree Hugger ", " The Wife Aquatic ", " The Squirt and the Whale ", in addition to being an important plot device in the feature-length film ), election campaigns (" Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish ", " Sideshow Bob Roberts ", " Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington ", " See Homer Run ", " E Pluribus Wiggum ", " Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson "), and corruption (" Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington ").
Every device connected to a computer system is a resource.
Every jamming device has an antenna to send the signal.

Every and originally
Every time you move to a new page, however, the server must believe that you are the same person who originally signed in ( otherwise it will refuse ).
The four songs recorded were an 8-minute long version of ' In Every Heaven ' ( originally recorded in 1982 during the " New Gold Dream " sessions ) and three entirely new compositions: ' Stagefright ' and ' On The Rooftop ' both written by Charlie Burchill and Jim Kerr and ' Broken Glass Park ' originally a Lostboy!
Every dictionary and grammar written in Burma in the last two centuries has been based on ones originally created by Judson.
Also known as ELT by their fans, Every Little Thing was originally a trio but became a duo in 2000 with Kaori Mochida as the singer and Ichiro Ito as the guitarist.
CoCo Brother originally worked at WHTA before landing the show, and in addition, also hosts Lift Every Voice on BET.
He may have been the subject of a number of Elizabethan satires such as Thomas Nashe's Lenten Stuffe, Ben Jonson's Every Man in his Humour, and may have been the model of Shakespeare's Falstaff, who was originally given the name ' Oldcastle '.
* Before You Were Punk 2 compilation ( 1999 )-" Every Breath You Take " ( originally performed by The Police )
The film was originally titled Turned Up Toes and Peters was cast in the film in June 1949, shortly after the release of It Happens Every Spring.
Every Friday late night / Saturday morning a two hour programme is broadcast, usually between the hours of 1 am and 3 am UK-time ( the programme was previously broadcast between Saturday late night / Sunday morning 1 am and 3 am, and before that, between 2 am and 4 am and originally midnight and 2 am ).
Written in 1996, " Near Fantastica " was originally stated by Good to have been musically similar to " Suburbia " ( from Beautiful Midnight ) and vocally similar to " Every Name Is My Name " ( from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts ) On Avalanche the lyrics were altered slightly from those Good posted online in 1999.
#* The song includes the interlude " Link Music – Henry's Time ", as it was originally included on the " Every Picture Tells a Story ", as part of the track
She also played Brenda Holloway in an episode of the first season of NBC's drama series American Dreams, entitled " The Carpetbaggers " ( originally aired on April 6, 2003 ), performing a rendition of Holloway's 1964 hit " Every Little Bit Hurts ".
" Every Little Step " was originally a track on Bobby Brown's 1988 album Don't Be Cruel.
Jonathan Cain sings lead on " Every Generation ", the first time he sang lead since " All That Really Matters " ( a song originally left off Frontiers ) from the Time < sup > 3 </ sup > box set.
The 38 assembled tracks span his entire solo career, and contain every Lennon song released as a single with the exception of the posthumous " Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him ," although not always the version or edit originally released as such.
Every year in November the Lions Club of Engadine runs the McAllister Day Annual Fete at Cooper Street Reserve to honour the family that originally settled in the area.

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