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Every and Wednesday
Every Wednesday night through Oct. 11 there will be an elaborate colored fountain display, with 229 nozzles throwing jets of water up to 130 feet.
Every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon ( from May until October ) the famous water features take place.
Every feast day is preceded ( or followed, as with Shrove Tuesday followed by Ash Wednesday ) by a fast as well, in part to avoid the excessive revelry of pagan feasting without moderation.
Every Wednesday through the summer, the town's main street is shut down for the turtle races and other attractions, such as food stands, games, and dance contests.
Every Wednesday and Saturday during the growing season, the Lanesboro Farmers ' Market can be found in Sylvan Park.
Every Wednesday a general meeting of all Members of the Society resident in Malta takes place in the Society's Mother House.
Every Wednesday and Friday morning at 10: 30 a bus runs from the Dinton Hermit crossroads into Aylesbury, returning at approximately 13: 30.
Every year, the Fasnet season starts with the Gumpige Dunnschdig ( Jumpy Thursday ) a week before Ash Wednesday.
Every other Wednesday Night at 10: 00 pm, students meet in Clayton Chapel for Clayton Chapel Singing.
Every Wednesday Julia does the danzón with Carmelo ( Daniel Rergis ) in the Salón Colonia.
Every Wednesday night from 10pm.
Every Wednesday the pair write about everything from summer holidays to sexy ladies.
Every Wednesday the Place Morgan is host to a Provençal market.
Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday a steam loco with train would operate.
Every Wednesday night at midnight, Ladd devotes an hour to Headsets, which combines music with a slightly more " sonic " quality ( designed to be listened to in headphones, or with no background noise interfering ), spoken-word poetry, and audio clips from movies & TV.
Every Wednesday is " Bingo Wednesday ," where Toons on each pond share a bingo board and try to complete it by catching different fish species before a timer runs out.
Every Wednesday the Private Secretary prepares an agenda ( called a schedule-see example ) for each sitting day of the following week.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday a lively open air market was held featuring fresh locally raised produce, poultry and locally crafted artefacts.
Every Wednesday night, from 9pm til Midnight, Dallas / Fort Worth listeners were deluded with local artists, local sounds along with underground beats.
The week following his firing, Tracht held a press conference and made an apology to his listeners, " Every day you deserve my best, and last Wednesday I gave you my worst.
* Every Wednesday is a transportation report titled Getting There, which highlights major roadway projects and other traffic-related issues.
Every summer, the Peterborough Summer Festival of Lights, a non-profit, charitable organization in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, hosts a series of free outdoor concerts every Wednesday and Saturday night at Del Crary Park, located in the downtown on George Street, adjacent to Little Lake.
Hal Sparks: Every Wednesday it's " Humpdays with Hal " on the Stephanie Miller Show.

Every and congregational
Every second tune is by an English or German composer of unquestioned musical ability, and will be found adapted either to chorus-choir, or advanced congregational singing.

Every and practice
Every night when he wanted a drink of water, didn't he practice being fearless by not turning on the bathroom light??
" Every dynasty that self-consciously adopted this administrative practice powerfully reinforced this Sinocentric concept throughout the history of imperial China.
Every Shintaido practice begins with warming-up exercises designed to soften and extend the body until it can move naturally, without the tensions of everyday life.
Every practice of the infant's movement intended to advance the integration of behavior favourable to development in the experimental framework appeared to be selected from an excess of movement in the trial of imitation.
Every castle she lived in was equipped with a gymnasium, the Knights ' Hall of the Hofburg was converted into one, mats and balance beams were installed in her bedchamber so that she could practice on them each morning, and the imperial villa at Ischl was fitted with gigantic mirrors so that she could correct every movement and position.
Every adult Swiss citizen is eligible, but in practice, only Members of Parliament or more rarely, members of Cantonal governments are nominated by the political parties and receive a substantial amount of votes.
Every custom of the Ari was scrutinized, and many were accepted, even against previous practice.
Every state now, of course, has a Board of Pharmacy which regulates the practice of pharmacy.
Every large town had its own area of responsibility and went about the maintenance of its own defence arrangements, which in practice however meant that they were badly prepared for a siege.
Every church is required to celebrate the Eucharist at least once a week, and to practice open communion, meaning that recipients need not be a member of the MCC or any other church to receive the Eucharist.
#" Every boy should be trained to practice absolute Brahmacharya and then, and then alone faith and Shraddha will come.
" Every person has the right, either individually or in community with others, and both in public and in private, to manifest religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching.
Every Friday evening, people gather at the Qiushi Garden near the east gate to practice English.
Every succeeding sovereign has renewed the arrangement made between George III and parliament and the practice has, since the nineteenth century, been recognised as " an integral part of the Constitution would be difficult to abandon ", especially as resuming control of the income from the Crown Estate would cause the monarch to be liable for the cost of the civil government, civil and diplomatic services.
" Every man is free to pursue the religious belief that best suits him, and to practice its ceremonies, devotions or cults, as long as they do not constitute a crime.
Every art is concerned with bringing something into being, and the practice of an art is the study of how to bring into being something that is capable either of being or of not being.
In 1977, British playwright Tom Stoppard wrote the play Every Good Boy Deserves Favour that criticized the Soviet practice of treating political dissidence as a form of mental illness.
" “ Every reasonable person believes in animal rights ,” he says, continuing that " we might conclude that certain practices cannot be defended and should not be allowed to continue, if, in practice, mere regulation will inevitably be insufficient — and if, in practice, mere regulation will ensure that the level of animal suffering will remain very high.
Every year, students from Shimizu High School practice singing the symphony, for an end of the year concert.
Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully.
Every high school is expected to practice wrestling at two levels: varsity and junior varsity, although wrestling at the freshmen ( ninth grade ) level is becoming more widespread.
Every person has the right to preach, practice and propagate any religion they choose.
Chumbley considered the practice of willed dreaming essential as a means of interacting directly and consciously with the spiritual dimensions he called ' the High Sabbat '; according to him " Every word, deed and thought can empower, magnetise, and establish points of receptivity for a magical dream, likewise any of these means can do the opposite-fixating perception in a manner that is not receptive-that seals the soul in the body instead of enabling it to go forth at will.

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