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Every and atom
Every lattice element of the structure is in its proper place, whether it is a single atom or a molecular grouping.
Every now and then an atom is replaced by a completely different atom ( and this could be as few as one in a million atoms ).
Every organic compound contains at least one atom of carbon.
Every atom of tritium in a weapon replaced an atom of plutonium that could have been produced instead.
* T-carbon: Every carbon atom in diamond is replaced with a carbon tetrahedron ( hence ' T-carbon ').
* Every atom in the ring must have a p orbital, which overlaps with p orbitals on either side ( completely conjugated ).
Every atom in our bodies has passed through thousands of forms, and will pass through thousands more.
Every glucosinolate contains a central carbon atom, which is bound via a sulfur atom to the thioglucose group ( making a sulfated ketoxime ) and via a nitrogen atom to a sulfate group.

Every and across
Every solid-state device has a small voltage drop across it.
For instance, in the episode " Fix-It McGee ", aired three weeks after Pearl Harbor, Fibber tells Mayor LaTrivia his " great slogan " for the war bond campaign: " Every time you buy a bond, you slap a Jap across the pond.
In 2011, in a competition of 64 stands across the country, it was chosen by the magazine " Every Day with Rachel Ray " and the food blog Serious Eats as the best hot dog in America.
Every summer thousands would arrive by train at Landing Station, and then travel by water taxi across Lake Hopatcong to the area's many large resort hotels to escape the city heat and enjoy the famous " Mount Arlington breeze " which always cooled the summer evenings.
Every year many new Chabad Houses are opened across the world to assist each and every Jew to do more and more mitzvot until the world is full of the knowledge of G-d.
Every year there is a famous cross-country ski race called the Engadin Skimarathon from Maloja, across the frozen lakes and over the open meadows and ending in S-chanf.
Every time Bugs dares Sam to " step across that line ", he can't help but do so, even if he steps off into empty space or down a mine shaft.
Every year, more than 200, 000 individuals see their physicians concerning chemosensory problems, and many more taste disturbances are never reported .< ref name = NIDOCD > National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, " Taste Disorders ," 25 June 2008, 23 Oct. 2009 < http :// www. nidcd. nih. gov / health / smelltaste / taste. asp ></ ref > Due to the large number of persons affected by taste disorders, basic and clinical research are receiving support at different institutions and chemosensory research centers across the country.
Every Halloween, she would traditionally let down her long silver hair, dress in a ghostly gown, and tell ghostly haunted tales spanning across the entire history of the city.
Every two years museum curators from across the U. S. detail their visions for the American pavilion in proposals that are reviewed by the NEA Federal Advisory Committee on International Exhibitions ( FACIE ), a group comprising curators, museum directors and artists who then submit their recommendations to the public-private Fund for United States Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions.
" By the 1920s, copies of " Lift Every Voice and Sing " could be found in black churches across the country, often pasted into the hymnals.
Every now and then, the surface water sloshes back across the ocean, bringing warm water temperatures along the eastern coasts of the pacific.
On this occasion Đukanović stated: Every smart Montenegrin and every honest man in this land mentions the name of the traitor Jevrem Brković with hatred, who in pure vanity betrayed his people and knowingly spreads anti-Yugoslav speeches across Zagreb, while the Ustašas, again like in 1941, bleed the defenseless Serbian civilians ( referring to the World War II ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Croatia ).
Every other year, school children from across East Germany gathered for a Bach competition held in East Berlin.
The additional local newscasts were part of a five-year strategic plan by the CBC called " 2015: Everyone, Every Way ", which will feature local service improvements across CBC's television, radio and internet platforms.
Every state and territory in Australia has its own State ( or Territory ) Emergency Service, and there are 43, 000 volunteers spread across the country.
Every year the doge and senators walked across a specially constructed pontoon bridge from the Zattere to Giudecca to attend Mass in the church.
In Rhett Akins ' 2006 song " If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away ", better known from Justin Moore's 2011 cover, the Flint River is mentioned: " Every day I drive to work across Flint River bridge, A hundred yards from the spot where me and grandpa fished, There's a piece of his old fruit stand on the side of Sawmill Road.
Every year WAAPA stages hundreds of concerts and performances across the genres of Jazz, Contemporary and Classical Music, Composition and Music Technology, Dance, Acting and Musical Theatre – more productions and more diversity than any other production venue or arts training institution in Australia.
* The Every Player Counts scheme-to grow disability football provision across 44 Football League clubs in England and Wales and increase the opportunities for people with varying disabilities to access sports through their local Football Clubs
Every spring UT hosts a crew regatta, attracting teams from across the United States.
Every year in the end of August there is a Medieval Fair / Festival that reunites many people from across the world to perform, like medieval musicians, archers, swordsmen, dancers, troups, etc.
Every year there is a huge entry for the Bay Swim, a race of roughly a mile from the east end of the town to the west across the bay.
Every major group of fells in Lakeland is seen well from this superb vantage point — the Helvellyn range from end-to-end and the Langdale Pikes across Langdale — but the piece of the view is Scafell Pike towering above Eskdale.

Every and plane
Every plane that could fly was sent into the air.
Every hyperbola is congruent to the origin-centered East-West opening hyperbola sharing its same eccentricity ε ( its shape, or degree of " spread "), and is also congruent to the origin-centered North-South opening hyperbola with identical eccentricity ε — that is, it can be rotated so that it opens in the desired direction and can be translated ( rigidly moved in the plane ) so that it is centered at the origin.
Every vibrating object tends to maintain its plane of vibration if its support is rotated, a result of Newton's first law.
Every immersed curve in the plane admits two possible orientations.
Every outerplanar graph can be represented as an intersection graph of axis-aligned rectangles in the plane, so outerplanar graphs have boxicity at most two.
Every improper rotation of three-dimensional Euclidean space is rotation followed by a reflection in a plane through the origin.
Every smooth surface S has a unique affine plane tangent to it at each point.
* Every triangle group T is a discrete subgroup of the isometry group of the sphere ( when T is finite ), the Euclidean plane ( when T has a Z + Z subgroup of finite index ), or the hyperbolic plane.
Every minimal projective ruled surface other than the projective plane is the projective bundle of a 2-dimensional vector bundle over some curve.
Every plane travelling to and from Europe or North America must talk to either or both of these air traffic controls ( ATC ).
Every planar graph has a flat and linkless embedding: simply embed the graph into a plane and embed the plane into space.
Every detail of these patterns acts as a consistent portal to a different kingdom inside the plane, which itself comprises many separate realms.
Every point in the plane has at least one tangent line to γ passing through it, and so region filled by the tangent lines is the whole plane.
Every algebraic plane curve has a degree, which can be defined, in case of an algebraically closed field, as number of intersections of the curve with a generic line.
Every detail of these patterns acts as a consistent portal to a different kingdom inside the plane, which itself comprises many separate realms.
Every set of points in the plane, and the lines connecting them, may be abstracted as the elements and flats of a rank-3 oriented matroid.
Every second-order linear ODE on the extended complex plane with at most four regular singular points, such as the Lamé equation or the hypergeometric differential equation, can be transformed into this equation by a change of variable.
Every plane B that is completely orthogonalTwo flat subspaces S < sub > 1 </ sub > and S < sub > 2 </ sub > of dimensions M and N of a Euclidean space S of at least M + N dimensions are called completely orthogonal if every line in S1 is orthogonal to every line in S2.
Every planar graph has an algebraic dual, which is in general not unique ( any dual defined by a plane embedding will do ).

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