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Every and club
" With Every Heartbeat ", " Handle Me " and " Cobrastyle " were top ten club hits, and the former received airplay at US pop and dance radio stations.
Every year a small garden at the base of the cross is lovingly tended by the small town's garden club.
Every top-class golfer since has utilized this wedge design and technique, and the same club design and method are also used by amateur players around the world.
Every year, New Hartford's Masque drama club puts on a fall play and a spring musical.
Every club has a president and board of directors.
Every Thursday during the Ibiza clubbing season Cream hosts its club night at Amnesia., and is now the longest running UK club night on the island having hosted parties there since 1994 and held down a successful summer residency at Amnesia since 1996.
Every club enters their reserve side into the Isle of Man Football Combination.
Every year the club hosts a two week long ( three weekends ) camp at Bohemian Grove, which is notable for its illustrious guest list and its eclectic Cremation of Care ceremony which mockingly burns " Care " ( the normal woes of life ) with grand pageantry, pyrotechnics and brilliant costumes, all done at the edge of a lake and at the base of a forty-foot ' stone ' owl statue.
Every Polish football club got a ' sponsor ', such as the army, militia or mining industry.
Every year, the club receives hundreds of applications for membership, and admission is based on a rigorous series of auditions.
Every club in the league competes in this knockout tournament with 2 teams being given a random bye to the 2nd Round.
Every club in the league plus Edenfield play in this tournament.
Every year the club enters at least one team in the annual Southport 24 hour race hosted by West Lancashire Yacht Club where it has won the event in 1970, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2004, 2005 and 2007.
Every Gaelic footballer plays for a local club or parish team, and the best are chosen for the inter-county sides.
Atkin wrote, " Every few years a sim comes along that lets reviewers use the ' sets new standards for graphics ' cliché, and Flight Unlimited is the 1995 entry in this club.
Every member of this club shall attend all the meetings whether regular or special ; and when on duty or in attendance at the meetings, shall obey the officers in command, and shall at all times perform such duties as shall be required of him by the officers in command.
Every candidate must be proposed by one and seconded by another member of the club, to both of whom he is personally known.
Every year, the club has hosted two blood drives for the Puget Sound Blood Center.
Every term, the club runs four beginner trips out to either Rumney or Winslow, one intermediate / advanced trip to Cathedral or Cannon, and one weekend trip to the Shawangunks in New Paltz, New York.
Every year in spring the club organizes the international Smoothy days.
They state: " Every person who strikes a seal with a club or hakapik shall strike the seal on the forehead until its skull has been crushed ," and that " No person shall commence to skin or bleed a seal until the seal is dead ," which occurs when it " has a glassy-eyed, staring appearance and exhibits no blinking reflex when its eye is touched while it is in a relaxed condition.
Every year between 1963 and 1969, The Beatles made a special Christmas recording which was made into a flexi disc and sent to members of their fan club.
Every Sunday the club is taken over by the Mini and Junior rugby.

Every and contests
Every Wednesday through the summer, the town's main street is shut down for the turtle races and other attractions, such as food stands, games, and dance contests.
Every year BUPT students take part in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, National and International Undergraduate Math Modeling Contest and many other contests.
Every year more than 200 sport events, contests, competitions, tournaments are held in the city, with total of 10, 000 participants.
Every year, the Metro Times has reader fiction and photography contests judged by famous local writers and photographers.

Every and 26
Good Trouble ( 1982 ) and Wheels Are Turnin ' ( 1984 ) were follow-up albums which also did well commercially, the former containing the hit singles " Keep the Fire Burnin '" ( U. S. # 7 ), " Sweet Time " ( U. S. # 26 ) and the un-ranked " The Key " and the latter containing the # 1 hit single " Can't Fight This Feeling " plus three more hits: " I Do ' Wanna Know " ( U. S. # 29 ), " One Lonely Night " ( U. S. # 19 ), " Live Every Moment " ( U. S. # 34 ) and the un-ranked " Break His Spell ".
Every year on Boxing Day ( 26 December ) Grantchester holds an inter-village barrel race which is around 40 minutes long and ends with a hog roast at the Rupert Brooke pub, named after the poet.
" Canon C. 26 stipulates that " Every clerk ( cleric ) in Holy Orders is under obligation, not being let ( prevented ) by sickness or some other urgent cause, to say daily the Morning and Evening Prayer ...." In other Anglican provinces, the Daily Office is not a canonical obligation but is strongly encouraged.
* " Crazy ' Bout An Automobile ( Every Woman I Know )" Recorded live, October 25, 1980 at Victoria Apollo, London / " If Walls Could Talk " Recorded live, February 26, 1981 at Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California / " The Very Thing That Makes You Rich ( Makes Me Poor )" Recorded live, February 26, 1981 at Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California / " Look At Granny Run Run " Recorded live, February 26, 1981 at Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California ( 1981 ; Warner Records )
Every year, in early Spring, a rigorous 26. 2 mile march / run is conducted at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, in honor of the service members who defended the Philippine Islands during WWII.
* Every 26 Seconds 7 "-Doghouse
Every school day, over 480, 000 school buses transport 26 million children to and from schools and school-related activities ; over half of the country's student population is transported by school bus.
Every year on April 29 ( the start of the Japanese Golden Week holiday ), the annual shrine festival is held by Oomoto priests in commemoration of Ueshiba's death on April 26, 1969.
For instance, Leviticus 11: 26 states " Every animal which parteth the hoof, but is not cloven footed, nor cheweth the cud, is unclean unto you ; every one that toucheth them shall be unclean " ( humans have 5 toes ).
Every year March 26 is the black day for NADARS in the world & also all shops from Ochankulam to Jeba Garden in Nellai are closed nearly 15 years right now which is never seen wherever for MAVEERAN SELWYN / SELVIN NADAR JEYANTHI.
Every year, the saint's day of Saint Anne ( July 26 ) is celebrated for one week with the Anna octavos and the Anna parish fair, one of the biggest folk festivals of Germany.
# " Every Little Thing "-04: 26
Every year a list of eligible JCOs is drawn up based on their meritorious service and awarded them with honorary commissions during on 26 Jan and 15 Aug.
Every May 26 to May 30 of the year, the town plays host to the Viray Festival, organized by the local government with the support of the regional tourism office and the private sector.
This album, his second to be certified gold, produced three more singles: the title track ( a duet with Brooks ) at No. 26, " Road Trippin '" at No. 55 and " Every Little Whisper " at No. 36.
#" Every Sperm Is Sacred "/" Protestant Couple "/" Adventures Of Martin Luther " 9: 26
Every September, Church Army celebrates Church Army Sunday ; this is the Sunday nearest 26 September ( the anniversary of Wilson Carlile's death in 1942 ), the day on which Carlile and the Church Army are celebrated in the revised Anglican Lectionary.
Every visitor to the Society's room in Apollo Street will remember the great Indian Hornbill, better known as the " office canary " which lived in a cage behind Millard's chair in Phipson & Co .' s office for 26 years and died in 1920.

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