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Every and district
Every party committee and party organizational department, from the all-union level in Moscow to the district and city levels, prepared two lists according to their needs.
Every district is composed of numerous municipalities, which can consist of cities, villages, or groups of villages known as Verbandsgemeinden.
Every person qualified to vote in the district could propose candidates or be nominated as a candidate.
Every post office in the numbered district was also to display this information.
Every two years, a panel will determine whether a property in the rural district shall be absorbed into the urban district.
Every district is 100 % volunteer and are on call around the clock, with dispatching for all fire districts provided by the township police department.
Every year the central business district ( with corners at the Municipal Building, Grand Street Fire House and Croton-Harmon High School ) is closed to automobile traffic for music, American food, local fund raisers, traveling, and local artists.
Every county has a minimum of 1 electoral district, thereby guaranteed at least one seat in the legislature, while half of the proportionally represented seats drawn from party lists must be women.
Every summer, a free tourist train in the city centre connects the ancient parts of the city with the government district.
Every May, Ashby holds an arts festival currently sponsored by the district council.
The 1872 Parks Regulation Act created positions of " park keeper " and also provided that " Every police constable belonging to the police force of the district in which any park, garden, or possession to which this Act applies is situate shall have the powers, privileges, and immunities of a park-keeper within such park, garden, or possession.
Every district has it own district-number:
Every other borough in Connecticut is a special services district located within another town, the unit of Connecticut local government.
Every ten years the districts are realigned by the General Assembly using information from the U. S. Census Bureau to ensure that each district is roughly equal in population.
Every electoral district for the parliamentary elections includes a fixed number of the various religious communities.
Every province is a multi-member district for the Congress.
Every judicial district has a permanent Chapter 13 trustee, known as a " standing trustee.
Every district in the Bahamas has a districts council.
Every districts has its seat in the largest city of the district.
" Every school, unless otherwise provided by law, must be open for the admission of all children between six and twenty-one years of age residing in the district ; and the board of trustees, or city board of education, have power to admit adults and children not residing in the district, whenever good reasons exist therefor.
Every July the district has a street party called " GaYbor Days.
Every judge appointed to such a court may be categorized as a federal judge ; such positions include the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, Circuit Judges of the courts of appeals, and district judges of the United States district courts.

Every and Mae
Every GSE prospectus contains the following text, or something virtually identical, in bold letters, and has since before the sub-prime loans were originated: " Neither the certificates nor interest on the certificates are guaranteed by the United States, and they do not constitute a debt or obligation of the United States or any of its agencies of instrumentalities other than Fannie Mae.
His most famous films include: Atlantic Adventure, costarring Nancy Carroll ; Ebb Tide ; Wells Fargo ; Every Day's A Holiday, starring Mae West ; Bataan ; and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, with Dorothy McGuire and James Dunn.
* My Little Chickadee was Mae West's first screen performance since Every Day's a Holiday ( 1937 ) for Paramount Pictures.

Every and Hong
* Every Nation Hong Kong, www. everynation. org. hk
This was in part based on clear instruction by Churchill directly to Young, advising him that " Every Part of ( Hong Kong ) Island must be fought over and the enemy resisted with the utmost stubbornness.
Every four years, half of the unicameral Legislative Council of Hong Kong's sixty seats representing the geographical constituencies are filled by the electorate ; the other thirty seats representing the functional constituencies are elected through smaller closed elections within business sectors.
Every January the Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards is one of the biggest music awards in Hong Kong.

Every and Son
Starting with Gringalet in 1959, Olmedo starred in 49 movies, including: Los Doctores las Prefieren Desnudas ( Doctors Prefer Them Naked ), in 1973, Maridos en Vacaciones, ( Husbands on Vacation, 1975 ), Fotógrafo de Señoras ( Ladies ' Photographer, 1978 ), Las Mujeres Son Cosas de Guapos ( Women Are For The Brave, 1981 ), Los Fierecillos Indomables ( The Indomitable Little Beasts, 1982 ), Sálvese Quien Pueda ( Every Man for Himself, 1984 ), and Rambito y Rambón, Primera Misión ( Little Rambo and Big Rambo, First Mission, 1986 ).
* Every Mother's Son
* Redheap 1930 ( published in the U. S. as Every Mother's Son )
* Every King a Bastard Son ( Cleopatra ) 1992
* University of Missouri – Every True Son & Fight, Tigers
( The song hit # 6 a year later for Every Mother's Son as " Come On Down To My Boat.
* Every Singaporean Son ( 2010 )
* Every Singaporean Son II-The Making of an Officer ( 2012 )
* Every Mother's Son
The University of Missouri uses a version of " It's a Long Way to Tipperary " as a fight song, renamed " Every True Son ".
When broadcasting began the RNI signals were picked up over half of the United States ; the first song they aired, fittingly, was " Come On Down To My Boat " by the 1960s band Every Mother's Son.
* Every Mother's Son ( 1926 )
He recorded two tracks with producer Guy Stevens, " Stranger to Himself " and " Every Mother's Son ", but yearned for like-minded musicians to accompany.
#" Every Mother's Son " ( Winwood / Capaldi ) 7: 05
#" Every Mother's Son " ( Capaldi / Winwood ) 7: 08
#" Every Mother's Son " ( Alternative Mix ) ( Winwood / Capaldi ) 7: 03
#" Every Mother's Son " ( Live Version ) ( Winwood / Capaldi ) 7: 00
The material taken from the Roxy concerts was later amended with some overdubs in the studio, while the " Elsewhere " tracks (" Son of Orange County " & " More Trouble Every Day ") were recorded on May 8, 1974 at the Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pennsylvania ( and parts of " Son of Orange County " on May 11, 1974 at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, Illinois ( late show ) and do not contain overdubbed material.
It also features " Cheepnis ", Zappa's tribute to low-budget monster movies, and reworks of earlier tracks such as " More Trouble Every Day " and " Son of Orange County " ( excerpted from the song " Oh No " and given an extended guitar solo ).
All tracks recorded at the Roxy, except " Son of Orange County ", " More Trouble Every Day " and parts of " Penguin in Bondage ".
To See Every Bird On Earth: A Father, A Son, and a Lifelong Obsession, ( Penguin: 2005 ).
He is mentioned in the book To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifetime Obsession by Dan Koeppel.
To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifetime Obsession is a book by Dan Koeppel first published in 2005.

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