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Every and document
* Revised Code of Washington 9. 12. 010: " Every person who brings on his or her own behalf, or instigates, incites, or encourages another to bring, any false suit at law or in equity in any court of this state, with intent thereby to distress or harass a defendant in the suit, or who serves or sends any paper or document purporting to be or resembling a judicial process, that is not in fact a judicial process, is guilty of a misdemeanor ; and in case the person offending is an attorney, he or she may, in addition thereto be disbarred from practicing law within this state.
Every official document issued by the government, however, records his birthday as February 7, 1887.
# Every document can consist of any number of parts each of which may be of any data type.
# Every document can contain links of any type including virtual copies (" transclusions ") to any other document in the system accessible to its owner.
# Every document can contain a royalty mechanism at any desired degree of granularity to ensure payment on any portion accessed, including virtual copies (" transclusions ") of all or part of the document.
# Every document is uniquely and securely identified.
# Every document can have secure access controls.
# Every document can be rapidly searched, stored and retrieved without user knowledge of where it is physically stored.
# Every document is automatically moved to physical storage appropriate to its frequency of access from any given location.
# Every document is automatically stored redundantly to maintain availability even in case of a disaster.
Every date in the briefing document has this error.
It was observed twenty years later that " Every so often, there comes to light a document revealing the foresight of a public servant who grasped the full consequences and implications of a particular government measure or policy.
In 2005 / 06 CAFCASS produced the consultation document Every Day Matters which led in turn to the development of a draft set of National Standards.
* Every action should be undoable, even after a document or application has been closed and reopened.
" Every document should be identifiable by its contents, so there should not be need for directories or names for user-generated documents ; Raskin argues that these names tend to be cryptic and make files difficult to find afterwards.
Every classroom is fitted with brand new technology such as interactive whiteboards and document cameras.

Every and window
Every day, when the President took his nap, Rob Roy would stretch out on the window seat near him, like a perfect gentleman, and stare thoughtfully out the window, or he would take a little nap himself.
Every Tuesday, Caroline sits by the window sill, no matter how weak or tired, to catch a glimpse of Robert on his way to the market.
Every graphical user interface based on a windows metaphor has some form of window management.
Every night, she helps him and Hollywood create window displays which dazzle everyone at Prince & Company and which, ultimately, makes the store famous throughout Philadelphia.
Every window was lit, to lurid effect, as if the interior of the structure might be on fire.
Every window on the narrow side of the building facing Lynch Street was shattered.
Every day workers would put a large block of ice in the window, and none of the typical neighborhood residents had ever seen a block of ice anywhere before.
Every window has a predefined set of attributes and a set of properties, all stored in the X server and accessible to the clients via appropriate requests.
Every window is represented by a scaled screenshot of its own.
Every window within a 100 metres of the blast was shattered and cars parked near the building or driving past were damaged.
Every window, tag, and column is represented in the virtual filesystem, and windows are controlled by manipulating their file objects ( in fact, the configuration file is just a script interfacing the virtual files ).

Every and is
Every legislator from Brasstown Bald to Folkston is going to have his every vote subjected to the closest scrutiny as a test of his political allegiances, not his convictions.
Every detail in his interpretation has been beautifully thought out, and of these I would especially cite the delicious laendler touch the pianist brings to the fifth variation ( an obvious indication that he is playing with Viennese musicians ), and the gossamer shading throughout.
Every taxpayer is well aware of the vast size of our annual defense budget and most of our readers also realize that a large portion of these expenditures go for military electronics.
Every single problem touched on thus far is related to good marketing planning.
Every few days, in the early morning, as the work progressed, twenty men would appear to push it ahead and to shift the plank foundation that distributed its weight widely on the Rotunda pavement, supported as it is by ancient brick vaulting.
Every dream, and this is true of a mental image of any type even though it may be readily interpreted into its equivalent of wakeful thought, is a psychic phenomenon for which no explanation is available.
Every man in every one of these houses is a Night Rider.
Every library borrower, or at least those whose taste goes beyond the five-cent fiction rentals, knows what it is to hear the librarian say apologetically, `` I'm sorry, but we don't have that book.
Every community, if it is alive has a spirit, and that spirit is the center of its unity and identity.
The restricted principle " Every partially ordered set has a maximal totally ordered subset " is also equivalent to AC over ZF.
** Every infinite game in which is a Borel subset of Baire space is determined.
Every natural-born citizen of a foreign state who is also an American citizen and every natural-born American citizen who is a citizen of a foreign land owes a double allegiance, one to the United States, and one to his homeland ( in the event of an immigrant becoming a citizen of the US ), or to his adopted land ( in the event of an emigrant natural born citizen of the US becoming a citizen of another nation ).
Every line of written text is a mere reflection of references from any of a multitude of traditions, or, as Barthes puts it, " the text is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centres of culture "; it is never original.
Every root of a polynomial equation whose coefficients are algebraic numbers is again algebraic.
* Every rectangle R is in M. If the rectangle has length h and breadth k then a ( R ) =
Every year, on the last Sunday in April, there is an ice fishing competition in the frozen estuarine waters of the Anadyr River's mouth.
Every lattice element of the structure is in its proper place, whether it is a single atom or a molecular grouping.

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