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Every and domain
Every principal ideal domain is a unique factorization domain ( UFD ).
# Every principal ideal domain is Noetherian.
# Every finitely generated ideal of A is principal ( i. e., A is a Bézout domain ) and A satisfies the ascending chain condition on principal ideals.
Every domain name ends in a top-level or first-level domain label.
Every prime ideal P in a Boolean ring R is maximal: the quotient ring R / P is an integral domain and also a Boolean ring, so it is isomorphic to the field F < sub > 2 </ sub >, which shows the maximality of P. Since maximal ideals are always prime, prime ideals and maximal ideals coincide in Boolean rings.
Every function symbol has an associated arity, indicating the number of elements in the domain mapped onto each element of range.
Every polynomial in can be factorized into polynomials that are irreducible over F. This factorization is unique up to permutation of the factors and the multiplication of the factors by nonzero constants from F ( because the ring of polynomials over a field is a unique factorization domain whose units are the nonzero constant polynomials ).
The Highland MP and antiquarian, Charles Fraser-Mackintosh, comments on late eighteenth century evictions in the area of Kingussie, in his second series of " Antiquarian Notes " ( Inverness 1897, pp 369 et seq, public domain ) as follows: " Mr James MacPherson of Ossianic fame, who acquired Phoiness, Etterish, and Invernahaven, began this wretched business and did it so thoroughly that not much remained for his successors ....... Every place James MacPherson acquired was cleared, and he also had a craze for changing and obliterating the old names ......
Every field of either type can be realized as the field of fractions of a Dedekind domain in which every non-zero ideal is of finite index.
* Every constant function whose domain and codomain are the same is idempotent.
* Every Jacobi-like polynomial sequence can have its domain shifted and / or scaled so that its interval of orthogonality is, and has Q
* Every Laguerre-like polynomial sequence can have its domain shifted, scaled, and / or reflected so that its interval of orthogonality is, and has Q =
* Every Hermite-like polynomial sequence can have its domain shifted and / or scaled so that its interval of orthogonality is, and has Q
Every domain D can be embedded in an ω-complete domain completion ( called the ω-completion or simply the completion of D ) that is, in a precise sense, the smallest ω-complete domain containing D. The isolated elements of completion are precisely the isolated elements of D, but in general completion contains limit points that are not found in D. completion is uniquely determined up to isomorphism.
Every village, town and city can build a Wizard Tower, and the Wizard only has to be inside one Wizard Tower, the other towers will also increase his domain.
Every domain that supports the SMTP protocol for electronic mail is required by RFC 5321 and, as early as 1982, by RFC 822, to have the postmaster address.
Every domain may have a different timeline, adjusting events based on the domain's current time.
Every incoming email has an IP address that is difficult to forge, a bunch of domain names in the email headers, and a few more in the commands from the sender's SMTP server.
* Every concave function that is nonnegative on its domain is log-concave.
Every record has a unique identifier, which indicates the domain name of the original repository where the record was created.

Every and name
Every DNS zone must be assigned a set of authoritative name servers that are installed in NS records in the parent zone, and should be installed ( to be authoritative records ) as self-referential NS records on the authoritative name servers.
Every species can be given a unique ( and, one hopes, stable ) name, as compared with common names that are often neither unique nor consistent from place to place and language to language.
Every year YCA presents Louder Than A Bomb, the world's largest team-based youth slam and subject of a forthcoming documentary by the same name.
Every URL consists of some of the following: the scheme name ( commonly called protocol ), followed by a colon, two slashes, then, depending on scheme, a server name ( exp.
In 1696 Henry Every ( or Avery ), using the assumed name Henry Bridgeman, brought his ship Fancy, loaded with pirate's loot, into Nassau harbor.
Every album, except 1969's The Chicago Transit Authority, 1978's Hot Streets and 1995's Night and Day: Big-Band, released by Chicago Transit Authority / Chicago has been the band name followed by a Roman numeral or numbered in some other manner.
Every Gundam has a unique name that befits the nature of the suit and / or its origins, such as the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam, XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe and the XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam.
An album with some of these live and studio tracks ( along with the first recorded version of " Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ") was released 20 years later in 1997 under the name Strontium 90: Police Academy.
Every episode's name is meant to be a suffix to the word " bottom ".
Every hundred years, a festival was celebrated in his name.
Every time he throws a point above ten ( or passes ten -- whence the name of the game ), the banker must double the player's stakes and the stakes of all those who have risked their money on the same chance.
Every city in France has since changed the name of streets formerly known as Petain.
* Every ( surname ) ( for people with the name Every )
Every unique cultivar has a unique name within its denomination class ( which is almost always the genus ).
Every day had the name of an agricultural plant, except the 5th ( Quintidi ) and 10th day ( Decadi ) of every decade, which had the name of a domestic animal ( Quintidi ) or an agricultural tool ( Decadi ).
She was raised there by her mother, Ellen Simmons, whose Sioux name was Taté Iyòhiwin ( Every Wind or Reaches for the Wind ).
Every year, more than 200, 000 individuals see their physicians concerning chemosensory problems, and many more taste disturbances are never reported .< ref name = NIDOCD > National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, " Taste Disorders ," 25 June 2008, 23 Oct. 2009 < http :// www. nidcd. nih. gov / health / smelltaste / taste. asp ></ ref > Due to the large number of persons affected by taste disorders, basic and clinical research are receiving support at different institutions and chemosensory research centers across the country.
Every year, each state has a state day at the cathedral, on which that state is recognized by name in the prayers.

Every and appears
George Every discusses the connection between the cosmic center and Golgotha in his book Christian Mythology, noting that the image of Adam's skull beneath the cross appears in many medieval representations of the crucifixion.
Every cycle climaxes in the arrival of The Leveler, whose approach ( and fall ) is heralded by an ominous comet that appears in the sky.
Every time Harold tries to switch places with Bill, the policeman appears and chases Bill away.
Every positive integer appears exactly once somewhere on this list.
* Every write operation appears to occur instantaneously
In the scene, Vesper appears for the first time introducing herself with " I'm the money " ( referring to her role as a Treasury accountant ), to which Bond replies, while looking her over, " Every penny of it.
In 1985, on an episode of " Too Close For Comfort " entitled " For Every Man There's Two Women "( S05, E10 ), Ted Knight ( playing Henry Rush ) appears on the episode wearing a Fairleigh Dickinson University maroon sweatshirt.
Every house appears to have siding on it.
Every pair of colors appears on at least one edge.
The Road to Serfdom appears on Martin Seymour-Smith's list of the 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written, whilst it made # 1 on Human Events: Top Ten Books Every Republican Congressman Should Read in 2006.
Every cycle climaxes in the arrival of The Leveler, whose approach ( and fall ) is heralded by an ominous comet that appears in the sky.
" Every creature, every work of God, is admirably well made ; but if any one appears imperfect in our eyes, it does not belong to us to criticise it.
Local reaction to the Grantham Journal was over-ridingly negative with vehement criticism in the letters page including " Because he is one of Cameron ’ s Cronies, he appears to believe that he can get away with absolutely anything. Every time this man opens his mouth, he spouts utter drivel, Why couldn ’ t the Tory selectors have sent us a Genghis Khan figure, not this useless lightweight?
It appears on his 2001 CD A Live One and, in reference to his efforts to rid himself of thoughts and memories of a previous lover, contains the line " Every night I see your face when I have to pray.
Every time he appears on television, he says something along the following lines.
" Et tu, Brute " occurs in V, iv of Every Man Out ; in III, i appears " reason long since is fled to animals ," a paraphrase of Shakespeare's line " O judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts " in Julius Caesar, III, ii, 104.
Every three months, the President of the ECB, or occasionally his deputy, appears before the Committee to report on monetary policy ; both actions taken, and future prospects.
* Angry Patrick-Patrick appears on Fridays after the Week in Review ( see below ) to rant about current events in pop culture that are bothering him. He even has a little jingle they start him off with. Every week, he also uses his iconic phrase -" ARE YOU FREAKIN ' KIDDING ME?
In fact, the phrase next appears in a book of Scottish proverbs published in 1721, in the form " Every Man is no born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth.

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