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Every and episode
* Every episode of James Joyce's modernist novel Ulysses ( 1922 ) has an assigned theme, technique and correspondences between its characters and those of Homer's Odyssey.
Every episode of Last of the Summer Wine was written by Roy Clarke and every episode featured Peter Sallis as Clegg.
For instance, in the episode " Fix-It McGee ", aired three weeks after Pearl Harbor, Fibber tells Mayor LaTrivia his " great slogan " for the war bond campaign: " Every time you buy a bond, you slap a Jap across the pond.
Every episode features a different topic, from a dance track to a love ballad, that requires the contestants to write and perform lyrics from a multiple of genres, for a cash prize of $ 100, 000, a publishing deal with songwriting collective The Writing Camp, and a recording deal with RCA / Jive label.
Every time he is thrown out of the house, he is shown wearing the same shirt although he does not always wear it when he is thrown out ( the producers never shot a second sequence with Jazz being thrown out of the house, only adjusting the original scene for time purposes ; an exception is in the episode " Community Action ", where Jazz was thrown out along with a lifesize cardboard cut-out of Bill Cosby, complete with a blooper showing Jeff Townes reshooting his flying off the house several times ).
Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish makes a brief cameo in this episode ; he later becomes of importance in episode four of the second season, " Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish ".
He also appeared as a writer and singer on Vonda Shepard's Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life album, and he sang with Sting a duet of " Every Breath You Take " in an episode of the series.
Every episode except one featured a live performance by a band, including Madness, Motörhead, and The Damned.
Kai Wulff played Stepan Frolov in season one's " Every Time She Smiles ", Hans Visser in season four's " Collision Course ", Ladysmith in season five's Black Rhino, and Nicolas Von Leer in season six's episode " Eye of Osiris ".
* Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child ( 1997, one episode " Thumbelina ") – Mrs. Leaperman
There is also an episode of the HBO show Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child.
Every episode is introduced and commented on by an unseen Narrator ( voice by late Dave Willock ), who often communicates with the racers as they drive.
Every Abenobashi episode after the first, takes place in an alternate Shopping Arcade:
In 1985, on an episode of " Too Close For Comfort " entitled " For Every Man There's Two Women "( S05, E10 ), Ted Knight ( playing Henry Rush ) appears on the episode wearing a Fairleigh Dickinson University maroon sweatshirt.
* Short radio episode Every Man A Rogue mentions " the politeness of a Claude Duval.
The bridge was seen in the BBC crime drama Waking the Dead ( episode: Every Breath You Take, 2001 ).
Every episode would include a couple of episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.
Every ninth episode would be a tournament final.
Every episode of the original Battlestar Galactica spin-off series Galactica 1980 ended with a short statement about the U. S. Air Force's 1969 Project Blue Book findings that UFOs are not proven to exist and " are not a threat to national security ".

Every and featured
Joe Williams toured with the band and was featured on the 1957 album One O ' Clock Jump, and 1956's Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams Sings, with " Every Day ( I Have the Blues )" becoming a huge hit.
Every Mario Kart game has featured a version of Donkey Kong as a playable character.
Every character featured in the game derives from a popular Nintendo franchise.
The compilation featured eight songs: " Nancy Boy ", " Every You Every Me ", " Taste in Men ", " The Bitter End ", " Meds ", " Pure Morning ", " Infra-Red ", and the cover Kate Bush's " Running Up that Hill ".
* Placebo's " Every You Every Me " was featured in the 1999 Roger Kumble film Cruel Intentions as the lead track for the film.
The nursery rhyme was also featured as a 24-second bridge between tracks on the 1968 album Every One Of Us by Eric Burdon and The Animals.
" The album also featured the song " Every Time He Comes Around ," with Deniece Williams singing the background vocals.
Columbia featured her in the Technicolor films: Tonight and Every Night ( 1945 ), with Lee Bowman ; and Down to Earth ( 1947 ), with Larry Parks.
Womack has also appeared on specials on the CMT network, including their, " 100 Greatest Duets ", which featured Womack singing the duet with Kenny Rogers, " Every Time Two Fools Collide ".
* Every story during Season 20 of Doctor Who featured an enemy from the Doctor's past.
The main lobby entrance featured a, Venetian glass mosaic mural overhead, depicting major figures from the history of science such as Marie Curie and Charles Darwin under the protective hands of a God-like figure representing knowledge, with this quote from John Dewey: " Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.
Every song featured in the film ( at least 13 ) was also written by the cast or Guest's long-term musical collaborator C J Vanston.
Every month about 200 experts, political scientists, journalists and politicians from Russia and the United Kingdom are featured guests of these talk shows.
Every year, he performed in a series of concerts, at least some of which also featured Sophia, and which frequently featured new works.
She also performed a song for the flash anime of Xenosaga-A Missing Year and the anime series El Cazador de la Bruja ( performing forest and I reach for the sun ) and Kajiura's latest Pandora Hearts ( performing Every time you Kissed Me which is now featured on the second original soundtrack published by JVC Music in Japan.
Young's film debut was Margie ( 1946 ), and featured in Chicken Every Sunday ( 1949 ), and the television version of The Alan Young Show began the following year.
At the peak of its popularity, No Limit became notorious for producing lengthy albums that consisted of up to 20 tracks and featured numerous cameo appearances by other No Limit artists ( Fiend's 1998 release, There's One in Every Family, for instance, contained fifteen ), in addition to the cheap packaging of its CDs in cases that consisted mostly of cardboard stock and a small amount of plastic, as well as spearheading the movement of garish Pen & Pixel-designed album covers.
Every session featured some of jazz's finest players — bassist Ron Carter, guitarist Eric Gale and organist Richard Tee appeared on many recordings, while Bob James or, in the early years, Herbie Hancock were frequently on piano.
Every week's play was usually written for television, although adaptations from other sources also featured.

Every and both
# Every adiabat asymptotically approaches both the V axis and the P axis ( just like isotherms ).
Every year both clubs play the " Klassieker " (" The Classic "), a derby match between the teams from the two largest cities of the Netherlands.
Every year, the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software ( ETAPS ) sponsors the International Conference on Compiler Construction ( CC ), with papers from both the academic and industrial sectors.
Every argues that " the disparagement of myth in our own civilization " stems partly from objections to perceived idolatry, objections which intensified in the Reformation, both among Protestants and among Catholics reacting against the classical mythology revived during the Renaissance.
Every tile belongs to the two suits of its two values, e. g. 0 – 3 belongs both to the blank suit ( or 0 suit ) and to the 3 suit.
* Every formal address or message " to the nation " or to either or both Houses of the Oireachtas must have prior approval of the Government.
* Every wall, both interior and exterior of the Avengers Tower is made of a vibranium reinforced concrete.
Every member of both gangs was always a potential killer even then.
Every issue of GAMES Magazine contains a large crossword with a double clue list, under the title The World's Most Ornery Crossword ; both lists are straight and arrive at the same solution, but one list is significantly more challenging than the other.
Every character in the novel — both men and women — knows their place, and the traditional stereotypes of gender roles are repeated over and over again.
Every single species of both fresh water and saltwater fish spends part of its life-cycle in a cohiastal wetland.
Every farm in Cohoes was crossed by one or both of the canals, and Cohoes was the site of the junction of the two canals.
Every year in the month of August, the town celebrates Ames Day, both to commemorate the founding of the town and to raise funds for the town's volunteer fire department.
Shot in only twenty days in New York City, both Norwood and Ross served as executive producers of the movie which features original songs from their respective albums Never Say Never ( 1998 ) and Every Day Is a New Day ( 1999 ) as well as previously unreleased duets.
Every year both of the gorge's owners contribute funds towards the clearance of scrub bush and trees from the area.
The four songs recorded were an 8-minute long version of ' In Every Heaven ' ( originally recorded in 1982 during the " New Gold Dream " sessions ) and three entirely new compositions: ' Stagefright ' and ' On The Rooftop ' both written by Charlie Burchill and Jim Kerr and ' Broken Glass Park ' originally a Lostboy!
From this point on he was credited as both screenwriter and director for most of his films, including The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Miracle on 34th Street, Apartment for Peggy, Chicken Every Sunday, The Big Lift, For Heaven's Sake, Little Boy Lost, The Country Girl, and The Proud and Profane.
Every rhombus is a kite, and any quadrilateral that is both a kite and parallelogram is a rhombus.
Every year the citizens elected ten " strategoi " ( singular " strategos "), or generals, who served as both military officers and diplomats.
Every subset of the Hilbert cube inherits from the Hilbert cube the properties of being both metrizable ( and therefore T4 ) and second countable.
Every year he exhibited work of one class or another: occasionally a public monument in the round, like those of Pasquale Paoli ( 1798 ) or Captain Montague ( 1802 ) for Westminster Abbey, of Sir William Jones for University College, Oxford ( 1797 – 1801 ), of Nelson or Howe for St Paul's Cathedral ; more often memorials for churches, with symbolic Acts of Mercy or illustrations of Scripture texts, both commonly in low relief ( 1801 ), Miss Cromwell, Chichester ( 1800 ), Mrs Knight, Milton, Cambridge ( 1802 ), and many more ; and these pious labours he would vary from time to time with a classical piece like those of his earliest predilection.
Every May, an Air Ambulance Show is held for both the general public and Air Ambulance personnel.
Every time four of them arrive another country, the local people always ardently welcome them with bumper food and accommodation for the reason they come from the Great Tang Empire, which was both culturally and economically influencing to all surrounding areas at that time.
Every few years, representatives from both of those colleges ceremonially inspect the collection for any losses.

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