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Every and factual
Every other city, competing for the Red Sox, had given the club figures on what they might have they choose their city, not their current factual figures.

Every and error
Every unintended change in the configuration, by user mistake or due to a software error, results in additional calls.
Every date in the briefing document has this error.
Every User RPL command checks the stack for its particular arguments and returns an error if they are incorrect or not present.
Every digit in the machine had one parity bit, for error checking, meaning every word occupied 60 bits ( 48 bits for data with 12 bits for parity check ).
# Every solution to a wicked problem is a " one-shot operation "; because there is no opportunity to learn by trial and error, every attempt counts significantly.
Every time the sine wave's value hit " 4. 0 ," there would be no error since the truncated result would be off by 0. 0, also shown above.
Every other time the value 4. 8 comes up the result is an error of 0. 2, and the other times it is – 0. 8.
Every single-bit error results in a violation of the bipolar rule.
The superseding of scientific theories and other results doesn't involve their destruction, for their importance is increased by their being superseded: " Every error shows us a rock to be avoided, while not every discovery shows us a path to be followed.

Every and left
Every chance I got I left the hotel to visit Lilly.
Every January 19, in the early hours of the morning, the person made a toast of cognac to Poe's original grave marker and left three roses.
If the book itself, Animal Farm, had left any doubt of the matter, Orwell dispelled it in his essay Why I Write: ' Every line of serious work that I ’ ve written since 1936 has been written directly or indirectly against Totalitarianism ... dot, dot, dot, dot.
Every pixel but the first is replaced by the difference to its left neighbor.
Every topological group can be viewed as a uniform space in two ways ; the left uniformity turns all left multiplications into uniformly continuous maps while the right uniformity turns all right multiplications into uniformly continuous maps.
* Every left ideal I in R is finitely generated, i. e. there exist elements a < sub > 1 </ sub >, ..., a < sub > n </ sub > in I such that I = Ra < sub > 1 </ sub > + ... + Ra < sub > n </ sub >.
* Every non-empty set of left ideals of R, partially ordered by inclusion, has a maximal element with respect to set inclusion.
Every one of the features encompassed by the theory still requires a reason for it to be maintained after hominids left the aquatic environment.
Every year since 1880, the organizations of the French left have held a demonstration in this symbolic place during the last week of May.
" Every part of his body has been replaced, with the exception of " all the diodes down left side ," which have been giving him severe pain for the whole of his existence.
Every week, the newest publication of Memín begins where the last publication had left off.
Every actor provided multiple voices, although the distinctive baritone of Earle Hyman ( Panthro ) left the actor providing only very occasional guest voices in comparison with his fellow performers.
Every week, he left her food near the statue, which was placed outside the house, but nobody knew he was doing it.
Every one of them left a trace in the school's history.
Every seat in the ballpark is green, except for two-one in left field which marks the spot of Cal Ripken's 278th career homerun, breaking Ernie Banks'all time record among shortstops, and one in right field, which marks the spot of Eddie Murray's 500th career homerun.
Every chain either has the middle tile on the outside ( O ) or the inside ( I ) of the chain ; if it is arranged so that the indicator tile is to the right of the middle tile, then the position of the ring segment on the indicator tile can either be the upper left ( UL ), upper right ( UR ), lower left ( LL ) or lower right ( LR ) corner.
Every day, she saw trucks loaded with Jews heading to the railway station from where the trains left for concentration camps.
Every simple ring R with unity is both left and right primitive.
Every act of government was left to the individual States.
Every item has been left by a pilgrim who reports being healed at the basilica.
Every member of the Queen's Royal Hussars of the United Kingdom light cavalry wears the Maid of Warsaw, the crest of the City of Warsaw, on the left sleeve of his No. 2 ( Service ) Dress.
Every Samhain, the phantom Aillén mac Midgna, or Aillén the Burner, would terrorize Tara, playing music on his harp that left every warrior helpless.

Every and published
Every year, hundreds of new titles are published in Esperanto along with music.
In, Bench co-wrote the book Catch Every Ball: How to Handle Life's Pitches with Paul Daugherty, published by Orange Frazer Press.
Every RFC is submitted as plain ASCII text and is published in that form, but may also be available in other formats.
Every new Lodge must be warranted or chartered by a Grand Lodge, but is subject to its direction only in enforcing the published Constitution of the jurisdiction.
* First published in 1982 as Every Secret Thing.
In 1960, de Havilland published her first memoir called Every Frenchman Has One.
Antony Jay's How to Beat Sir Humphrey: Every Citizen's Guide to Fighting Officialdom ( ISBN 0-9528285-1-0 ) was published in April 1997.
Long's first autobiography, Every Man a King, was published in 1933 and priced to be affordable by poor Americans.
Every few months, the most recent chapters are published in tankōbon volumes by Kodansha ( 43 exist as of September 23, 2011 ).
Francis ' first autobiographical book, For Every Young Heart, was published in 1963.
Every chapter contains a comprehensive compilation all of the published examples of the reaction organized in tables according to the structure of the starting material.
Hohman's best known work is the collection of prayers and recipes for folk-healing titled Pow-Wows, or the Long Lost Friend, published in German in 1820 as Der Lange Verborgene Freund ( The Long-Hidden Friend ) and in two English translations — the first in 1846 in a rather crude translation by Hohman himself (" The Long Secreted Friend or a True and Christian Information for Every Body ") and the second in 1856 by a different and more fluent translator (" The Long Lost Friend ; a Collection of Mysterious and Invaluable Arts and Remedies for Man as well as Animals ").
Every copy was sold within six months, and the second and third volumes, published in October 1766 and June 1768, received a similar reception.
* Anonymous – Every Woman in Her Humour ( published )
Every year the Review awards the Aga Khan Prize for Fiction ( established by his father ) for the best short story that it published in the past year.
Every manufacturer published long lists of testimonials in which all sorts of human ailments were cured by the compounds.
* Redheap 1930 ( published in the U. S. as Every Mother's Son )
Her second book, The Maternal Instinct ( 1984 ), discussed women and fertility issues and she published a collection of interviews Every Letter Counts: Winning in Life Despite Dyslexia in 1990.
Every report produced by IOM committees undergoes extensive review and evaluation by a group of external experts who are anonymous to the committee, and whose names are revealed only once the study is published.
Vatanen's autobiography Every Second Counts, detailing his life and career up until that point, was published in 1988 ( SAF Publishing, ISBN 0-946719-04-7 ) and instantly became a best seller.
Melville House licensed its edition and translation of Every Man Dies Alone to Penguin Classics in the UK, which published his last book as Alone in Berlin.
Rabbi Rakow was in fact a signatory to a subsequent letter stating that " Every individual has the privilege to perform the test in a manner consistent with his desires .” Additionally, the Jewish Chronicle published a letter by a Tay Sachs carrier, who was hurt by a Dor Yeshorim organiser's insinuation, that there was stigma attached to being a Tay-Sachs carrier.
Another wealthy friend of Crosby was popular American poet, author, and lecturer Will Carleton, with whom Crosby had lived in her last years in Brooklyn, and who had been giving lectures on Crosby's hymns and life, and had published a series of articles on Crosby in his Every Where magazine ( which had a peak circulation of 50, 000 copies a month ) in 1901, for which he paid her $ 10 an article.
Partially as a response to this, Dyer published a collection of his articles on the Middle East and related topics called With Every Mistake in 2005.

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