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Every and host
Every year the ICU host the ICU World Championship.
Every lethal viral disease presents a paradox: killing its host is obviously of no benefit to the virus, so how and why did it evolve to do so?
Every summer, the cities of Hancock and neighboring Houghton host a festival known as " Bridgefest ," to commemorate the building of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.
Every Saturday night, from 1995 to 2000, he would host a pair of horror films ( such as Friday the 13th Part 2 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare ) provide a running commentary, trivia, off-color jokes and a drive-in total.
: Every host in the network must have a unique address that determines where it is.
Every October the wineries host a harvest fest.
Every year Cottbus is host to the East European Film Festival.
Every summer, in July, Augusta is host to the Hancock County Fair.
Every September, a local group of young ladies host " Augusta Days ".
Every October, the downtown area of New Albany is host to the Harvest Homecoming festival, one of the largest annual events in the state.
Every year, Leitchfield plays host to the Grayson County Fair.
Every summer, Chatham plays host to the annual Alger County Fair and Homecoming celebration held at the Rock River Township Recreation Area.
Every October the wineries host a harvest fest.
* Every August the residents of Sleepy Eye host the annual " Corn Days " event, where free buttered corn is provided, as well as live music, a flea market, parade, and various other events.
Every October, Moriarty plays host to the Pinto Bean Fiesta, which is composed of a bunch of simple games in Crossly Park, as well as a parade and crowning of a " Pinto Bean Queen.
Every year it host the Annual Tomato Festival around the beginning of July to honor its history as one of the largest tomato producing cities in eastern Texas.
Every April or May the Olympic Club host its annual Brewfest, where local, import, and guest brews are highlighted.
Every year the village hosts a 1940s weekend where locals and visitors don wartime attire for a host of nostalgic events.
Every October the wineries host a harvest fest.
Every five or six years since 1964, the town has played host to the Bollington Festival which runs for two and a half weeks and involves various community activities, from concerts, theatrical, opera, art exhibitions, to local history events, science events and competitions.
Every year they host two series of lectures, fall and winter, hosted at the University of Toronto.
Every year in June, the mountain is host to the Mount Washington Road Race, an event which attracts hundreds of runners.
Every week of the Michaelmas and Lent terms, and twice in Easter term, Churchill is host to Pav, a music event unusual for Cambridge events in that it is free and open to all university members.
Every month, SPU's food lab plays host to a Community Kitchen ; a time for homeless people to come and assist with cooking meals that they then all eat together.

Every and news
Every day, Anne closely follows news reports of the race, which takes place in poor weather conditions along the icy roads of the French Riviera.
Every Medill News Service journalist has the opportunity to spend a quarter in a Washington, DC covering breaking news as well as in-depth, enterprise stories on politics, civil rights, energy, technology or education.
Woodblock print of Mount Fuji and cherry blossom from 36 Views of Mount Fuji ( Hiroshige ) | 36 Views of Mount Fuji by Hiroshige. Every year the Japanese Meteorological Agency and the public track the sakura zensen ( cherry blossom front ) as it moves northward up the archipelago with the approach of warmer weather via nightly forecasts following the weather segment of news programs.
OhmyNews ( Hangul: 오마이뉴스 ) is a South Korean online news website with the motto " Every Citizen is a Reporter ".
Every student is also required to take an introductory news reporting course called J200, ( named after its course designation.
Every day our leadership would listen to world news over the radio at 9 a. m. to follow the growth of the American antiwar movement.
Every Friday the Guild sends a copious email to members containing up-to-the-minute news items, work and learning opportunities, and details of forthcoming performances, broadcasts or publication of members ’ work.
Every monthly print issue and daily website updates include interviews, feature articles, essays, and commentary from leading Christian thinkers, and theological analysis on current issues, trends, people and news events that impact people of faith.
On January 8, 2008, John Davis announced on the Superdrag news section that the band is reunited indefinitely, stating that " Superdrag's original line-up will reconvene in the recording studio in February to begin work on our first new recording project together since 1998's Head Trip In Every Key.
Every bit of news was transmitted with great fervor from hand-to-hand, comments were made, and plans were made for the future, as is usual in a small shtetl.
Every 15 minute segment includes news headlines, several longer news reports or interviews, a travel bulletin, sports headlines and ( on weekdays ) business news.
Every organization that uses PR invariably uses news monitoring as well.
" Every time I get up in the morning and I turn on the cable news and I see that one or two more of our soldiers have been killed it ’ s like a kick in the guts to me, personally.
Every week, Metroland includes an opinion column, several local news stories, a cover story, and a comprehensive calendar of events ( with a movie clock ).
Every day, Stop1984 sent a German summary of news regarding privacy, data privacy, press freedom and similar via email to its subscribers.
Every major network sends news crews, and have sets built by the beach in Cartagena to report live for at least fifteen minutes every day towards the end of the news broadcast on the goings-on of the contestants.
' Every news item must be judged by the question of whom it serves.
" Every hour on the hour, the New York Times brings you the latest news bulletins.
Every weekday public channel SABC 1 broadcasts short religious programmes before the Siswati / Ndebele news at 17h30.
The priority that Winston Churchill placed on the development and deployment of radar is described by Sir Bernard Lovell: < nowiki > Every day < nowiki > would phone or Dee, asking " any news, any problems " these would be dealt with by Renwick's immediate access to Churchill </ nowiki >.

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