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Some Related Sentences

Every and is
Every legislator from Brasstown Bald to Folkston is going to have his every vote subjected to the closest scrutiny as a test of his political allegiances, not his convictions.
Every detail in his interpretation has been beautifully thought out, and of these I would especially cite the delicious laendler touch the pianist brings to the fifth variation ( an obvious indication that he is playing with Viennese musicians ), and the gossamer shading throughout.
Every taxpayer is well aware of the vast size of our annual defense budget and most of our readers also realize that a large portion of these expenditures go for military electronics.
Every single problem touched on thus far is related to good marketing planning.
Every few days, in the early morning, as the work progressed, twenty men would appear to push it ahead and to shift the plank foundation that distributed its weight widely on the Rotunda pavement, supported as it is by ancient brick vaulting.
Every dream, and this is true of a mental image of any type even though it may be readily interpreted into its equivalent of wakeful thought, is a psychic phenomenon for which no explanation is available.
Every man in every one of these houses is a Night Rider.
Every library borrower, or at least those whose taste goes beyond the five-cent fiction rentals, knows what it is to hear the librarian say apologetically, `` I'm sorry, but we don't have that book.
Every community, if it is alive has a spirit, and that spirit is the center of its unity and identity.
The restricted principle " Every partially ordered set has a maximal totally ordered subset " is also equivalent to AC over ZF.
** Every infinite game in which is a Borel subset of Baire space is determined.
Every natural-born citizen of a foreign state who is also an American citizen and every natural-born American citizen who is a citizen of a foreign land owes a double allegiance, one to the United States, and one to his homeland ( in the event of an immigrant becoming a citizen of the US ), or to his adopted land ( in the event of an emigrant natural born citizen of the US becoming a citizen of another nation ).
Every line of written text is a mere reflection of references from any of a multitude of traditions, or, as Barthes puts it, " the text is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centres of culture "; it is never original.
Every root of a polynomial equation whose coefficients are algebraic numbers is again algebraic.
* Every rectangle R is in M. If the rectangle has length h and breadth k then a ( R ) =
Every year, on the last Sunday in April, there is an ice fishing competition in the frozen estuarine waters of the Anadyr River's mouth.
Every lattice element of the structure is in its proper place, whether it is a single atom or a molecular grouping.

Every and congruent
Every aspect of the collage is moving and will never be the same more than once, which was congruent with society at the time.
Every segment is congruent to itself ; that is, we always have AB ≅ AB. We can state the above axiom briefly by saying that every segment can be laid off upon a given side of a given point of a given straight line in one and only one way.
We express this relation by means of the notation ∠( h, k )( h ′, k ′) Every angle is congruent to itself ; that is, ∠( h, k )( h, k ) or ∠( h, k )( k, h )
Every residue class in this group contains exactly one square free integer, and it is common, therefore, only to consider square free positive integers, when speaking about congruent numbers.

Every and opening
Every year the new Feyenoord ambassador of the year is announced at opening day.
Every five to ten years, the water level in the lake is lowered several feet by opening the gates on the dam and allowing water to flow into Oswego Creek and on to the Willamette River, enabling lakefront property owners to conduct repairs on docks and boathouses.
" Every opening phase of a Canadian operation was a complete success and the staff works a mathematical masterpiece … the Canadian Army never followed up their opening successes to reach a complete victory.
Every proclamation ( such as the announcement of each country during the parade of nations in the opening ceremony ) is spoken in these three languages, or the main two depending on whether the host country is an English or Spanish speaking country.
In 1986, Bruce Hornsby borrowed the opening phrase of " The Alcotts " movement as the introduction to his hit " Every Little Kiss " ( as heard on the album The Way It Is ).
Every departmental library has a reading room whose opening hours are determined according to the needs of the department's students and staff.
Every one of his series up until Space: 1999 would include these – in Supercar's case, the charging of port and starboard engines, the activation of an interlock, the opening of ( overhead ) hangar doors, and finally the vertical take-off.
Every weekend, the band would play the opening set for touring bands such as Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Kool & The Gang, and the charangueros became huge fans of both the music and stage shows of North American R & B.
Every year on the first Monday in October, the opening of the Supreme Court's session, Student Action Campaign unites student activists on college, university, and law school campuses nationwide to fight for social justice.
Every year, two residents of Flushing who have contributed to the life of the village over a period of time are selected to be the Presidents ; their responsibilities include judging competitions and opening events.
Every so often, a random battle will occur, heralded by the opening bars to the Dragnet theme.
Soon after, the band recorded three songs at a friend's rehearsal space ; the energetic tracks found early airplay on local radio and by KROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer in L. A. As their music further filtered across to the U. K. and Radio One, Every Move a Picture could be found opening hometown shows for the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and Louis XIV.
* This is the first episode in which Anthony Head recites the opening narration, " In Every Generation ...", replacing the announcer who recited the lines in season one.
Every year they had an opening to present new designs, and everyone enjoyed coffee and nisu ( Finnish coffee bread, popular among the largely Finnish population of Lanesville ).
Every toy balloon has an opening through which gases are blown into it.
Every year, during the academic year opening ceremony, a distinguished public figure is invited to address the students with a lecture on a current global issue.
Every few years he would add a few more attractions, with the Scrambler opening in 1975.
* An instrumental version is played right after the opening credits of the 1948 movie Every Girl Should Be Married also starring Cary Grant
" Jenny from the Block's " opening passage, " Children grow and women producing, men go working, some go stealing, everyone's got to make a living ," samples 20th Century Steel Band's 1975 song " Heaven and Hell Is on Earth ", which has made several appearances in hip hop music as interpolated on Salt-n-Pepa's 1993 song " Heaven or Hell ", Lauryn Hill's 1998 song " Every Ghetto, Every City ", Positive K's 1992 song " Aint No Crime ", Stop the Violence Movement's 1989 song " Self-Destruction ", and The Black Eyed Peas's 1998 song " Say Goodbye ".

Every and sharing
These languages all use special-purpose knowledge engineering because as stated by Tom Gruber, " Every ontology is a treaty-a social agreement among people with common motive in sharing.
Every Christian effectively sharing the life-changing gospel in their world.

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