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Every and move
Every ear attends ... his eloquent words move the heart, convince the reason, and tell the weak and wavering which way to go.
Every time you move to a new page, however, the server must believe that you are the same person who originally signed in ( otherwise it will refuse ).
Every Shintaido practice begins with warming-up exercises designed to soften and extend the body until it can move naturally, without the tensions of everyday life.
Every move between 5 and 60 eggs are laid.
It was this marriage that prompted De Havilland to move to Paris and her adjustments to life there was recounted in her memoir, Every Frenchman Has One.
In 1953, she appeared in her last theatrical film, It Happens Every Thursday, a Universal comedy about a New York couple who move to California to take over a struggling weekly newspaper.
The song is about a stalker with the lyrics " Every breath you take / Every move you make / Every bond you break / Every step you take / I'll be watching you ".
The deputy director of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools ( NCACS ), Steven D. Crow, says " Every move the university's made has been monitored " and MIU's library, faculty, academic mission and classroom space have been deemed appropriate.
: Every leg is on the move since you founded the earth.
Every so often, at the same time, all the members of all the haystacks form one large group, randomly assort into equal groups, and then move back into the haystacks.
Every citizen, and every other person lawfully resident in Fiji, has the right to reside in any part of Fiji, to move freely throughout Fiji, and to leave Fiji.
In another episode, Hammer tells a suspect " Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you.
Every Swiss citizen was to be free to move and settle anywhere in the new Confederation.
Every move he makes is always under the watchful eye of at least five guards.
Every time one player sends Counter Gems to his or her opponent, his or her character will perform a typical fighting-game action, anything from a taunt to a special move.
Article 21 ( 1 ) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union states that Every citizen of the Union shall have the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States, subject to the limitations and conditions laid down in this Treaty and by the measures adopted to give it effect.
Every time the Hattytown residents would try to move the bird, it snapped at them.
Every time you do a move, it costs a certain amount of guts, if you don't have enough guts to do a certain move, you have to wait until you regenerate enough guts to do it.
Every time they talk they move a little, and their mouths don't move.

Every and makes
Every thing depends upon the evil of the second order ; it is this which gives to such actions the character of crime, and which makes punishment necessary.
Every colour holds within it a soul, which makes me happy or repels me, and which acts as a stimulus.
Advertising for the film ( pictured at right ) boasted of the extravagant expense incurred in presenting the spectacle :" Actual Sinking of an Ocean Liner. Two Battleships Sunk by United States Navy .$ 18, 000 Used for Ammunition in One Battle. 40, 000 People Employed. 10, 000 Horses in Thrilling Cavalry Charges. 40 Aeroplanes in Great Air Battle. Every Death-dealing Device Known to Modern War in Operation. One Year in the Making. Cost $ 1, 000, 000. 00. Entire Cities Built and Destroyed. An Awe-inspiring Spectacle that one minute makes your blood run cold and another thrills you with its touches of human gentleness. The Story of the Greatest Love of the Ages —- the Love of Humanity.
Every time you punch the needle down through the backing, it makes a long thread on the right side of the rug.
Every computer or console in the game renders the virtual world and characters in realtime sufficiently fast enough that the number of frames per second makes the visual simulation seem like standard full motion video or better.
Every four years, the Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission makes recommendations to the federal government about the salaries for federally appointed judges, including the judges of the Supreme Court.
Every penny makes the water warmer ".
Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish makes a brief cameo in this episode ; he later becomes of importance in episode four of the second season, " Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish ".
Every year, PhRMA makes substantial efforts with regard to Special 301 Report issued by the Office of the United States Trade Representative on the enforcement of intellectual property laws abroad.
Every cylinder added beyond five increases the overlap of firing strokes and makes for less primary order vibration.
Every woman on becoming a member of the Society chooses one of the girls in the orphanage and makes her the object of her special care and solicitude.
Every Eulerian orientation of a connected graph is a strong orientation, an orientation that makes the resulting directed graph strongly connected.
Terminus, now convinced of Elliot's existence and having learned that dragon anatomy has many medicinal uses (" Every Little Piece '"), makes Pete an offer for Elliott, which Pete refuses.
Every three years the Company makes awards in each of its crafts to buildings or projects completed in that period.
Every three years the Company makes an award to the three buildings or structures, in the area bounded by the M25 motorway, which respectively embody the most outstanding example of brickwork, of slated or tiled roof and of hard-surface tiled wall and / or floor.
As Miller told ' Time ' magazine in 1951, ' Every singer has certain sounds he makes better than others.
Every household makes tumpeng ( rice cones ) and " pecel pitik "( grilled chicken ).
; Hardcoat laminate: Every laminate manufacturer makes a dry erase board or laminate.
Every noun has a grammatically-correct diminutive form, regardless of the sense it makes.
Every time a vehicle makes a delivery of some cargo the player receives an income, allowing them to build more infrastructure ( rails, stations, etc.
* Every episode makes reference to a young girl who has been in a coma since Halloween.
Every Saturday, College GameDay makes road trips to various colleges around the United States to preview the school's upcoming football game.
Every night, she helps him and Hollywood create window displays which dazzle everyone at Prince & Company and which, ultimately, makes the store famous throughout Philadelphia.
Every year, the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ( ASPRS ) presents the Talbert Abrams Award to a person who makes an outstanding contribution to aerial photography and mapping.

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