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Every and previous
Every subsequent round starts with the " strongest link "— the player with the most correct answers — from the previous round, unless that person has been voted off, in which case the second strongest answers first.
Every previous group 17 element has seven electrons in its valence shell, forming a valence electron configuration of ns < sup > 2 </ sup > np < sup > 5 </ sup >.
Every usage of an array or struct type instantiates a new concrete type, or reuses a previous instantiated type.
Every late July ( ending on the last Saturday of July and beginning 10 days previous ) it hosts what may be the world's largest free-admission fair.
Every question is addressed to the team succeeding the team that answered the previous question.
Every Dragonlance novel by Weis and Hickman since 1995 has been released in hardcover, and some previous novels have been re-released in hardcover collector's editions.
Every tulku are still called on the title of Rinpoche and is given as much respect as his previous reincarnation.
Every custom of the Ari was scrutinized, and many were accepted, even against previous practice.
# Risk: Every previous strategy that Warner developed was a risk, and he succeeded in going against the norm.
Every year, queens that were born and fertilized at the end of the previous season begin a new colony.
* Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child presented a version of the title story set in New York City featuring Ed Koch as the Happy Prince ( who was the statue of the city's previous mayor ) and Cyndi Lauper as a streetwise pigeon named " Pidge " ( in place of the Swallow ).
* Every player with 10 or more years of major-league experience who has not been active in the previous 20 years, and is not on Major League Baseball's ineligible list, is eligible for Veterans Committee consideration.
Every year, the number of entries from the previous year is beaten, as more categories and a wider selection of issues are taken into account.
Every series following Series 2 had the original series ' closing moments portrayed in the series itself as the previous " set " being deconstructed in some manner.
Every year, a new head trivia master, called the " Grand Master ," is appointed by the previous Grand Master.
Every year, the alumni of the previous year's " Special K!
In response to Crosby's letter and threats, Carleton wrote in a letter to The New York Times that he was motivated to write his " labor of love " for Crosby in order to raise money that she might have a home of her own for the first time in her life ; that he had interviewed Crosby and transcribed the details of her life ; had paid her for her time and materials ; had secured her permission to publish the material in his magazine Every Where, and in a book ; had paid all the expenses for publishing and printing out of his own pocket ; had promoted the book in his own time and at his own expense ; and had remitted to her $ 235. 20 for the royalties owing for the previous eight months at the agreed rate, and had sent additional contributions given by admirers at his lectures to her.
Every year, a student management team is chosen from the previous year's staff.
Every photograph I subsequently printed with the process seemed fantastic and each one seemed better than the previous one.
Every building was pre-sold for after-Expo repurposing thus ensuring that, after the Expo closed, the site would not be left semi-abandoned, as had happened with previous expos, particularly Seville Expo ' 92.
" Every generation in Israel carries within itself the remnants of worlds created and destroyed during the course of the previous history of the Jewish people.
Every Summer, while Ros na Rún takes a four-month break, TG4 airs re-runs of previous Ros na Rún episodes: series three is scheduled to start on TG4 weekdays at 2pm from 23 July.
Every intermediate node, while forwarding a RouteRequest, enters the previous node address and its BcastID.
Every band member had previous professional experience in other musical endeavors for years before joining Leaves ’ Eyes, thus essentially making it a supergroup.

Every and experiment
Every Halloween, Dabney House conducts the infamous " Millikan pumpkin-drop experiment " from the top of Millikan Library, the highest point on campus.
Every instance of the real-world situation or run of the experiment must produce exactly one outcome.
Every aspect of the methodology advocated in NKS is optimized to make experimentation as direct, easy, and meaningful as possible — while maximizing the chances that the experiment will do something unexpected.
Every variable X < sub > i </ sub > in the sequence is associated with a Bernoulli trial or experiment.
Every two years, the performance of current methods is assessed in the CASP experiment ( Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction ).
His plays show a willingness to experiment with dramatic form: An Humorous Day's Mirth was one of the first plays to be written in the style of ' humours comedy ' which Ben Jonson later used in Every Man in his Humour and Every Man Out of his Humour.
# Every experiment should be performed under circumstances that would provide the clearest possible results, thereby diminishing the need for repetition of experiments.
Every stage in the origin of clays, sands and gravels can be seen in process around us, but where these have been converted into coherent shales, sandstone and conglomerates, and still more where they have experienced some degree of metamorphism, there are many obscure points about their history upon which experiment may yet throw light.
Every two years, the performance of current methods is assessed in the CASP experiment.
Every experiment in such a free-falling environment has the same results as it would for an observer at rest or moving uniformly in deep space, far from all sources of gravity.
Other criteria are: the Rule of adequate motivation: " Every participant should feel about the experiment that it is in his ( or her ) own cause.

Every and involving
Every program involving either Catholic or Protestant churches in which we participated was carefully scrutinized .... Every topic which had possible theological nuances or implications was vetoed, and only when the Rav pronounced it to be satisfactory did we proceed to the dialogue.
Every process involving charged particles emits infinitely many coherent photons of infinite wavelength, and the amplitude for emitting any finite number of photons is zero.
Every Zone has three Acts, 2 involving standard levels, and the third Act being a boss fight against Robotnik, without any flicky-collecting involved.
Every three months an extended panel of at least five Board members meets in each region to consider a number of cases involving offenders serving life sentences, preventive detention or long-term determinate sentences of more than seven years.
Every issue of the magazine opens with a description of The Skeptics Society and its mission statement, which is to explore subjects such as creationism, pyramid power, Bigfoot, pseudohistorical claims ( as in the examples of Holocaust denial and extreme Afrocentrism ), the use or misuse of theory and statistics, conspiracy theories, urban myths, witch-hunts, mass hysterias, genius and intelligence, and cultural influences on science, as well as controversies involving protosciences at the leading edge of established science, and even fads like cryonics and low-carb diets.
Every four years the village also produces a Community Drama in the grounds of Cannon Hall involving the band, choral society and 100 actors from the village.
Every infinitesimal region of space time may have its own proper time that corresponds to the gravitational time dilation there, where electromagnetic radiation and matter may be equally affected, since they are made of the same essence ( as shown in many tests involving the famous equation E = mc < sup > 2 </ sup >).
" Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish " was the first episode produced for the second season, but " Bart Gets an F " aired first because of Bart's popularity and the producers wanted to premiere with an episode involving him in hopes of stealing viewers from The Cosby Show.
On April 17, 1958, Delaney stated, " Every day our newspapers report numerous muggings and attacks, most of them involving knives.

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