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Every and review
Every few minutes she would awaken for a moment to review things: Stowey, yes, was on his way south, and the two boys were away in school, and nothing was burning on the stove, and Lucretia was coming for dinner and bringing three guests of hers.
Every play is subject to booth review with coaches only having one challenge.
Ebert concludes his review with the following line: " Every time I see the film, I feel a great sadness, that a human imagination could be so limited that it sees its own extinction as a victory.
Every five years the cathedral carries out a major structural review.
Every 5 years the JNCC coordinates a compulsory review of schedules 5 and 8 to add new species that may need protection ( Legislation. gov. uk, 2010 ).
Every five years the NZ Transport Agency will embark on a state highway review to consider whether the existing network should be expanded or reduced, according to traffic flows, changes in industry, tourism and development.
Every 5 years, each Commission conducts a complete review of all constituencies in its part of the United Kingdom.
Every year the Mercers ' Company publishes an annual review of their activities.
Every major journal, the Times Literary Supplement, the London Review, the Observer, everybody had a review saying, this doesn't even reach the level of nonsense, of idiocy.
Every two years at his review, the board denied his parole because of his lack of remorse.
Every report produced by IOM committees undergoes extensive review and evaluation by a group of external experts who are anonymous to the committee, and whose names are revealed only once the study is published.
Every ten years, the Minister of Industry must conduct a review of the provisions and operations of the BDC Act.
" Writing in The Chicago Tribune, Michael Phillips, in an otherwise tepid review, said of her performance: “ Every scene she ’ s in, even the silly ones, becomes better — truer, often against long odds — because she ’ s in it.
Indeed, in a 2011 review of " I Want My MTV " by Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum, Dwight Garner recalled: " Every sentient straight male in the country developed a schoolboy crush on Martha Quinn, one of the first V. J.
Telfer's lawyer for the judicial review, Ted Charney, stated that " The only reason they backed off, is because we got this judicial review and we convinced them to wait until the hearing was over before they tried to seize their house and sell it with the sheriff .” Ezra Levant, a lawyer and former publisher of the Western Standard who was himself a target of a human rights complaint in the past, said the court ruling is more evidence that Canada ’ s human rights commissions are “ out of control ,” and argued thatEvery single aspect of this ruling is discreditable ... Overturning the tribunal ’ s order isn ’ t enough.
She also provided a technical review of the educational text book " The Physics of Every Day Phenomena " by Thomas Griffith ( McGraw-Hill ), “ Physics for the Life Sciences " by Philip Kesten and David Tauk ( W. H.
Every review has had high praise for FreeSpace 2s graphics.
Every 5 years, the Departments charter a committee of 13 nutrition experts to review the peer-reviewed, published science on diet and health and develop a report of its recommendations for the next edition of the Guidelines.
J. D. Considine of Rolling Stone wrote in the review of Bobby ( 1992 ), " As anyone who saw him swagger through the videos for ' My Prerogative ' and ' Every Little Step ' can attest, Brown had a phenomenal ability to convey a sense of street toughness that was utterly without malice or menace, making him credible and likable ".
In a review in The New York Times, rock critic Robert Palmer wrote of Nile ; " Every once in awhile the times seems to produce an artist who is at once an iconoclast and near-perfect expression of contemporary currents.

Every and noted
Every short story and book from the cycle ( up to 1997 ) is noted, with notable events from each story plotted
The noted sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison once referred to him as " Glen Larceny " for the notorious similarities between Larson's shows and cinema blockbusters, for example, Alias Smith and Jones was taken from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ; McCloud from Coogan's Bluff ; Battlestar Galactica from Star Wars ; BJ & The Bear from Every Which Way But Loose ; Automan from Tron ; The Fall Guy from Hooper ; and Buck Rogers was simply a remake of the original comic book and film serial character.
Every fortification, artillery emplacement and AA battery was carefully noted and scrutinised.
The FareStart Restaurant serves lunch Monday through Friday, from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. Every Thursday from 5: 30 p. m. to 8 p. m is the famous Guest Chef Night, which features a special three-course dinner, prepared by students under the supervision of a " guest chef "-- a noted Seattle chef from another restaurant that volunteers his or her services to support the cause.
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an organ of the OAS, reported in 1997: “ It should also be noted that the major criterion for preparing this report has been the lack of free elections in accordance with internationally accepted standards, thereby violating the right to political participation set forth in Article XX of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, which states textually that: Every person having legal capacity is entitled to participate in the government of his country, directly or through his representatives, and to take part in popular elections, which shall be by secret ballot, and shall be honest, periodic and free .”
Norris noted that " Every man is listening intently at all times, responding sensitively to mutual hints and directions ", and stated " The empathy between Carter, Williams and Hancock, the way they anticipate each other, push each other, support each other, and phrase together-all this without a sign of strain-is really amazing ".
As noted architect Donald Insall states, " Every building has its own biography.

Every and historical
Every year during carnaval the city organizes on top of the Oudenberg ( 111m ) the ' krakelingenworp ' to celebrate this historical event.
Every historical record brings new facts and insights.
Every part of it, including the blue and white colors ( see below ), the cross, as well as the stripe arrangement can be connected to very old historical elements ; however it is difficult to establish " continuity ", especially as there is no record of the exact reasoning behind its official adoption in early 1822.
Every four years there is the Wallensteinfestspiel, with about 4, 500 participants, the biggest historical reenactment in Europe.
Every card in the set will be given some historical significance as the overall set captures every game Jordan ever played with the Bulls, regular-season and playoff battles included.
Each issue carried a subtitle of " Devoted to Every Department of Literature and the Fine Arts " or some variation and included poetry, fiction, non-fiction, reviews, and historical notes.
Every summer, a historical re-enactment group visits Yale to celebrate the Royal Engineers, who had served under Moody during McGowan's War and worked on the Cariboo Wagon Road and the Douglas-Lillooet Trail and were an integral part of Yale's life from the gold rush to the end of the 1870s.
Every effort devoted to the study of the Hieronymian, the historical martyrologies, and the Greek " Synaxaria " helps the study of this compilation, which is derived from them.

Every and significance
On the occasion, in 1948, of Eliot's entry into the realm of sexagenarianism, Every wrote for a dedicatory compendium a piece on the poet's religious leanings and the broader significance thereof.

Every and information
Every decision made by German or opposing forces required time to gather information, make a decision, disseminate orders to subordinates, and then implement this decision through action.
Every information exchange between living organisms — i. e. transmission of signals that involve a living sender and receiver can be considered a form of communication ; and even primitive creatures such as corals are competent to communicate.
In his most popular book, Cultural Literacy — What Every American Needs To Know, he offers lists, quotations, and information regarding what he believes is essential knowledge.
Every new piece of information added helps the improvisers to refine their characters and progress the action of the scene.
* Promote common corporate culture: Every user has the ability to view the same information within the Intranet.
Every six months member countries exchange information on deliveries of conventional arms to non Wassenaar members that fall under eight broad weapons categories: battle tanks, armored combat vehicles ( ACVs ), large-caliber artillery, military aircraft / unmanned aerial vehicles, military and attack helicopters, warships, missiles or missile systems, and small arms and light weapons.
They draw three conclusions from Austin: ( 1 ) A performative utterance does not communicate information about an act second-hand — it is the act ; ( 2 ) Every aspect of language (" semantics, syntactics, or even phonematics ") functionally interacts with pragmatics ; ( 3 ) There is no distinction between language and speech.
* PASSIA Diaries and Annual Reports: Every year since 1988, PASSIA publishes its “ Diary ”, a unique annual resource book combining a comprehensive directory of contact information for Palestinian and interna tional institu tions operating in Palestine, a day-to-day calendar, and an agenda containing facts and figures, graphs, statistics, chronologies and maps related to Palestine and the Palestinians.
Every type of modern technology uses dot matrices for display of information, including cell phones, televisions, and printers.
Every action is recorded as an information block with subtitles that explain the performed operation.
Every post office in the numbered district was also to display this information.
Every ticket is provided with a bar code that gives information about the time the visitor stepped into the museum.
Every name lookup must either start with a query to a root server or use information that was once obtained from a root server.
Every NWS office operates its own web page with access to current products and other information specific to the local area.
Every videotape system attempts to pack as much video as possible onto a given-sized tape, but information from one recording stripe ( pass of the video head ) must not interfere with information on adjacent stripes.
# Every patron his information.
Also this year she publishes What Every Girl Should Know, providing information about such topics as menstruation and sexuality in adolescents.
Every extra unit of information in a dialogue competes with the relevant units of information and diminishes their relative visibility.
* Every Patient's Advocate provides tools and information to help patients become empowered, and is provided by Trisha Torrey, the expert in patient empowerment for About. com, and the author of a patient empowerment how-to book called You Bet Your Life!
Every computer must be compatible with the principles of information theory, statistical thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics.
Every state is information, and every change of state is a change in information ( requiring the manipulation of one or more bits ).

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