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Some Related Sentences

Every and seminorm
Every vector space V with seminorm p ( v ) induces a normed space V / W, called the quotient space, where W is the subspace of V consisting of all vectors v in V with p ( v )

Every and on
Every day, when the President took his nap, Rob Roy would stretch out on the window seat near him, like a perfect gentleman, and stare thoughtfully out the window, or he would take a little nap himself.
Every man who dabbles in the market to make a little easy money on the side and suffers losses could at the time hardly face his wife who was wondering how her husband could be so dumb.
Every eye was on him as he began to speak.
Every few minutes she would awaken for a moment to review things: Stowey, yes, was on his way south, and the two boys were away in school, and nothing was burning on the stove, and Lucretia was coming for dinner and bringing three guests of hers.
Every night they all went to Mama and Papa Albright's, and sat on the open front porch, where they could get the breeze.
Every single problem touched on thus far is related to good marketing planning.
Every few days, in the early morning, as the work progressed, twenty men would appear to push it ahead and to shift the plank foundation that distributed its weight widely on the Rotunda pavement, supported as it is by ancient brick vaulting.
Every decision was made quickly on sound grounds.
Every night when he wanted a drink of water, didn't he practice being fearless by not turning on the bathroom light??
Every single instance of altruistic behavior need not always increase inclusive fitness ; altruistic behaviors would have been selected for if such behaviors on average increased inclusive fitness in the ancestral environment.
* Every continuous functor on a small-complete category which satisfies the appropriate solution set condition has a left-adjoint ( the Freyd adjoint functor theorem ).
Every year, on the last Sunday in April, there is an ice fishing competition in the frozen estuarine waters of the Anadyr River's mouth.
Every actor who has opened in the role of Pseudolus on Broadway ( Zero Mostel, Phil Silvers and Nathan Lane ) won a Best Actor Tony Award for their performance.
* Revised Code of Washington 9. 12. 010: " Every person who brings on his or her own behalf, or instigates, incites, or encourages another to bring, any false suit at law or in equity in any court of this state, with intent thereby to distress or harass a defendant in the suit, or who serves or sends any paper or document purporting to be or resembling a judicial process, that is not in fact a judicial process, is guilty of a misdemeanor ; and in case the person offending is an attorney, he or she may, in addition thereto be disbarred from practicing law within this state.
Every cladogram is based on a particular dataset that was analyzed with a particular method.
Every year, the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software ( ETAPS ) sponsors the International Conference on Compiler Construction ( CC ), with papers from both the academic and industrial sectors.
Every Halloween, Dabney House conducts the infamous " Millikan pumpkin-drop experiment " from the top of Millikan Library, the highest point on campus.
# Every net on X has a convergent subnet ( see the article on nets for a proof ).
# Every filter on X has a convergent refinement.
# Every ultrafilter on X converges to at least one point.
* Pseudocompact: Every real-valued continuous function on the space is bounded.
Every person should be identified uniquely as resident in one place but where they happen to be on census day, their de facto residence, may not be the best place to count them.

Every and V
# Every adiabat asymptotically approaches both the V axis and the P axis ( just like isotherms ).
Every normed vector space V sits as a dense subspace inside a Banach space ; this Banach space is essentially uniquely defined by V and is called the completion of V.
Every pope from Miltiades occupied the Lateran Palace until the reign of the French Pope Clement V, who in 1309 decided to transfer the official seat of the Catholic Church to Avignon, a papal fief that was an enclave within France.
Every measurable cardinal κ is a 0-huge cardinal because < sup > κ </ sup > M ⊂ M, that is, every function from κ to M is in M. Consequently, V < sub > κ + 1 </ sub >⊂ M.
* Every cover is a local homeomorphism — that is, for every, there exists a neighborhood of c and a neighborhood of such that the restriction of p to U yields a homeomorphism from U to V. This implies that C and X share all local properties.
Every Vitali set V is uncountable, and v − u is irrational for any.
Every graph has a harmonious coloring, since it suffices to assign every vertex a distinct color ; thus χ < sub > H </ sub >( G ) ≤ | V ( G )|.
Indeed, in a 2011 review of " I Want My MTV " by Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum, Dwight Garner recalled: " Every sentient straight male in the country developed a schoolboy crush on Martha Quinn, one of the first V. J.
Iris Adrian was an only child, raised by a single mother, Florence V. Hostetter ( née Every ), in Los Angeles, California.
Every year, the Blue Cross Arena hosts regular season Section V high school hockey games and the Section V Basketball championship.
When a variable, v, is on the LHS of an assignment statement, such as s ( j ), then s ( j ) is a definition of v. Every variable ( v ) has at least one definition by its declaration ( V ) ( or initialization ).
Every element of naturally corresponds the subset of V which assigns a 1 to its vertices.
King's Quest V also inspired a text based remake, King's Quest V-The Text Aventure, and also another parody fan-game Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day starring Cedric which pokes fun of many of the situations and mannerisms of Cedric.
Every Man Out of His Humour includes several references to Shakespeare and his contemporaneous works: a mention of Justice Silence from Henry IV, Part 2 —" this is a kinsman to Justice Silence " ( V, ii ) and two allusions to Julius Casear, which help to date that play to 1599.
" Et tu, Brute " occurs in V, iv of Every Man Out ; in III, i appears " reason long since is fled to animals ," a paraphrase of Shakespeare's line " O judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts " in Julius Caesar, III, ii, 104.
Every state except Hawaii has applied for an Article V convention at one time or another.

Every and particular
Every single thermodynamic system exists in a particular state.
Group actions / representations: Every group G can be considered as a category with a single object whose morphisms are the elements of G. A functor from G to Set is then nothing but a group action of G on a particular set, i. e. a G-set.
Earlier books such as What Every Girl Should Know ( Margaret Sanger, 1920 ) and A Marriage Manual ( Hannah and Abraham Stone, 1939 ) had broken the silence in which many people, women in particular, had grown up in.
Every other bishop is charged with the care of his particular flock, the Roman pontiff with that of the whole Church.
Every salsa musician must know how their particular part fits with clave, and with the other parts of the ensemble.
Every man being organized in a particular way has, of necessity, an aim, the fulfilment of which is good ; and he has faculties for accomplishing it, directed by reason.
( Every diocese is a particular Church, but not an autonomous one in the sense in which the word is applied to these 22 Churches.
Every human action, however, is singular, contingent and takes place in particular circumstances.
Every User RPL command checks the stack for its particular arguments and returns an error if they are incorrect or not present.
It was observed twenty years later that " Every so often, there comes to light a document revealing the foresight of a public servant who grasped the full consequences and implications of a particular government measure or policy.
Every all-nighter at Wigan Casino ended with the playing of three well-known northern soul songs with a particular going home theme.
Every period is followed by a clinical exam regarding the student's knowledge in that particular specialty.
Every blister that contains a Wizard includes a free Incantation Rules Booklet as well as cards that describe magic items and special spells particular to each.
" Every man is, in his own particular way, a scientist ," said Kelly, in that he is always building up and refining theories and models about how the world works so that he can anticipate events.
Every single string produces its own cascading range of harmonics and, at the same time, builds up a particular resonance.
Every album focuses on a particular color and usually involves themes of small town rural America.
( 1 ) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.
Every Maiden considers him a member of the family, though particular role ( son, older brother, younger brother ) varies from woman to woman.
* Every character value is a sum of n m < sup > th </ sup > roots of unity, where n is the degree ( that is, the dimension of the associated vector space ) of the representation with character χ and m is the order of g. In particular, when F is the field of complex numbers, every such character value is an algebraic integer.
Every joseki should be used as a specific tool that leaves the board in a particular shape.
One particular ad line read " Every normal skin needs these two creams ".
; Sherrington's First Law: Every posterior spinal nerve root supplies a particular area of the skin, with a certain overlap of adjacent dermatomes.

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