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Every and singer
* 1978 – Kaori Mochida, Japanese singer ( Every Little Thing )
* 1979 – Keith Buckley, American singer ( Every Time I Die )
* Dave Strauchman, lead singer of Every Avenue
He also appeared as a writer and singer on Vonda Shepard's Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life album, and he sang with Sting a duet of " Every Breath You Take " in an episode of the series.
In November 2006, Korean singer K included a cover of the Vandross song " Every Year, Every Christmas " on his Christmas single, ファースト ・ クリスマス (" First Christmas "), released in Japan.
In 2008, jazz singer Rene Marie was asked to perform the national anthem " National Anthem " at a civic event in Denver, Colorado, where she caused a controversy by substituting the words of " Lift Every Voice and Sing " in the song.
As Miller told ' Time ' magazine in 1951, ' Every singer has certain sounds he makes better than others.
Also known as ELT by their fans, Every Little Thing was originally a trio but became a duo in 2000 with Kaori Mochida as the singer and Ichiro Ito as the guitarist.
Every member was a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and producer.
In an interview lead singer Brett Detar told Lina Lecaro of the Los Angeles Times that the band's name was " pretty stupid ," adding, " Let's just say this: Every band has a name and for better or worse, this is ours ".
She played a foul-mouthed prostitute on the run from the mob in the action film The Gauntlet, a spoiled heiress who joins a traveling Wild West show in Bronco Billy, a country singer in the comedy Every Which Way But Loose and its sequel, Any Which Way You Can, and a revenge-seeking murderess in the highest-grossing Dirty Harry film, Sudden Impact.
" Maggie May " is a song written by singer Rod Stewart and Martin Quittenton and recorded by Stewart in 1971 for his album Every Picture Tells a Story.
Every Monday night EIAR aired Canta Rabagliati (" Rabagliati sings "), with the singer presenting his most famous songs such as " Ma l ' amore no ", " Mattinata fiorentina ", " Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina ", " Silenzioso slow ", " Bambina innamorata ".
He opened a concert for British rock singer Sting at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente, where he presented his hit salsa version of " Every Breath You Take " ( with an amused Sting watching from the sidelines ).
*, singer and vocalist of Every Little Thing
The campaigners released a film to mark the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day with British peer the Baroness Uddin in the House of Lords. Open Every Door, written by the award winning Sri Lanka-born singer and songwriter, Nimal Mendis, was aired on the UN World Autism Awareness Day by CNN.
Paul Williams, the Temptations ' original lead singer and Kendricks ' lifelong best friend, sings the lead vocal during the first verse of " Just My Imagination's " bridge (" Every night, on my knees, I pray ...").
For a long time people thought " Every Little Thing " was a rare instance in which the composer was not the lead singer, but in reality, the song is sung by Lennon and McCartney together.
Every Tuesday Sometimes Sunday is the name of the 1999 album by Australian singer / songwriter Bernie Hayes.
Every Night introduced new singer Betty Marie Barnes who became the nearest to a permanent female singer that the band ever had.
The singer interprets the songs in English and Portuguese, with the songs " Agreement Signed " and " Every Minute " being included on the soundtrack of national and international TV Globo soap opera Seven Sins.
The album includes duets, a cover of Stevie Wonder's " I Love Every Little Thing About You " with singer Terence Trent D ' Arby, " Can't Count Me Out " duet with father Clay Graham and a remake of Janis Ian's " At Seventeen ".

Every and generally
* Every quadratic Bézier curve is also a cubic Bézier curve, and more generally, every degree n Bézier curve is also a degree m curve for any m > n. In detail, a degree n curve with control points P < sub > 0 </ sub >, …, P < sub > n </ sub > is equivalent ( including the parametrization ) to the degree n + 1 curve with control points P '< sub > 0 </ sub >, …, P '< sub > n + 1 </ sub >, where.
Every instrumental group ( or section ) has a principal who is generally responsible for leading the group and playing orchestral solos.
Every car uses either a 5. 0 L Ford " Boss 302 " SVO or a 5. 0 L Chevrolet small block race-engine ( depending on the make )-capable of producing between 460 and 485 kW ( 620 — 650 bhp ) of power, but generally quoted as a little over 450 kW ( 600 bhp ) in race trim.
The spirit of the rule is generally something in good fun ; while rules that unfairly sway the game in favor of one player or to the detriment of one specific player are quite easy to concoct (" Every time James plays a ten, he gets a penalty of ten cards "), they are also generally frowned upon as unsportsmanlike.
Every few years tremors are recorded, although they are generally too weak to be felt.
Every instrument in a Salsa band is either playing with the clave ( generally: congas, timbales, piano, tres guitar, bongos, claves ( instrument ), strings ) or playing independent of the clave rhythm ( generally: bass, maracas, güiro, cowbell ).
Every player is generally encouraged to invest points in Tactics, as Shattered Galaxy is a game that values overall quality over individual qualities: the individual units owned by a 120-Tactics player may have fewer hit points than a player with 120 Clout, or do less damage per second than a player with 120 Education, but his overall squad is undoubtedly stronger on both counts.
Every chapter of the Genesis Rabba is headed by the first verse of the passage to be explained, and is introduced, with few exceptions, by one or more prefatory remarks starting from a verse taken from another Biblical passage as textgenerally from the Writings or Ketuvim.
Every crew will consist of a referee, who is generally in charge of the game and watches action on the quarterback and in the offensive backfield ; an umpire, who handles spotting the ball and watches action on the offensive line ; and a head linesman, who supervises placement of the down box and line-to-gain chains.
Every week sees a new group of celebrity guests, generally featuring at least one footballer who is free on the Saturday, and a mix of musicians, TV personalities, and other sportsmen.
( See generally James W. Ely Jr., The Guardian of Every Other Right ( Oxford Univ.
: Every day, in every superior court in the state, the same melancholy charade was played: the " innocent " spouse, generally the wife, would take the stand and, to the accompanying cacophony of sobbing and nose-blowing, testify under the deft guidance of an attorney to the spousal conduct that she deemed " cruel.
Every year, women volunteer to become sexual tutors to boys who have reached maturity ; the name of their office changes from culture to culture, but they are generally furnished with some distinguishing marking, often the Mother's sacred color red ( red dye on the soles of the feet for the Mamutoi ; a red fringe among the Zelandonii ).
Every episode featured at least one live performance of local and internationally acclaimed musicians generally accompanied by the Count and the Groovematics.
* Every quasinormal subgroup, and, more generally, every conjugate permutable subgroup, of a finite group is subnormal.

Every and renders
Every desire degrades us, and renders us slaves of what we desire.
Every computer or console in the game renders the virtual world and characters in realtime sufficiently fast enough that the number of frames per second makes the visual simulation seem like standard full motion video or better.

Every and same
Every time a speech sound is produced for a given phoneme, it will be slightly different from other utterances, even for the same speaker.
In Norse mythology, Draupnir ( Old Norse " the dripper ") is a gold ring possessed by the god Odin with the ability to multiply itself: Every ninth night eight new rings ' drip ' from Draupnir, each one of the same size and weight as the original.
Every hyperbola is congruent to the origin-centered East-West opening hyperbola sharing its same eccentricity ε ( its shape, or degree of " spread "), and is also congruent to the origin-centered North-South opening hyperbola with identical eccentricity ε — that is, it can be rotated so that it opens in the desired direction and can be translated ( rigidly moved in the plane ) so that it is centered at the origin.
Every vector space has a basis, and all bases of a vector space have the same number of elements, called the dimension of the vector space.
Every court in North Korea has the same composition as the Central Court.
Every device in a WPAN will be able to plug in to any other device in the same WPAN, provided they are within physical range of one another.
# Every possible answer takes the same amount of time to check, and
Every aspect of the collage is moving and will never be the same more than once, which was congruent with society at the time.
# Every simple path from a given node to any of its descendant leaves contains the same number of black nodes.
Every year YCA presents Louder Than A Bomb, the world's largest team-based youth slam and subject of a forthcoming documentary by the same name.
* Every subspace of a completely regular or Tychonoff space has the same property.
She returned to No. 1 on the same charts in November 2004 with " Everyman ... Everywoman ...," a reworking of her song " Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him ", in January 2008, with " No No No ," and in August 2008, with " Give Peace a Chance.
Every resultant is either a sum or a difference of the co-operant forces ; their sum, when their directions are the same -- their difference, when their directions are contrary.
* Promote common corporate culture: Every user has the ability to view the same information within the Intranet.
Every seven years, a film documented the life of the same individuals during the intervening period, titled 7 Plus Seven, 21 Up, etc.
Every time you move to a new page, however, the server must believe that you are the same person who originally signed in ( otherwise it will refuse ).
Every time I come back after being away from home for a night she won't let me be in the same room with her if she can help it.
Every scene had the same basic format.
Every operating system, even from the same vendor, could have radically different models of commands, operating procedures, and such facilities as debugging aids.
Every non-inner automorphism yields a non-trivial element of Out ( G ), but different non-inner automorphisms may yield the same element of Out ( G ).
Every issue of GAMES Magazine contains a large crossword with a double clue list, under the title The World's Most Ornery Crossword ; both lists are straight and arrive at the same solution, but one list is significantly more challenging than the other.
Contrary to popular belief, the long staircase is not the same one used by The Three Stooges in their 1941 film An Ache in Every Stake.
Every type of terminal had a hard-wired communications card which supported only the operation of one type of terminal without compatibility with other types of terminals on the same line.
Every cell has a cell potential ; biological electricity has the same chemical underpinnings as the current between electrochemical cells, and thus can be duplicated outside the body.
Every word pierces so my heart, that the sudden joy surmounted my memory, having no regard or respect to the place ; but I thought it my duty, that in the same place where I received this comfort, to laud and praise God upon my knees, and most humbly to render unto my sovereign lord my most hearty thanks for the same.

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