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Every and spark
The newest formulas of Mobilgas Special was advertised as offering " A Tune-Up in Every Tankful " due to a combination of chemicals known as the " Mobil Power Compound " which was designed to increase power, check pre-ignition ping, correct spark plug misfiring, control stalling and combat gumming up of carburetors.
In Spain, a wallet was a case for smoking paraphernalia: " Every man would carry a small sheaf of white paper in addition to a small leather wallet which would contain a flint and steel along with a small quantity of so-called yesca, being a dried vegetable fibre which a spark would instantly ignite.
Every character in the novel is fascinated by the charismatic Stavrogin, especially the younger Verkhovensky, who envisions him as the figurehead of the revolution he attempts to spark, though Stavrogin shows little interest in these schemes.
Every time the induction coil pulsed, the antenna would be momentarily charged up to tens ( sometimes hundreds ) of thousands of volts until the spark gap started to arc over.

Every and plug
Every device in a WPAN will be able to plug in to any other device in the same WPAN, provided they are within physical range of one another.
Every five years the ends of the aqueduct are closed and a plug in one of the highest spans is opened to drain the canal water into the River Dee below, for inspection and maintenance of the trough.

Every and needed
Every time Emperor Wen sent generals out on battles, he required them to follow the complete battle plans that he had drafted, and even the dates for battles needed approval from the emperor.
§ 1: " Every subject expects from the territorial prince security and protection, so it is the duty of the territorial prince, the rights of subjects to determine clearly and to guide the way of the actions how it is needed by universal and special prosperity.
Equity has come not to destroy the law but to fulfill it, to supplement it, to explain it .” Every jot & every title of law was to be bayed, but when all this had been done yet something might be needed, something that equity would require & that was added by equity.
Every Riemann surface is a two-dimensional real analytic manifold ( i. e., a surface ), but it contains more structure ( specifically a complex structure ) which is needed for the unambiguous definition of holomorphic functions.
Every living organism has within itself the power to manufacture and prepare all chemicals, materials and forces needed to build and rebuild itself, producing the only substance that can be utilized in the economy of the individuals.
Every station has a broadcast engineer, though one may now serve an entire station group in a city, or be a contract engineer who essentially freelances his or her services to several stations ( often in small media markets ) as needed.
Every four years won't generate the revenue needed to run our rugby.
Every time we needed a clutch hit, he got it.
Every person in the region needed a permit allowing them to be there, and registration at a command post that monitored the population, which made indefinite residence in the area almost impossible to establish.
Every time you chip in 5 P. P, the dice roll number needed to win a technology card is subtracted by one.
Every other song available had been used in the Spice album, and the group needed a new track for their next single.
Every time the players die, they are sent down to Hades ' underworld and needed to fight their way to the exit in order to get a chance to continue.

Every and cleaning
Every three months ( after regular cleaning ) the wheels should be coated with petroleum jelly .”
Every hotel adopts standard environmentally friendly products and practices, such as eco-friendly cleaning supplies and recycling.

Every and chain
** Zorn's lemma: Every non-empty partially ordered set in which every chain ( i. e. totally ordered subset ) has an upper bound contains at least one maximal element.
Every LORAN chain in the world uses a unique Group Repetition Interval, the number of which, when multiplied by ten, gives how many microseconds pass between pulses from a given station in the chain.
# Every finitely generated ideal of A is principal ( i. e., A is a Bézout domain ) and A satisfies the ascending chain condition on principal ideals.
Every device contains at least one swap chain.
Every municipality had at least a single chapter, which in part acted as an NGO ( non-governmental organization ) but in military affairs was part of the national chain of command.
Every chain may run in the same direction to form a parallel sheet, every other chain may run in the reverse chemical direction to form an anti parallel sheet, or the chains may be parallel and anti parallel to form a mixed sheet. The pattern of H bonding is different in the parallel and anti parallel configurations.
Every chain either has the middle tile on the outside ( O ) or the inside ( I ) of the chain ; if it is arranged so that the indicator tile is to the right of the middle tile, then the position of the ring segment on the indicator tile can either be the upper left ( UL ), upper right ( UR ), lower left ( LL ) or lower right ( LR ) corner.
Every step of the transportation chain will result in different stresses from shock and vibration.
Every chain, which is a single popping of puyo, will fill one space in the fever meter until it is full, which is when fever activates.
Every chain has a relative molecular mass of approximately 80000.
Every physical service one can think of, has its web counter part today, be it retail selling, supply chain, customer care, banking, auction and more of b2b, b2c, c2c businesses.

Every and adjustment
Eastwood's only comedies have been Every Which Way but Loose ( 1978 ) and its sequel Any Which Way You Can ( 1980 ), which are his two most commercially successful films after adjustment for inflation.
It is an imperative principle of action which statesmen will henceforth ignore at their peril ... Every territorial settlement involved in this war must be made in the interest and for the benefit of the populations concerned, and not as a part of any mere adjustment or compromise of claims amongst rival States.

Every and checked
Every calculation has been made independently by two workers and checked by one of the editors.
Every automobile owner is familiar with this concept when they take in their car to have the oil changed or brakes checked.
Every letter is checked, and usually each answer is required to contain at least three letters.
Every use of a bank machine, payment by credit card, use of a phone card, call from home, checked out library book, rented video, or otherwise complete recorded transaction generates an electronic record.
Every detail had to be checked up and acre was always taken that Catholic teaching gave it life that would make it suitable for Irish boys.
Every detail was thoroughly checked and any information that could not be confirmed by two separate accounts was left out of the book.
Every new card needs to be checked against all the cards that have already been dealt to detect duplicates.
Every item picked up was tagged, placed in a clear plastic bag, labelled and taken to the gymnasium of a local school, where everything was X-rayed and checked for explosive residue with a gas chromatograph, after which the information was entered into the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System.

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