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Every and week
Every year about this time National Gargle Your Cooling System week rolls around.
Every week before June 19, the strip focuses on Garfield's birthday, which he dreads because of his fear of getting older.
: Every single week,
Every summer the group gathers in Newport, RI for week long dance training, seaside teas, and evenings enjoying the splendors of the Gilded Age.
In the autumn of 1970 Jurgen Wischnewski of the SPD declared, ‘ Every week more than three plans for reform come up for decision in cabinet and in the Assembly .’ ”
Every week the show took its " Roving Camera " to hangouts around town, recording kids ' jokes or complaints about life, which would be played on the following week's broadcast.
Every week, the beautiful floor received a generous serving of wax flakes.
Every week, Newkirk holds what The New Yorker calls a war council, with two dozen of her top strategists gathered round a square table in the PETA conference room, no suggestion considered too outrageous.
Every now and then we then one thing hard-for example one week we were mad on Cat's cradle – at least Rivers, Ray and I were-McDougall soon fell victim and even Myers eventually succumbed.
Every year since 1880, the organizations of the French left have held a demonstration in this symbolic place during the last week of May.
Every other year, the people gather in Nulato to celebrate the week long Stick Dance Festival.
Every Sunday, sometimes also during the week, the Yacht Sail Boating Club hosts a sailboat race.
Every year from the last week of April through the end of the first week of May, Wenatchee hosts the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, which probably brings in the largest number of people Wenatchee sees annually, with the exception of all the migrant workers coming in to pick the crop.
Every week of the Michaelmas and Lent terms, and twice in Easter term, Churchill is host to Pav, a music event unusual for Cambridge events in that it is free and open to all university members.
Every year in the third week of May the ATP tournament takes place in Sankt Pölten.
During the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Friedman wrote the following in The New York Times: " Like it or not, we are at war with the Serbian nation ( the Serbs certainly think so ), and the stakes have to be very clear: Every week you ravage Kosovo is another decade we will set your country back by pulverizing you.
Every year there is a travelling carnival with rides and merry-go-arounds for a week, in " Stevneplassen ".
Every new boy who enters the school is given a two week period of time called " grace " when he is not fully subject to all school rules and is shown the ropes by an assigned boy in the year above called a " Shepherd ".
Every week, the newest publication of Memín begins where the last publication had left off.
Every other week, there is one day allotted for gear maintenance, and discretionary time to be used by team leaders is built into the schedule.
Every third week in May is Hiphop Appreciation Week.
Every week, he left her food near the statue, which was placed outside the house, but nobody knew he was doing it.
Every week, water samples of each beach are collected for analysis to find out their bacterial level.

Every and Holbrook
* Axelrod, Alan: What Every American Should Know About American History ( 1992 ) Holbrook, MA.

Every and writes
" Every second man that you meet ," writes a contemporary, " is a Lollard.
While he admits the existence of caste-based discrimination, he writes that " Every social group cannot be regarded as a race simply because we want to protect it against prejudice and discrimination ".
During his career as writer and while living in the mountains, Muir continued to experience the " presence of the divine in nature ," writes Holmes From Travels in Alaska: " Every particle of rock or water or air has God by its side leading it the way it should go ; The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness ; In God's wildness is the hope of the world.
In his book Nirvana: The Stories Behind Every Song, Chuck Crisafulli writes that the song " stands out in the Cobain canon as a song with a very specific genesis and a very real subject ".
* In The Sirens of Titan, Kurt Vonnegut writes " Every passing hour brings the Solar System forty-three thousand miles closer to Globular Cluster M13 in Hercules -- and still there are some misfits who insist that there is no such thing as progress.
" Every snapshot is a recollection, a remembrance ," he writes in the introduction, " and nothing can sensitise us more to the fragility of time, to its impermanent and fleeting naturethan photography.
" Every sin ", he writes, " consists in the longing for a passing ultimately unreal or false good ".
On page 4 of A Book in Every Home, Leedskalnin writes:
He writes: " English cricket had a new hero who looked the part ... Every selector was a champion!
Every time he tries to call her, she hangs up on him, and when he writes to her, she sends it back, marked " Return to Sender " ( an homage to a song that was a big hit for Elvis in 1962 ).

Every and story
As examples of Biblical myths, Every cites the creation account in Genesis 1 and 2 and the story of Eve's temptation.
Wanting to capitalize on the countries aviation craze, Fox immediately bought Hawks's original story for The Air Circus, a variation of the male friendship plot of A Girl in Every Port about two young pilots.
Every view of reality that is introduced in the story is later derided in some way, whether that view is traditional or iconoclastic.
Every coming out story is the person trying to come to terms with who they are and their sexual orientation.
* Let Every Man Mind His Own Business ( short story )
The screenplay was adapted by Dale Van Every, Irwin Shaw and Sidney Buchman from a story by Sidney Harmon.
" I might easily have written this story in the traditional manner [...] Every novelist knows the recipe [...] It is not very difficult to follow a simple, chronological scheme which the critics will understand [...] But I, after all, am trying to tell the story of this Chapelizod family in a new way.
In 1974, the German filmmaker Werner Herzog made Hauser's story into the film, Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle (" Every Man for Himself and God Against All ").
According to Hickman, Lord Soth is the most unpredictable character to write about, saying " Every time that character made an appearance in one of our books he would try to run off with the story.
The photograph was placed on the front cover of the News Chronicle ( now the Daily Mail ) the following morning under the tagline " Every picture tells a story ".
Every year the Review awards the Aga Khan Prize for Fiction ( established by his father ) for the best short story that it published in the past year.
* Every reference to streets or places are veridic ( except for those specifically created for the story ).
Every short story and book from the cycle ( up to 1997 ) is noted, with notable events from each story plotted
* Every story during Season 20 of Doctor Who featured an enemy from the Doctor's past.
Every week, at a secret location in the woods, one member would tell a scary story to the group.
* Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child presented a version of the title story set in New York City featuring Ed Koch as the Happy Prince ( who was the statue of the city's previous mayor ) and Cyndi Lauper as a streetwise pigeon named " Pidge " ( in place of the Swallow ).
Every story focuses on one city or building, and further explores a world where architects, urbanists, and ultimately " urbatects ", are the leading powers and architecture is the driving force behind society.
At the time of Fallada's death in February 1947, he had recently completed Jeder stirbt für sich allein ( Every Man Dies Alone ), an anti-fascist novel based on the true story of a German couple, Otto and Elise Hampel, who were executed for producing and distributing anti-fascist material in Berlin during the war.
In 1911 Carleton serialised and updated Crosby's life story in Every Where.
Every time they meet, she cries on his shoulder and tells him the same sob story.
Every chapter takes you to a carefully selected song that complements the plot and the story.
* Every story during Season 20 had the Doctor face an enemy from each of his past incarnations.

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