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Every and wire
Every vein of mine has become taut like a wire ; the ( Hindu ) girdle I do not need.
Every intermediate bank that handles a wire transaction can take a fee directly out of the wire payload ( the assets being transferred ) without the account holder's knowledge or consent.

Every and was
Every plane that could fly was sent into the air.
Every path from back door to barn was covered by a grape-arbor, and every yard had its fruit trees.
Every recorded request by Thomas for a delay in a flank movement or an advance was to gain time to take care of his horses.
Every man who dabbles in the market to make a little easy money on the side and suffers losses could at the time hardly face his wife who was wondering how her husband could be so dumb.
Every eye was on him as he began to speak.
Every few minutes she would awaken for a moment to review things: Stowey, yes, was on his way south, and the two boys were away in school, and nothing was burning on the stove, and Lucretia was coming for dinner and bringing three guests of hers.
Every winter a kegful of this sauce was made and placed at the end of a row of four other kegs in the cellar, so that when its turn came, it was properly mellowed.
Every pitch in the game brought forth a howl from the enraptured audience and every fly ball the visitors dropped ( and because their right fielder was still a little fuzzy from drink, they dropped many ) called forth yelps of derision.
Every decision was made quickly on sound grounds.
Every piece of the nightmare was clear, in place ; ;
Every game during the 2002 season was sold out.
Every passage to the city was guarded by gates and towers, and a wall surrounded each of the city's rings.
" Every performance of its run was sold out.
Every patient was treated as if infected and therefore precautions were taken to minimize risk.
Every cladogram is based on a particular dataset that was analyzed with a particular method.
Jimmy Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time was often drawn in the two-panel format as seen in this 1943 example.
Jimmy Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time was often displayed in a two-panel format with the first panel showing some deceptive, pretentious, unwitting or scheming human behavior and the second panel revealing the truth of the situation.
" Nietzsche, who was heavily influenced by Schopenhauer, wrote: " Every concept originates through our equating what is unequal.
Every song they wrote was written with an eye toward giving it " deep hidden meaning " or D. H. M.
Every aspect of life was regulated to some degree by the party, and the will of its founding-president, Mobutu Sese Seko.
Every job of the school was bid-for by students in scrip.
Cobham was a common butt of veiled satire in Elizabethan popular literature ; he figures in Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour and may have been part of the reason The Isle of Dogs was suppressed.

Every and able
Every day she begged to be able to enter a temple and become a nun instead of marrying.
Every device in a WPAN will be able to plug in to any other device in the same WPAN, provided they are within physical range of one another.
Every member would have decision-making power in the firm and would be able to participate in establishing its overall policy objectives.
Every Duke thereafter has either died without heirs or succeeded to the Crown, and so has not been able to leave the Royal Family.
Every child will be able to enter the lottery, no matter how he or she performed in primary school.
Every child will be able to enter the lottery, no matter how he or she performed in primary school.
Every year the United States was able to assemble a majority of votes to block this resolution.
Every year the sisters were asked for in some part of the country and the mother-house of Namur gave generously of Sisters and funds until the convents in America were able to supply their own needs.
Every battalion of the Regiment is at a constant readiness to deploy and is expected to be able to respond anywhere in the world within 18 hours.
Every able bodied man between the ages of 17 and 45 was liable for military service.
* Every person will enjoy the possession of his property of every nature, and dispose of it with the most perfect liberty, without any one being able to impede him.
Every Christmas, presents donated by the local community are distributed by MGS pupils in Salford to families who would otherwise not be able to afford presents for their children.
Every day that you are able to maintain your resistance you help the Allied cause all over the world.
Every male Griqua who settled in East Griqualand was able to secure a 3, 000 acre ( 12 km² ) farm, but most of them sold their land cheaply to white settlers and squandered their money.
Every Warrior could be progressed up to 10 stages or ‘ Battle Levels ’ with 1 representing a new warrior to 10 representing a very experienced, powerful, individual able to take on hordes of monsters on their own.
Every summer, for one week, hundreds of children that have been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy are able to attend a camp designated for only them.
Every character is able to fight with punches, kicks, or other close combat attacks.
* Every student is able to talk about their feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment
Every time when anyone has been able to get together enough documentary ' proofs ' to undertake an investigation, the biblical facts in the original text have victoriously met the test " ( quoted in R. Pache, The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture ).
Every minister must be able to judge the laws to see if they are in line " wyth gods word or no ".
Every option can be queried for in-game help, and every major task has a tutorial that simulates that task without the consequences of failure, and sometimes with additional assistance ( like being able to pause a landing attempt ).
Every agent is able to exchange every good, directly or indirectly, with every other agent without transaction costs.
Every new diagnostic or therapeutic machine generates new needs for more skilled staff able to control and interpret the work of the machines and translate them into human terms.

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