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Every and year
Every year about this time National Gargle Your Cooling System week rolls around.
Every year, on the last Sunday in April, there is an ice fishing competition in the frozen estuarine waters of the Anadyr River's mouth.
Every year, nearly half a million new cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis ( MDR-TB ) are estimated to occur worldwide.
Every year both clubs play the " Klassieker " (" The Classic "), a derby match between the teams from the two largest cities of the Netherlands.
Every year since 1972 the BVI has hosted the Spring Regatta, which is a seven-day collection of sailing races throughout the islands.
Every year there has been a major reduction in economic growth, it is followed by a reduction in the US trade deficit.
Every year, the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software ( ETAPS ) sponsors the International Conference on Compiler Construction ( CC ), with papers from both the academic and industrial sectors.
Every year in the first days of June, the Days of Chojnów ( Dni Chojnowa ) are celebrated.
Every year the NCA hosts the NCA High School Cheerleading Nationals and the NCA All-Star Cheerleading Nationals in Dallas, Texas.
Every year many teams from all over Asia converge in Tokyo to compete.
Every year the ICU host the ICU World Championship.
Every year, starting in 2006, the NLCC hosts The Us Finals: The Final Destination of Cheerleading and Dance.
Every year, Esperanto speakers meet for the World Congress of Esperanto ( Universala Kongreso de Esperanto ).
Every year, hundreds of new titles are published in Esperanto along with music.
Every year, the family has a harvest party to continue the tradition.
Every year the ten-day-long " Ghent Festival " ( Gentse Feesten in Dutch ) is held.
Every year the Six Days of Flanders, a six-day track cycling race, is held in Ghent.
Every year Hanover hosts the Schützenfest Hannover, the world's largest marksmen's festival, and the Oktoberfest Hannover, the second largest Oktoberfest in the world.
Every year the International Labour Conference's Committee on the Application of Standards examines a number of alleged breaches of international labour standards.
Every year from 1985 through 1993, the number of attendees tripled.
Every year sidecar racers travel from all over the UK to Knockhill in Scotland to race in the prestigious ' Jock Taylor Memorial Trophy ' race.
Every year, the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam ( IDFA ) gives an acclaimed filmmaker the chance to screen his or her personal Top 10 favorite films.
Every year on the day of Vijayadashmi i. e. Dasehara, followers of Ambedkar visit deekshabhoomi.
Every year ( or every nine years in some sources ) he made King Aegeus pick seven young boys and seven young girls to be sent to Daedalus ' creation, the labyrinth, to be eaten by the Minotaur.
Every year they visited Elephantine, and at certain intervals took the image of Isis up river to the land of the Blemmyes for oracular purposes.

Every and mayor
Every January 1, the Township Committee re-organizes and selects a mayor and deputy mayor from among its membership.
Every council has a local official as its mayor.
Every two years elections are held on the first Saturday of October, and the mayor and commissioners serve four year staggered terms.
Every year, they elect one of their number as mayor.
* Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child presented a version of the title story set in New York City featuring Ed Koch as the Happy Prince ( who was the statue of the city's previous mayor ) and Cyndi Lauper as a streetwise pigeon named " Pidge " ( in place of the Swallow ).

Every and 24
Every four years, during which an extra 24 hours have accumulated, one extra day is added to keep the count coordinated with the sun's apparent position.
* May 24 – Sertab Erener wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 for Turkey with the song Every Way That I Can, in Riga, Latvia.
Every year there are amateur races to climb the mountain as quickly and often as possible in 24 hours, the Ventoux Masterseries and " Les Cinglés du Mont Ventoux ".
Every summer a cherry festival is held at Lofthus, where the Norwegian championship of cherry stone spitting is held ( record: 14. 24 meters, S. Kleivkaas ).
According to Canon C. 24, " Every priest having a cure of souls shall provide that, in the absence of reasonable hindrance, Morning and Evening Prayer daily and on appointed days the Litany shall be said in the church, or one of the churches, of which he is the minister.
Every year, LGH treats over 24, 000 inpatients and over 225, 000 outpatients.
Every last week of May, Nueva Vizcaya celebrates the Ammungan festival ( formerly Panagyaman festival ), a week-long affair culminating on May 24, the province's foundation day.
Every intersection with a state or US Highway on US 24 from the Indiana state line to I-475 at Toledo will be an interchange.
Every Monday a new remix will be released and available exclusively for 24 hours via a different online partner.
Every semester, the student union organises a " 24 hour lecture ", in which many researchers of the university present interesting topics in short lectures starting at 6 pm on a Friday, and ending at 6 pm on the following Saturday.
# " Every Blues You've Ever Heard "-5: 24
Every year on August 24, the people of the town have a celebration dedicated to the saint, and the highlight of the celebration is the unique masquerade, where people go out wearing masks and hit others with cow and pig bladders.
* Every Single Day ( song ) – # 24 Australia
# " Every Dog Has Its Day "-4: 24
Article 24 states that: " Every man shall be free to choose and profess any religious belief as long as it is lawful and it cannot be punished under criminal law.
Every year the club enters at least one team in the annual Southport 24 hour race hosted by West Lancashire Yacht Club where it has won the event in 1970, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2004, 2005 and 2007.
Every 24 hours, the Tamagotchi will go to work and its boss will give it its salary, ranging from 1000 points.
Every 24 hours, Sadono makes encrypted phone calls to each of the bomb carriers to delay the release of the virus.
#" Feelin ' Stronger Every Day " ( Peter Cetera, James Pankow ) – 4: 24
#" Two Sides to Every Story " ( Rick Rosas, Joe Walsh ) – 3: 24
Every Saturday, Fish Bingo and the Grand Prix rotate every two hours for 24 hours.
Every so often Mike does a 24-hour comic, a comic project thought up by Scott McCloud in which the goal is to do a 24-page comic in 24 hours.
Every apartment complex has a 24 hour unified, unarmed security force.
Examples of this include the publication Every Building on the Sunset Strip ( 1966 ), a book of continuous photographs of a two and one half mile stretch of the 24 mile boulevard.

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