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Everywhere and there
Everywhere there seems to be a growing recognition of the fact that governments and religious institutions alike are too fallible and corruptible -- in a word, too human -- to warrant any claim of maintaining partnership with the divine.
Another McVie single from the album, " Everywhere ", reached # 4 in the UK, which would be the band's third highest ever chart peak there and their final top 40 UK hit to date ( the single peaked at # 14 in the US ).
Microsoft was evolving OLE into the Component Object Model ( COM ) and a similar distributed version called DCOM, IBM had their System Object Model ( SOM / DSOM ), Sun Microsystems was promoting their Distributed Objects Everywhere, and there were a host of smaller players as well.
Everywhere there were crowds and enthusiastic receptions.
Everywhere there was a multitude of citizenry yelling " Viva o Senhor D. Miguel I nosso rei absoluto " (), while some interjecting cries of " death to D. Pedro " and " death to the liberal constitution ".
The man of my heart dwells inside me .< BR > Everywhere I look, it is he .< BR > In my every sight, in the sparkle of light < BR > Oh, I can never lose him --< BR > Here, there and everywhere, < BR > Wherever I turn, he is right there!
Everywhere there is an effort to save space.
Everywhere you looked there were clusters of media people surrounding spinners and surrogates, whose names were printed on laminated red signs held high above the crowd by aides.
Everywhere there is a frolic welcome to the eccentricities and extravagances of the religious life.
Everywhere there is dust and dirt ... Forgive me if I am bitter about the Woolloongabba ground ... the city has many good points, and the people who live there are generous and hospitable to the highest degree, but once one goes to the cricket ground the advantages are overwhelmingly lost in the mass of rules and regulations ... – John Kay, 1950-51 Ashes series
Everywhere should therefore be at the same temperature and there should either be no stars, or everything should be as hot as stars.
Everywhere there was a perfume.
Everywhere there are hints of something sinister and hidden.
Everywhere there was an acute shortage of water .”

Everywhere and are
: Everywhere we are all brothers
On 1 July 2010 Everything Everywhere Limited took control of both Orange UK and T-Mobile UK in a joint venture, although currently both Orange and T-Mobile are keeping their individual shops and brands.
Similarly hundreds of city names are woven into " Haveth Childers Everywhere ", the corresponding passage at the end of III. 3 which focuses on HCE.
* James Adams, The Next World War: Computers are the Weapons and the Front line is Everywhere, Simon and Schuster ( 1998 ) ( ISBN 0684834529 ).
In 1971, his journal, written while incarcerated in the Cook County Jail, was published under the title We are Everywhere.
He actually remarked that " Everywhere in Germany you hear the same phrase, ' The Jews are our misfortune.
Everywhere the taxes are heaped upon the needy, while the rich, who have the apportioning of the impost, escape comparatively free ( v. 7 ).
There are also many community service activities available in which students can participate, like HOPE ( Helping Other People Everywhere ).
") The racks are mentioned in some of the ads Shaw placed, and Grey Gull Records became associated with them ( see for example " This Famous Rack is Everywhere ," Springfield Republican, 12 November 1923, p. 7 ) A good example of Shaw's strategy of placing the racks in a wide variety of locations can be seen in an ad for Ruth's Drug Store in Elyria, Ohio.
As John Clellon Holmes put it,Everywhere the Beat Generation seems occupied with the feverish production of answers — some of them frightening, some of them foolish — to a single question: how are we to live ?”
Swedish journalist Borge Almqvist, who visited the province in 1982, wrote, " Everywhere in the Logar province the most common sight except for ruins are graves ".
…" Everywhere outside the houses of those living in the suburbs, and adjacent to them, are
:" Everywhere within Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi's domain, and among the people beyond the borders, the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Satiyaputras, the Keralaputras, as far as Tamraparni and where the Greek king Antiochos rules, and among the kings who are neighbors of Antiochos, everywhere has Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi, made provision for two types of medical treatment: medical treatment for humans and medical treatment for animals.
*" It shall take a long-term, keenly processed, whole-world paradigm shift in our consciousness to perceive, acknowledge, and accept that all that we see, hear, smell, touch and taste are but five tiny shells on one small dune on the cosmic beach-head of Everywhere Else.
Everywhere inlaid polychrome marble revetments are relieved by gilding, frescoed barrel vaults enrich the ceiling and rhetorical white stucco and marble sculptures break out of their tectonic framing.
* Shapes are Everywhere.
Songs such as " Sky Over the Liberated Zone " ( praising the Communist Party of China and romanticizing life in the CCP-held " liberated zones " during the wars against Japan and the Kuomintang ) and " Osmanthus Flowers Blooming Everywhere in August " ( a Red Army folk song from the Sichuan province ) are among the best-known revolutionary songs from the wartime and Maoist periods in China.
The Sky Angel Faith Everywhere services are available worldwide.
Together the iPad ® and WebTV services are known as Sky Angel Faith Everywhere.
' Everywhere extend wild, naked hills, in many places totally un-reclaimed, in others enclosed, but exhibiting all the signs of neglected spiritless husbandry ... Over these naked and desolate hills are scattered to their very tops, in all directions, the habitations of a swarming population of weavers ...

Everywhere and little
It featured programmes such as Teletubbies Everywhere and Miffy for little children and shows such as SimsalaGrimm, Tweety and Sylvester Mysteries, Schuif Af and Kids Top 20 for older kids.
Their first single, " Pretty Girls Everywhere ," had little success, but radio stations picked up on the follow-up " Love Her " with Engel's baritone vocals, and it made the Top 20 in the UK Singles Chart in June 1965.

Everywhere and band
The band, which also appeared on camera in the film performing the song and parts of two others, quickly re-recorded the song for inclusion on a second album, Everywhere At Once, produced by Jeff Eyrich, but broke up shortly after.
However, shortly before work began on Easter Everywhere, Walton and Leatherman left the band, due not only to disputes over mismanagement of the band's career by International Artists, but also due to a fundamental disagreement between Walton and Hall over the latter's overzealous advocacy of the use of LSD in the pursuit of achieving a higher state of human consciousness.
" Despite the lengthy studio work and resources utilized, and the album's later legendary status, Easter Everywhere was not the success the band and International Artists had hoped for.
Easter Everywhere ( 1967 ) is the second album from the Texas psychedelic rock band 13th Floor Elevators.
The town was also the home of the Christian pop / rock band Newsboys, and is the fourth town mentioned in the original Australian version of the song " I've Been Everywhere ".
Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks is a 2001 album by the indie rock band Modest Mouse.
The songs that the band felt were not strong enough to fit on Trespass, such as " Everywhere is Here ," " Grandma ," " Little Leaf ," " Going out to Get You ," " Shepherd ," " Moss ," " Let Us Now Make Love ," and " Pacidy ," were discarded by the time lead guitarist Anthony Phillips left the band.
Asy collaborated with Seattle indie band Head Like a Kite to create the songs " Noisy at the Circus " ( which can be found on Head Like a Kite's first album Random Portraits of the Home Movie ), " Daydream Vacation " ( which can be found on their second album There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere ), and " Let's Start It All Again " ( which can be found on their album Dreams Suspend Night, and also available via the KEXP Song of the Day website ).
The band Great Lake Swimmers also recorded " The Great Exhale ", a song from their 2012 album New Wild Everywhere, in the Lower Bay station.
One of the band's most popular songs, " De Nederlandse Sterre Die Strale Overal " ( Dutch Stars Shine Everywhere ), earned the band number one status on the Dutch charts.
Wood, who also performed as a solo artist and was a member of Connecticut's now defunct West Beverly, later joined the band as a permanent member, and plays keys / piano in addition to guitar on Punchline's 2006 release 37 Everywhere.

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