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Evidence and found
Evidence for this is found in the prologue to the Gospel of Luke, wherein the author alludes to his sources by writing, " Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word.
Evidence for this has been found in Sibudu Cave, South Africa and the compound glues used were made from plant gum and red ochre.
Evidence of cannibalism has been found in ruins associated with the Anasazi culture of the Southwestern United States as well.
Evidence suggests a third release in 1938, consisting of toads being used for human pregnancy tests — many species of toad were found to be effective for this task, and were employed for about 20 years after the discovery was announced in 1948.
Evidence of deforestation has been found in Minoan Crete ; for example the environs of the Palace of Knossos were severely deforested in the Bronze Age.
Evidence for this can be found in its concepts, its proposals, and its reasoning.
Evidence has also been found for as much as 6 % of the genomes of some modern Melanesians to derive from Denisovans, indicating limited interbreeding in Southeast Asia.
Evidence of debates which resulted in insults being exchanged quickly back-and-forth between two parties can be found throughout history.
Evidence for the early appearance of galaxies was found in 2006, when it was discovered that the galaxy IOK-1 has an unusually high redshift of 6. 96, corresponding to just 750 million years after the Big Bang and making it the most distant and primordial galaxy yet seen.
Evidence of the early human occupation of Algeria is demonstrated by the discovery of 1. 8 million year old Oldowan stone tools found at Ain Hanech in 1992.
Evidence of how Imbolc was celebrated in Gaelic Ireland is found in medieval Irish texts that mention the festival, besides folklore collected during the 19th and early 20th century in rural Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.
Evidence of the reference can be found as early as Wolfenstein 3D with the statement " that's id, as in the id, ego, and superego in the psyche " appearing in the game's documentation.
Evidence of this can be found in his introductions to the Solomonic writings, the Book of Tobit, and the Book of Judith.
Evidence in support of this is found in various poetic compositions such as the Meghaduta.
( Evidence of pre-historic horses prior to the arrival of the Spanish has been found in the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California.
Evidence of trepanation, the surgical practice of either drilling or scraping a hole into the skull with the purpose of curing headaches or mental disorders or relieving cranial pressure, being performed on patients dates back to Neolithic times and has been found in various cultures throughout the world.
Evidence is limited to place names, the names of people found on monuments, and the contemporary records.
Evidence of widespread torture and abuse was found on released prisoners and was gathered in numerous interviews recorded by Human Rights Watch.
Evidence of his success is suggested by the gifts from various countries found in his tomb.
Evidence was found of prior restorations of the ziggurat by Ishme-Dagan of Isin and Shu-Sin of Ur, and by Kurigalzu, a Kassite king of Babylon in the 14th century BCE.
Evidence can be found at the sites of present day Hampi, Karnataka.
Evidence of Aboriginal art can be traced back at least 30, 000 years and is found throughout Australia ( notably at Uluru and Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory ).
Evidence of agriculture is provided by charred grains of wheat on the wall of a corded-ware vessel found in Iru settlement.
Evidence of this is provided by the markets found all around the city.
Evidence in support of there being descendants of Zenobia is offered by a name in an inscription found in Rome: the name of L. Septimia Patavinia Balbilla Tyria Nepotilla Odaenathiania incorporates the names of Zenobia's first husband and son and may be suggestive of a possible family relationship ( after the deaths of Odaenathus and his sons, Odaenathus had no descendants ).

Evidence and Chinese
Evidence for the earliest Chinese inks, similar to modern inksticks, is around 256 BC in the end of the Warring States Period and produced from soot and animal glue.
Chinese tombs oriented by a compass: Evidence from paleomagnetic changes versus the age of tombs.
Evidence of the migrations are recorded in the legends of a possibly mythic king, Khun Borom, whose descendants settled as far away as Assam, central China, Hainan Island, and Southeast Asia, fleeing from population pressures, Han Chinese expansion, Mongol wars, as well as searching suitable riparian areas for wet-rice cultivation.
* The Concern of a Nation's Face: Evidence in the Chinese Press Coverage of Sports, Karina Lam Wai-ling

Evidence and literature
A group that formed after Stang and Drummond began mailing their first pamphlet to publishers, using such pseudonyms as " Puzzling Evidence ", " Dr. Howl ", " Susie the Floozie ", " Palmer Vreedeez ", and " Pope Sternodox ", helped forward the literature to a number of underground pop-culture figures such as R. Crumb, Paul Mavrides, Harry S. Robins, the New Wave rock group Devo, and Erik Lindgren ( producer and president of indie label Arf!
Evidence for this belief was provided through his translation into English of Homer's cornerstones of European literature The Iliad and The Odyssey which provided brief glimpses of Greek gardens which gave validation to Burlington's belief in the naturalistic appearance of Roman gardens.
Evidence of its incisive character is furnished also by the polemical literature that grew out of it.
Evidence exists to show that by this munificence he hoped to draw out praises of his sovereign and himself ; but this motive certainly does not account for all the splendid, if in some cases specious, services that he rendered to literature, science and art.
Evidence suggests that this medieval literature was a compilation of several sources, some of which are named by Nennius while others are not.
Evidence suggests, however, that the people of Israel were adding what would become the Ketuvim to their holy literature shortly after the canonization of the prophets.
Evidence in support of the active presence of K < sup >+</ sup >, Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup >, Na < sup >+</ sup > channels and Na < sup >+</ sup >/ K < sup >+</ sup > exchanger during the pacemaker phase have been variously reported in the literature, but several indications point to the “ funny ”( I < sub > f </ sub >) current as one of the most important.
It is dismissed by Ian Wilson ( Jesus: The Evidence, 2000 p. 88 ) who argues that it " has no special claim to an early date, and seems to be merely a Mills and Boon-style fantasy of a type not uncommon among Christian apocryphal literature of the third and fourth centuries.
Evidence from the medical literature suggests that ADCR in the absence of weight loss prolongs lifespan in humans.
Evidence from a systematic review of the literature in 2010 suggests that grommets only offer a short-term hearing improvement in children with simple glue ear ( otitis media with effusion or OME ) who have no other serious medical problems.
Evidence supporting such behavior is lacking however ; a review of the empirical economics literature is found in Bonin, Jones, and Putterman But alternative behavioral models have been proposed.

Evidence and archaeological
Evidence from the archaeological and historical record of Ancient Rome and medieval Mesopotamia indicates that coins were collected and catalogued by scholars and state treasuries.
Evidence of Israelite worship of Canaanite gods appears both in the Bible and the archaeological record.
Evidence from an archaeological site Aetokremnos, continues to cause debate on whether or not the species was encountered, and was driven to extinction, by man .< ref >
Evidence of early trade with Crete is found in archaeological recovery on Cyprus of pottery from Cydonia, a powerful urban center of ancient Crete.
Evidence of occupation dating back 1800 years has been confirmed through archaeological expeditions done in the 1930s and the 1970s around the burial mounds that are located on the sand ridges in the eastern part of the county.
Evidence from archaeological investigations indicate that the Arctic Village area may have been settled as early as 4500 BC.
Evidence from archaeological sites excavated in and around the town of Kyrenia evidence settlement since the Neolithic period, 5800-3000 BC.
Evidence of later Roman and Celtic activity is confirmed by an ancient Roman road and Bronze Age archaeological relics found at various sites within the town.
Evidence from one of the most important archaeological sites in Wales, the Iron Age hillfort at Castell Odo, on Mynydd Ystum, suggests that the area around Aberdaron was colonised early, as a wave of Celtic settlers explored the Irish Sea (), probably around the 4th century BC.
Evidence of continuing trips includes the Maine Penny, a Norwegian coin from King Olaf Kyrre's reign ( 1067 – 1093 ) allegedly found in a Native American archaeological site in the U. S. state of Maine, suggesting an exchange between the Norse and the Native Americans late in or after the 11th century ; and an entry in the Icelandic Annals from 1347 which refers to a small Greenlandic vessel with a crew of eighteen that arrived in Iceland while attempting to return to Greenland from Markland with a load of timber.
Evidence includes archaeological finds from Windsor, such as palaeolithic hand-axes, neolithic flint picks, Bronze Age swords and an Iron Age brooch.
Evidence of ancient people living on agriculture have been detected in this area for over 2700 years according to archaeological findings.
Evidence of the early use of rammed earth has been seen in Neolithic archaeological sites of the Yangshao and Longshan cultures along the Yellow River in China, dating back to 5000 BCE.
Evidence for the existence of these methods can be found in the writings of the ancient Greek, Chaldean, Egyptian and Roman civilizations as well as archaeological evidence from Europe, North and South America and Asia.
Evidence of Roman inhabitation has remained low until recently, but archaeological surveys in Urswick have suggested that the local church dates to this time, and may even have been a monastery.
Evidence indicating historical gynecocracies survives mostly in mythology and in some archaeological records, although it is disputed by some authors, like Cynthia Eller in her book The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory.
In books such as Evidence That Demands a Verdict, The Resurrection Factor, and He Walked Among Us, McDowell has arranged his arguments by laying out a cumulative case of evidences, such as archaeological discoveries, the extant manuscripts of the biblical texts, fulfilled prophecies, and the miracle of the resurrection.
Evidence from an archaeological excavation of the Sines castle discovered that many of the walls of the old building were constructed from the rocks used in the construction of Roman-era monuments, such as a portion of a pedestal of a statue of Mars ( which was assumed to have been part of a larger square in the Roman town before the construction of the basilica ).
Evidence from archaeological excavations suggests that Fragaria vesca has been consumed by humans since the Stone Age.
Evidence for very early settlements near Prickwillow was unearthed in the 1930s, when an archaeological dig took place at Plantation Farm and Peacocks Farm, by the A1101.

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