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Evidence and suggests
Evidence suggests a profound change in religion in this period.
Evidence also suggests that a profound change took place in the Ancestral Pueblo area and areas inhabited by their cultural neighbors, the Mogollon.
Evidence suggests he was not physically strong, and though not lacking in courage, he was more noted for his intellect than a warlike character.
Evidence suggests that bone cells produce growth factors for extracellular storage in the bone matrix.
Evidence suggests that environmental factors play a significant role in the development and course of bipolar disorder, and that individual psychosocial variables may interact with genetic dispositions.
Evidence from Big Bang nucleosynthesis, the cosmic microwave background and structure formation suggests that about 23 % of the mass of the universe consists of non-baryonic dark matter, whereas only 4 % consists of visible, baryonic matter.
Evidence suggests that herbivorous animals, which depended on plants and plankton as their food, died out as their food sources became scarce ; consequently, top predators such as Tyrannosaurus rex also perished .< ref >
Evidence suggests that herbivorous animals died out when the plants they depended on for food became scarce.
Evidence suggests a third release in 1938, consisting of toads being used for human pregnancy tests — many species of toad were found to be effective for this task, and were employed for about 20 years after the discovery was announced in 1948.
Evidence assembled by Frank A. Pattie suggests that Mesmer plagiarized his dissertation from a work by Richard Mead, an eminent English physician and Newton's friend.
Evidence has, however, been outlined that suggests that the principal decline in Roman Britain ’ s continental trade may have occurred in the late 2nd century AD, from c. 165 AD onwards.
Evidence suggests that salts, pesticides, and residues of chemical fertilizers are also adversely affecting human life around the former Aral Sea ; infant mortality in the region approaches 10 % compared with the 1991 national rate of 2. 7 %.
Evidence suggests that every individual has three recursive mechanisms that allow sentences to go indeterminately.
Evidence suggests that as of 2007, British police investigators are unable to break PGP, so instead have resorted to using RIPA legislation to demand the passwords / keys.
Evidence of webbing between the three free fingers of the pterosaur forelimb suggests that this forward membrane may have been more extensive than the simple pteroid-to-shoulder connection traditionally depicted in life restorations.
Evidence of huge fires on the banks of the Avon between the two avenues also suggests that both circles were linked, and they were perhaps used as a procession route on the longest and shortest days of the year.
Evidence in the pages of the New Avengers suggests that S. H. I. E. L. D.
Evidence suggests that the process of canonization occurred between 200 BCE and 200 CE.
Evidence now suggests that RNA silencing is involved in the process.
Evidence increasingly suggests that many Israelites worshipped Asherah as the consort of Yahweh, and various biblical passages indicate that statues of the goddess were kept in Yahweh's temples in Jerusalem, Bethel, and Samaria.
Evidence suggests that the town and gown relationships are mutually beneficial.
Evidence suggests the goal of this practice was to ensure the continuity of cultural and religious practices ; in contrast to the Western idea of extending family lines.
Evidence for the existence of such pre-pores comes mostly from the “ flickering ” of pores, which suggests a transition between conductive and insulating states.
* Evidence of wheat, barley, sheep, goats, and pigs suggests that a food-producing economy is adopted in Aegean Greece
Evidence suggests that blast furnaces, that convert raw iron ore into pig iron, which can be remelted in a cupola furnace to produce cast iron by means of a cold blast and hot blast, were operational in China by the late Spring and Autumn Period ( 722 481 BCE ).

Evidence and big-game
Evidence suggests big-game hunters crossed the Bering Strait from Asia ( Eurasia ) into North America over a land and ice bridge ( Beringia ), that existed between 45, 000 BCE 12, 000 BCE ( 47, 000 14, 000 years ago ).

Evidence and hunter
Evidence of prehistoric hunter / gatherers in the Erding area dates to c. 6000 BC, findings including an axe made of deer antler.

Evidence and gatherers
Evidence from archeology and comparative ethnography indicates that Middle Paleolithic / Middle Stone Age people lived in small egalitarian band societies similar to those of Upper Paleolithic societies and ( some ) existent Hunter gatherers such as the! Kung san and the Mbuti.

Evidence and crossed
Evidence has been found that the area crossed by today's Heaphy Track had been explored in these ancient times by Māoris seeking greenstone ( pounamu ) in the Gouland Downs sector.
Evidence now suggests that they are the descendants of those who crossed over the Taiwan Strait almost 7, 000 years ago from regions that are now inside southern China, northern Laos or Vietnam.

Evidence and Strait
Labrador Inuit and Europeans in the Strait of Belle Isle From the Written Sources to the Archæological Evidence.

Evidence and from
Evidence from Tell Leilan in Northern Mesopotamia shows what may have happened.
Evidence for this is found in the prologue to the Gospel of Luke, wherein the author alludes to his sources by writing, " Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word.
Evidence in the case included testimony from witnesses that Alford had said after the death of the victim that he had killed the individual.
Evidence for this has been found in Sibudu Cave, South Africa and the compound glues used were made from plant gum and red ochre.
Evidence from comparison studies indicates that at least some individuals with schizophrenia recover from psychosis without taking antipsychotics, and may do better in the long term than those that do take antipsychotics.
Evidence from the archaeological and historical record of Ancient Rome and medieval Mesopotamia indicates that coins were collected and catalogued by scholars and state treasuries.
Evidence was sought from the court records of the trials or from people who had been present at the trials.
Evidence from fossils and DNA sequencing show both species of chimpanzees are the sister group to the modern human lineage.
* The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS: from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Evidence for an explicit Frankish overlordship of Kent comes from a letter written by Pope Gregory the Great to Theuderic, king of Orléans, and Theudebert, king of Metz.
Evidence quality can be assessed based on the source type ( from meta-analyses and systematic reviews of triple-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials with concealment of allocation and no attrition at the top end, down to conventional wisdom at the bottom ), as well as other factors including statistical validity, clinical relevance, currency, and peer-review acceptance.
* Level I: Evidence obtained from at least one properly designed randomized controlled trial.
* Level II-1: Evidence obtained from well-designed controlled trials without randomization.
* Level II-2: Evidence obtained from well-designed cohort or case-control analytic studies, preferably from more than one center or research group.
* Level II-3: Evidence obtained from multiple time series with or without the intervention.
Huxley argued for human evolution from apes by illustrating many of the similarities and differences between humans and apes, and did so particularly in his 1863 book Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature.
Evidence from autosomal DNA also predominantly supports a Recent African origin.
Evidence from sequencing mitochondrial DNA indicated that no significant gene flow occurred between H. neanderthalensis and H. sapiens, and, therefore, the two were separate species that shared a common ancestor about 660, 000 years ago.
Evidence has also been found for as much as 6 % of the genomes of some modern Melanesians to derive from Denisovans, indicating limited interbreeding in Southeast Asia.
Evidence was heard from David Cameron's environment adviser Zac Goldsmith, climate scientist James E. Hansen and an Inuit leader from Greenland, all saying that climate change was already seriously affecting life around the world.

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