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Examples and are
Examples are in public utilities, making military aircraft and accessories, or where the investment and risk for a proprietorship would be too great for a much needed project impossible to achieve by any means other than the corporate form, e.g. constructing major airports or dams.
Examples of such situations are ( aerial ) night reconnaissance, the recording of radioactive tracers in live body tissues, special radiography in medical or industrial applications, track recording of high energy particles, etc..
Examples of applied anthropology are ubiquitous.
Examples include Web accessibility a set of guidelines and two accessible web portals designed for people developing reading skills are peepo. com — try typing a letter with your keyboard for more — and peepo. co. uk with enhanced graphics, unique style controls and improved interactivity ( requires an SVG supported browser ).
Examples of present-day abjads are the Arabic and Hebrew scripts ; true alphabets include Latin, Cyrillic, and Korean hangul ; and abugidas are used to write Tigrinya, Amharic, Hindi, and Thai.
Examples are parsley ( Petroselinum crispum ), coriander ( Coriandrum sativum ), and dill ( Anethum graveolens ).
Examples among the Egyptian monks of this submission to the commands of the superiors, exalted into a virtue by those who regarded the entire crushing of the individual will as a goal, are detailed by Cassian and others, e. g. a monk watering a dry stick, day after day, for months, or endeavoring to remove a huge rock immensely exceeding his powers.
Examples of algebraic integers are,, and ( Note, therefore, that the algebraic integers constitute a proper superset of the integers, as the latter are the roots of monic polynomials for all
Examples of substitutional alloys include bronze and brass, in which some of the copper atoms are substituted with either tin or zinc atoms.
Examples of applications often classified as applets are all of the accessories bundled in Microsoft Windows ( such as Windows Notepad or Microsoft Paint ).
Examples of non-benzene compounds with aromatic properties are furan, a heterocyclic compound with a five-membered ring that includes an oxygen atom, and pyridine, a heterocyclic compound with a six-membered ring containing one nitrogen atom.
Examples of benzene compounds with just one substituent are phenol, which carries a hydroxyl group, and toluene with a methyl group.
Examples from the nineteenth century are the transposition of " Horatio Nelson " into " Honor est a Nilo " ( Latin = Honor is from the Nile ); and of " Florence Nightingale " into " Flit on, cheering angel ".
Examples of prayer which are unique to Luke include Jesus's prayers at the time of his baptism (), his praying all night before choosing the twelve (), and praying for the transfiguration ().
Examples of pre-historic art are rare.
Examples are the local anesthetic and stimulant cocaine ; the psychedelic psilocin ; the stimulant caffeine ; nicotine ; the analgesic morphine ; the antibacterial berberine ; the anticancer compound vincristine ; the antihypertension agent reserpine ; the cholinomimeric galatamine ; the spasmolysis agent atropine ; the vasodilator vincamine ; the anti-arhythmia compound quinidine ; the anti-asthma therapeutic ephedrine ; and the antimalarial drug quinine.
Examples of thermosetting adhesives are: epoxy, polyurethane, cyanoacrylate and acrylic polymers.
Examples of hardware noise reduction are the use of shielded cable, analog filtering, and signal modulation.
Examples of software noise reduction are digital filtering, ensemble average, boxcar average, and correlation methods.
Examples of rapidly expanding fields in this area are:
Examples of such groups are Take 6, Glad and Acappella.
Examples of addition reactions are hydrohalogenation, halogenation, halohydrin formation, oxymercuration, hydroboration, dichlorocarbene addition, Simmons-Smith reaction, catalytic hydrogenation, epoxidation, radical polymerization and hydroxylation.
Examples are the Sushruta Samhita written in the 3rd or 4th century CE, which recommends beef for certain patients and for pregnant women, and the Charaka Samhita which describes meat as superior to all other kinds of food for convalescents.

Examples and into
Examples are nickel, such as Raney nickel for hydrogenation, and vanadium ( V ) oxide for oxidation of sulfur dioxide into sulfur trioxide.
Examples exist of teacher and student success stories where learning has transcended the classroom and has reached far out into society.
Examples include revolver speedloaders and the clip used to store rounds for loading into the M1 Garand.
Examples of military gauges into category 1: 9mm, 5. 56 NATO, 7. 62x39, 7. 62 NATO,. 45 ACP,. 50 BMG,. 50 AE.
Examples of civil gauges into category 4:. 22 LR,. 357 magnum,. 44 magnum,. 500 S & W.
Examples include The Sandman: The Doll's House, where an abused child escapes into dreams styled after McCay's comics and using a similar ' wake-up ' mechanism, and The Sandman: Book of Dreams ( pub.
Examples include traffic collisions, in which the effect of lost kinetic energy can be seen in the damage to the vehicles ; electrons losing some of their energy to atoms ( as in the Franck – Hertz experiment ); and particle accelerators in which the kinetic energy is converted into mass in the form of new particles.
Examples include phosphatidylinositol ( 4, 5 )- bisphosphate ( PIP < sub > 2 </ sub >), that can be split by the enzyme Phospholipase C into inositol triphosphate ( IP < sub > 3 </ sub >) and diacylglycerol ( DAG ), which both carry out the functions of the G < sub > q </ sub > type of G protein in response to various stimuli and intervene in various processes from long term depression in neurons < ref > to leukocyte signal pathways started by chemokine receptors .< ref >
" Examples of fantasy supernaturalism include magic ( spells, harm to opponents ), magical places ( Narnia, Oz, Middle Earth, Hogwarts ), supernatural creatures ( witches, vampires, orcs, trolls ), supernatural transportation ( flying broomsticks, ruby slippers, windows between worlds ), and shapeshifting ( beast into man, man into wolf or bear, lion into sheep ).
Examples include false imprisonment, the tort of unlawfully arresting or detaining someone, and defamation ( in some jurisdictions split into libel and slander ), where false information is broadcast and damages the plaintiff's reputation.
Examples of vandalism include salting lawns, cutting trees without permission, egg throwing, breaking windows, arson, spraying paint on others ' properties, tagging, placing glue into locks, tire slashing, keying ( scratching ) paint, ransacking a property, and flooding a house by clogging a sink and leaving the water running.
Examples of Bronze Age wood-carving include tree trunks worked into coffins from northern Germany and Denmark and wooden folding-chairs.
Examples might include lead-acid batteries or electronic circuit boards where the heavy metals these types of ashes go though the proper treatment, they could bind to other plutants and convert them into easier-to-dispose solids, or they could be used as pavement filling.
Examples include Wittenberg, the old capital of the Saxon Elector State during the Holy Roman Empire, and seat of the National University made famous by Martin Luther and Melanchthon ( which was already done away with in 1817 by means of a merger with the Prussian University of Halle ), and Torgau, birthplace and place of residence of the Elector Frederick the Wise, which was incorporated into one of the new hybrids created by Prussia under the name Province of Saxony.
Examples of such environmental modifications include using the bed for sleep or sex only, not for activities such as reading or watching television ; waking up at the same time every morning, including on weekends ; going to bed only when sleepy and when there is a high likelihood that sleep will occur ; leaving the bed and beginning an activity in another location if sleep does not result in a reasonably brief period of time after getting into bed ( commonly ~ 20 min ); reducing the subjective effort and energy expended trying to fall asleep ; avoiding exposure to bright light during nighttime hours, and eliminating daytime naps.
Examples of approximate cooking times using this method: potatoes, six minutes ( potatoes suitable for boiling or steaming will not break up if the pressure is left to drop slowly after timing ); a whole chicken, which easily fits into all but small pressure cookers, cooks in about twenty minutes.
Examples include words such as mearas ( another Old English word for " horses ", which survives into Modern English as " mares ") and éored.
Examples of such stories are Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinies, when she travels in time to steal the dime in the very same day Scrooge earns it and gives it back after realizing that by preventing Scrooge from owning the dime, she would turn it into a coin that never belonged to him, or A Little Something Special, when she teams up with Flintheart Glomgold and the Beagle Boys in a plan made by Blackheart Beagle.
Examples are the shooting of unarmed protestors, the carpet bombing of cities, the lobbing of grenades into prison cells and the random execution of civilians.
Examples of de Clerambault's syndrome ( erotomania ) in fiction include Ian McEwan's novel Enduring Love, which was later turned into a film also called Enduring Love ; the American movies Fatal Attraction and The Bodyguard, the Portuguese film O Fantasma ( 2001 ) and the French films Anna M. ( 2007 ) and Laetitia Colombani's À la folie ... pas du tout ( 2002 ).

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