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Experiments and have
Experiments have shown that the shutter is 75 percent open in about 60-80 microseconds.
Experiments carried out over long periods of time in order to allow establishment of a steady state have shown that the onset of contraction and its completion are confined to an interval of several degrees Centigrade and to a concentration range of only several per cent.
Experiments have shown the importance of temperature but the trigger event, especially in arid regions, is often a storm.
Experiments with the moss Physcomitrella patens, however, have shown that choice of the gelling agent — agar or Gelrite-does influence phytohormone sensitivity of the plant cell culture.
Experiments have shown that two fungal strains ( Aspergillus niger, Penicillium simplicissimum ) were able to mobilize Cu and Sn by 65 %, and Al, Ni, Pb, and Zn by more than 95 %. Aspergillus niger can produce some organic acids such as citric acid.
Experiments and computational models in Multimodal integration have shown that sensory input from different senses is integrated in a statistically optimal way, in addition, it appears that the kind of inferences used to infer single sources for multiple sensory inputs uses a Bayesian inference about the causal origin of the sensory stimuli.
Experiments with carbon nanotubes that selectively bind to cancer cells have been performed.
Experiments with aptamers showed that some amino acids have a selective chemical affinity for the base triplets that code for them.
Experiments have confirmed that hassium is a typical member of group 8 showing a stable + 8 oxidation state, which firmly puts hassium as the heavier homologue of osmium.
Experiments have shown that many proteins can be deleted from the flagellar apparatus without destroying its function, even though its activity may be reduced in some of these cases.
Experiments using these gases in addition to the ones in the original Miller – Urey experiment have produced more diverse molecules.
Experiments using these gases in addition to the ones in the original Miller – Urey experiment have produced more diverse molecules.
Experiments have been performed confirming the accuracy of quantum mechanics, thereby demonstrating that the physical world cannot be described by any local realistic theory.
Experiments with basic ribozymes, like Bacteriophage Qβ RNA, have shown that simple self-replicating RNA structures can withstand even strong selective pressures ( e. g., opposite-chirality chain terminators ).
Experiments have demonstrated that currents in superconducting coils can persist for years without any measurable degradation.
Experiments have tended to increase the size of the viola, in the interest of improving the instrument's sound.
Experiments have been conducted to attempt the synthesis of unbinilium ( Ubn ), which is likely to be the next member of the group, but they have all met with failure.
Experiments by Frederick Zugibe have, however, revealed that, when suspended with arms at 60 ° to 70 ° from the vertical, test subjects had no difficulty breathing.
Experiments have begun in ASDEX – U
Experiments in following years have produced conflicting results about whether it is possible to cause a fusion reaction with this method.
Experiments with instruments aboard Skylab and Copernicus have been used to search for soft X-ray emission in the energy range ~ 0. 14 – 0. 284 keV from stellar coronae.

Experiments and been
Experiments have been carried out using naïve undergraduates to match images of fingerprints.
Experiments have been reported suggesting that pigeons perceive the standard Müller-Lyer illusion, but not the reversed.
Experiments on parrots have also been reported with similar results.
Experiments have been conducted and found to both prove and disprove a force at very low pressure.
Experiments on theoretical issues in conditioning have mostly been done on vertebrates, especially rats and pigeons, but conditioning has also been studied in invertebrates, and very important data on the neural basis of conditioning has come from experiments on the sea slug, Aplysia.
Experiments have been done that suggest that the early encoding phase, in which words are identified, is the source of the word frequency effect.
Experiments had been tried with armor during the Crimean War, just prior to the American Civil War, and the British and French navies had each built armored ships and were planning to build others.
Experiments made during the first half of 1854 proved highly satisfactory, and on 17 July 1854, the French communicated to the British Government that a solution had been found to make gun-proof vessels and that plans would be communicated.
Experiments with the TI-89, 92, 92 + and Voyage 200 machines show the possibility of installing some variants of other systems such as a chopped-down variant of CP / M, an operating system which has been used for portable devices in the past.
Experiments on sedated sheep and partially ventilated anesthetized pigs have been unsuccessful, suggesting that application to large mammals may not be feasible.
Experiments dealing with “ Memory Span ” have been conducted by George Miller in 1956 that indicated that the “ Most common number of items that can be stored in the working memory is five plus or minus two .” However, if this information is not retained and stored (“ consolidated ”) in one ’ s long-term memory, it will fade quickly.
Awarded every year, the medal is the oldest Royal Society medal still being awarded, having first been given in 1731 to Stephen Gray, who received it for " his new Electrical Experiments: – as an encouragement to him for the readiness he has always shown in obliging the Society with his discoveries and improvements in this part of Natural Knowledge ".
Experiments on variations of this flow have been made with lock-exchange flows propagating in narrowing / expanding environments.
Experiments have been conducted involving hearing impaired individuals as well as individuals that have had cochlear implants.
Experiments had been done in crossing Fell Hounds to Labradors and Otter Hounds to Bloodhounds, but both sets of crosses left something to be desired.
Experiments have shown that whether the prey has been attracted to the lure or not is not strictly relevant, as the action of the jaws is an automatic reflex triggered by contact with the esca.
Experiments testing Bell-type inequalities in situations analogous to EPR's thought experiments have been consistent with the predictions of quantum mechanics, suggesting that local hidden variables theories can be ruled out.
Experiments with the boat were carried out on the river Seine, it having been fitted with stem and stern air cases, was able to remain afloat when filled with water, and could also right itself promptly when overturned.
* Marshall, 1983: T. W. Marshall, E. Santos and F. Selleri, Local Realism has not been Refuted by Atomic-Cascade Experiments, Physics Letters A, 98, 5 – 9 ( 1983 )

Experiments and conducted
Experiments conducted later showed that the other RNA and DNA nucleobases could be obtained through simulated prebiotic chemistry with a reducing atmosphere.
Experiments conducted at the end of June and early July at Schilling, near Wilhelmshaven, showed that the submersible tanks functioned best when they were kept moving along the seabed as, if halted for any reason, they tended to sink into the sand.
Experiments were also to be conducted on the transmission of sound by light, which resulted in the selenium-celled Photophone.
Experiments are being conducted at LLNL and elsewhere to measure the structural, electrical and chemical properties of plutonium and its alloys and to determine how these materials change over time.
Experiments were often conducted without the subjects ' knowledge or consent.
" Experiments were conducted with drug induced hypnosis and with anterograde and retrograde amnesia while under the influence of such drugs.
In 2009, author H. P. Albarelli published the book A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments about Frank Olson's death and the experiments conducted at Fort Detrick.
Experiments were conducted in atmospheric chemistry, solar radiation, space plasma physics, and ultraviolet astronomy.
From 1934 – 1939 Reich conducted what he called the bion experiments, seeking the origins of life, which he wrote up in Die Bione: Zur Entstehung des vegetativen Lebens ( The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life ), published in Oslo in 1938.
Experiments conducted were: Crystal Growth Furnace ( CGF ); Drop Physics Module ( DPM ); Surface Tension Driven Convection Experiments ( STDCE ); Zeolite Crystal Growth ( ZCG ); Protein Crystal Growth ( PCG ); Glovebox Facility ( GBX ); Space Acceleration Measurement System ( SAMS ); Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus ( GBA ); Astroculture-1 ( ASC ); Extended Duration Orbiter Medical Project ( EDOMP ); Solid Surface Combustion Experiment ( SSCE ).
Experiments conducted during the mission were mainly of a military nature as part of the Almaz program.
Experiments they conducted used methods developed by Hallowell Davis to monitor the brains of bats and their hearing responses as they navigated their way past wires suspended from a laboratory ceiling.
In addition the crew also conducted two Military Man in Space Experiments, three radiation monitoring experiments, and numerous medical tests to support longer duration Shuttle flights.
Experiments on the viability of Pykrete and the optimum composition of it were conducted by Perutz in a secret location underneath Smithfield Meat Market in the City of London.
Experiments conducted by Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase displayed that the DNA of viruses is injected into the bacterial cells, while most of the viral proteins remain outside.
During the mission the crew deployed the communications satellites, conducted two six hour spacewalks to demonstrate space station construction techniques with the EASE / ACCESS experiments, operated the Continuous Flow Electrophoresis ( CRFES ) experiment for McDonnell Douglas and a Getaway Special ( GAS ) container for Telesat, Canada, conducted several Mexican Payload Specialists Experiments for the Mexican Government and tested the Orbiter Experiments Digital Autopilot ( OEX DAP ).

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