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from Brown Corpus
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Facing and now
Facing increased competition in the rum market from the now international brand Havana Club, the company concluded that it was important for sales to associate its rum with Cuba.
Facing increasing competition from China and South Korea, manufacturing in Japan today now focuses primarily on high-tech and precision goods, such as optical equipment, hybrid cars, and robotics.
Facing the Los Angeles Dodgers in the now best-of-seven NLCS, a split of the first four games set the stage for Game 5 at Busch Stadium.
Bergenline Avenue then and now: Facing south toward Hackensack Plank Road | 32nd Street, circa 1900 ( left ), and in 2010 ( right ).
Facing arrest and certain execution with their identities now revealed, the revolutionaries had no choice but to stage a coup.
Facing the British firing squad, he refused to be blindfolded, saying " I have looked down the muzzles of too many guns in the South African war to fear death and now please carry out your sentence.
Facing a possible cancellation by NBC ( whose fortunes had now changed to become the number one network ) Gleason contrived a phony marriage between the characters in the final episode of season four, " Bonds of Steele ", as an attempt to garner additional interest and provoke NBC to pick up the series for a fifth season.
Facing social, cultural, and economic despair, the Chagossians now live as a marginalized community in Mauritius and Seychelles and have not been allowed to return home.
Facing a poor job market for astronomers, he founded the Southwest Institute for Space Research ( now formally named the Earthrise Institute ).
Facing it on 91st Street is the Otto Kahn House ( illustration below ), a Florentine palazzo, now housing the Convent of the Sacred Heart.
In 2005, the Institute launched an online blog, also called Facing South, which now averages more than 50, 000 visitors a month.
Facing South now averages a readership of over 40, 000 visitors a month.

Facing and she
Facing criticism, she soon said she would no longer accept such loans.
Facing the other three, Marguerite brings her along next, but then she, too, turns into Paul and fades away.
Facing an inexperienced opponent from the Canadian Alliance, she was easily re-elected.
Facing opposition not only from student but also from university overseers and other faculty members, she was asked to withdraw her application.
* Ida Craddock — Facing prison in 1902 for sending through the U. S. Mail sexually explicit marriage manuals she had authored, Craddock penned a lengthy public suicide note to her readers condemning Anthony Comstock, sponsor of the Comstock Act under which she was convicted.
Facing an outraged student body, Lisa realizes that she has been used by the teaching staff and had been seduced by glamor and power.
Facing a field of ten opponents, Spencer made the runoff, which she won by a convincing 66 %– 34 % majority.
Facing certain death, she panics, and transforms into a Ghoul-like being that grapples with the Ghoul until both are destroyed in a burst of light known as pair annihilation.
Facing a long spell in prison, a week of events led to Mel's escape: upon discovering that she was pregnant, Phil bailed her for £ 30, 000, but she then discovered that Lisa was responsible for shooting Phil and that both knew it had not been Steve despite her continued suspicions.
Facing an assault charge, Scott forces Dawn to lie for him-only to get his comeuppance a few days later when she retracts her statement.

Facing and who
Facing the Columbus Crew who captured the MLS Supporter's Shield for the best record in the MLS, the Wizards had a strong showing, earning a 1 – 1 tie in Game 1 of the first round series.
Facing money problems and unable to continue at the Tome School, the Rouse family sought a way for him to attend college by appealing to his oldest sister, who had married a Navy officer stationed in Hawaii.
Facing the audience, he claps his hands and then performs the leg-stomping shiko exercise to drive evil spirits from the dohyō as the gyōji, or referee, who will coordinate the bout announces the wrestlers ' names once more.
Facing attacks from the Union forces who tried to return to their fortification, Lea managed to secure seventy-five Federal wagons and cotton carts, all of which he dispatched to Shreveport.
Facing a young gunfighter named Pete Grant, who rode into town looking for a duel, Denton downs his vial of the potion only to find his opponent holding an identical bottle.
Facing its garden front on its Merrion Square side, stands a large triangular monument commemorating three founding figures of Irish independence, President of Dáil Éireann Arthur Griffith, who died in 1922, Michael Collins and Kevin O ' Higgins, the Chairman of the Provisional Government and the Vice-President of the Executive Council ( deputy prime minister ), both of whom were assassinated, in 1922 and 1927 respectively.
Kenyatta read the draft of the Kenya section of Padmore's new book, How Britain Rules Africa ( 1936 ) With the editorial help of an English editor named Dinah Stock who became a close friend, Kenyatta published his own book, Facing Mount Kenya ( his revised LSE thesis ) in 1938 under his new name, Jomo Kenyatta.
Facing a general strike over wage arrears for civil servants in January 2008, Bozizé appointed a new government headed by Faustin-Archange Touadéra, an academic figure who was politically unknown.
Another woman who was interviewed by Helen Watson, a sociologist, reported that, " Facing up to the crime and having to deal with it in public is probably worse than suffering in silence.
Dunayevskaya and her supporters eventually formed the News and Letters Committees in 1955 after splitting with CLR James, who was deported from the USA to Britain from where he continued to advise the Correspondence Publishing Committee, which split again in 1962, with those loyal to CLR James taking the name Facing Reality.
As a lawyer, he successfully defended Jules Verne in a libel suit presented against the famous author by the chemist Eugène Turpin, inventor of the explosive melinite, who claimed that the " mad scientist " character in Verne's book Facing the Flag was based on him.
Facing these events, several Jews in Lyck decided to escape, some abroad, some to Berlin, others fled from Germany as far as Shanghai Of those Jews who remained, 80 were murdered in various German concentration and death camps.
Facing a 3rd & 5 with 3: 24 left, his pass intended for Reggie Wayne was intercepted by Tracy Porter, who returned it 74 yards for a critical TD and 31 – 17 Saints lead.
Facing third and long, a run by Dawson apparently sealed victory for the Chiefs, but as Dawson lay on the ground, he was speared by Raiders ’ defensive end Ben Davidson, who dove into Dawson with his helmet, provoking Chiefs ’ receiver Otis Taylor to attack Davidson.
Facing a tour, the band recruited drummer, John DiTeodoro ( Johnny Dee ), who had been the drummer for the band Waysted.
Facing this act of rebellion, the military chief of Moyobamba, colonel José Matos, organized an army of 600 men, who met the patriots on June 6, 1821 in Higos Urco pampa.
Facing foreclosure on a loan from Bank of America, Boone sold the team to Washington, D. C. lawyer Earl Foreman, who moved the team to Washington for the 1969-70 season as the Washington Caps.
Facing the British Empire forces were the Sixth Army under 73-year-old General von Falkenhausen and the Second Army under General von der Marwitz ( who was recovering from an illness he had contracted on the Eastern Front ).
Facing the New York Islanders, who had finished the regular season 41 points ahead of the Canucks and had won the Stanley Cup the previous two years, they were swept in four games.
Facing a growing opposition from the general populace, Tsar Alexander II announced a decree that would raise the tuition fee for schools, thus preventing further social mobility for serfs who were allowed free mobility.
Facing reassignment, Harney pleaded with the Lincoln administration to continue cooperation in good faith with Price and protested the acts of unnamed persons-a likely reference to Blair and Lyon-" who clamored for blood have not ceased to impugn my motives.
Facing it, at a distance of about 365 yards, is the small island of Tabarka, where the Genoese family of the Lomellini, who had purchased the grant of the coral fishing from the Ottoman Turks, maintained a garrison from 1540 to 1742.
Facing the final dissolution of self that comes with personal loss and the facing of death might bring anxiety and confusion to many who have not yet given up their sense of self-importance.
* Daily Mail, " Facing five years in jail, the artist who fried eggs and hotdogs on flame of World War II monument ", 19. 04. 2011

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