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Fade and Into
* " Fade Into Darkness " ( previously known as " Penguin ") by Avicii ( Tim Berg ) ( 2010 )-inspired by Penguin Cafe Orchestra's " Perpetuum Mobile "
* Avicii samples a section of " Perpetuum Mobile " in his dance track Fade Into Darkness ( previously known as Penguin ); the Leona Lewis / Avicii collaboration Collide uses the same piano hook.
Following the success of " Fade Into You ", She Hangs Brightly album opener " Halah " began to receive heavy airplay in the U. S. and peaked at No. 19 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, a position based solely on airplay.
* Z-Trip & Run Run Run: Fade Into You ( Z-Trip Remix ) ( with Instrumental ) ( 2006 )

Fade and You
The album spawned five hit singles: " It's Been Awhile " ( which hit the Billboard Top 10 ), " Fade " ( which has been featured on a number of movie soundtracks and television shows ), " Outside ", " For You ", and the acoustic ballad " Epiphany ".
Stock had also worked on the band's debut single ( a cover of Buddy Holly's " Not Fade Away ", with an original composition, " You Can't Fight It ", on the B-side ).
Other efforts included the album Acoustic, spotlighting their " wooden " sound, a duet with Karla Bonoff, " You Believed in Me " for the MCA Olympic compilation, One Voice, and a cover version of Buddy Holly's " Maybe Baby " for the Decca tribute album, Not Fade Away.
He achieved his greatest success as a musical performer on Broadway, appearing in Alive and Kicking, Wish You Were Here, Shangri-La, Maggie Flynn, Fade Out-Fade In, It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ... It's Superman, and She Loves Me, for which he won a Tony Award.
Mazzy Star is probably best known for the song " Fade into You " which brought the band some success in the mid-1990s and was the group's biggest mainstream hit, earning extensive exposure on MTV, VH1, and radio airplay.
** Mazzy Star has some success with the single " Fade into You ", becoming the biggest hit for dream pop in the mainstream.
At times she seems hopelessly lovesick, a prime candidate for any heartbreaker's ruse, but on " You Did It All Before ," " Clock ," and " Don't Fade Away " she sounds a lot older and wiser, no stranger to hurt and disillusionment.
Cameron's plays include Pond Life ( 1992 ), Not Fade Away ( 1993 ), The Mortal Ash ( 1994 ), All of You Mine ( 1996 ), The Glee Club ( 2002 ), Gong Donkeys ( 2004 ), Flower Girls ( 2007 ), and Can't Stand Up For Falling Down.
# " Buddy Holly Medley: Not Fade Away / I'm Gonna Love You Too / Think It Over / Oh, Boy!
* Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call You Name as Shuuhei Hisagi
In a famous June 1964 telecast, The Rolling Stones were repeatedly ridiculed by host Dean Martin when they did two songs " I Just Want To Make Love To You " and " Not Fade Away.
The track " Not Fade Away " ( the A-side of the band's third UK single ) replacing " Mona ( I Need You Baby )".
* Z-Trip & Run Run Run: Fade into You ( Z-Trip Remix ) ( with Instrumental ) ( 2006 ) Feast of Love Soundtrack
In 2008, Atrocity brought back the 80s once again, heavier than ever before, by delivering thrilling arrangements of well-known songs such as “ Smalltown Boy ”, “ The Sun Always Shines Of TV ”, “ Fade To Grey ”, “ People Are People ”, or “ Don ’ t You Forget About Me ”.
* 1968 – " Red Chair Fade Away " / " Where Are You Going?
New song titles that have leaked are " For Your Eyes Only ", " Sitting ", " Right Behind You ", " Fade Away ", " Wreckage ", " Avalanche ", " Glorious ", and " Silhouette ".

Fade and at
It is mainly used to describe a communication system such as satellite, for example a system like globalstar operates at 25-35 dB Fade margin
" The concert at the venue was later featured in his Fade to Black documentary.
They performed " Peggy Sue ", " Not Fade Away " and " That'll Be the Day " at the ceremony, accompanied by guest guitarist Keith Richards.
The band's second single, " Fade to Grey ", was released at the same time.
* Fade to Black: Live at the Axiom Arts Centre, Cheltenham, UK 1999 ( 2004?
Fade ins generally occur at the beginning of a film or act, while fade outs are typically found at the end of a film or act.
In the show's finale " Not Fade Away ", he spends his potential-last day alive helping Anne Steele out at her youth help center, and then slays Senator Helen Brucker, one of the members of the Circle of the Black Thorn, but is seriously injured in the process.
At the end of the issue, Gunn is revealed to be a vampire, having been turned either during or after Team Angel's battle with the Senior Partners ' army at the end of " Not Fade Away ", who feeds on the women and turns the " rescued " men into vampires as part of " Team Gunn ".
Ecliptica by Romeo Knight, Hellrazor, Fade One, Double Trouble, Viola Bros. and Spider, done by the Danish division, ranked third in December at " The Party " on the AMIGA.
The band's first official live appearances after Lee's death was at the Reading / Leeds Festivals, which saw Grant dedicate " Quick Fade " to " absent friends ".
They also played a 55 second version of Mountain Jam to transition between " Going Down The Road Feeling Bad " and " Not Fade Away " on November 6, 1970 at Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY.
Fade " at the Broadway Barbershop in Millbrae, California.
Gabriel Benson, the author of Fade from Grace and The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty, continues to work at Beckett Entertainment pursuing projects in the comic book, film, and television industries.
* 23: 35 – Fade out black, Test card *< nowiki >*</ nowiki > – Non-program broadcasting ( not listed in the official schedule ) Time zone programmes us UTC + 09: 00 at Korea Standard Time ( KST )
* Steve Strange – doorman at the ' Blitz ' club, and singer with the group Visage who achieved success with ' Fade to Grey '.
Spike recites this poem at a dive bar in the final episode, " Not Fade Away ," of the spin-off series " Angel.
* The poem snatched from William's hands and read out loud ( to public ridicule ) is a portion of the same poem that Spike later reads ( in its complete form ) at the open-mic event in the series finale of Angel " Not Fade Away.
While working as A & R Manager at CBS in 1980, Dawkins discovered the band Matt Finish and left CBS to start his first label, The Giant Recording Label, and subsequently Giant released Matt Finish's enduring cult classics Short Note and Fade Away.
*" Big Railroad Blues " and " Not Fade Away / Goin ' Down the Road Feeling Bad " recorded at Manhattan Center, New York on April 5, 1971

Fade and No
He is also a regular on the digital radio sports show, " TalkSPORT " Other notable friends of his are, Mani of The Stone Roses, Richard Ashcroft of The Verve – for whom he dedicated a song, " Cast No Shadow ", the band members of the Chemical Brothers ,-Sex Pistols members John Lydon and Steve Jones the members of the rock band Kasabian, Andy Nicholson, boxer Ricky Hatton, Paul McCartney, Liverpool F. C footballer Jamie Carragher, Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, Ian Brown, John Squire, Lee Mavers, Jack Dee, Craig Cash, Kelly Jones and Johnny Depp ( who played slide guitar on the Oasis song Fade In-Out ).
Second album Fade Out followed in 1989, reaching No. 51 on the UK album chart.
* " Repeat To Fade " ( Mighty Atom 2003 )- UK No. 86

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