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Fahey and along
Nelson, along with former New South Wales premier John Fahey, were accused of convincing the son of the first man to die under the law, who had previously been a euthanasia advocate, to change his mind.
Tall and skinny Stynes was selected, along with James Fahey and brought to Victoria to undergo a crash course in Australian Rules and signed a two year contract, hoping to use the money to fund his way through college.
She was the permanent co-host of the USA version along with Damien Fahey.
The performance gained them new fans and was released in 1998 as Destroy Terrastock – Live, with both the album cover and title being derived from a Kiss ( band ) Bootleg “ Destroys Anaheim .” In the fall of 1997, Tadpoles toured the US west coast along with fellow Terrastock veterans, Cul de Sac ( group ) and Windy & Carl, and played a show in Portland, Oregon with the legendary John Fahey.
She was a member of the band Shakespears Sister, along with Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama.
* October 1, 2006-Traded by the New Jersey Devils, along with a conditional 1st round draft choice, to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for Alexander Korolyuk and Jim Fahey.
McEllistrim was a member of the so-called " gang of five " along with Seán Doherty, Mark Killilea, Jnr, Jackie Fahey and Albert Reynolds who started a lobbying campaign in favour of Haughey on the back benches of the party.

Fahey and with
The concept of playing solo steel-string guitar in a concert setting was introduced in the early 1960s by such performers as Davey Graham and John Fahey, who used country blues fingerpicking techniques to compose original compositions with structures somewhat like European classical music.
Larner had previously played koto with John Fahey, Jim O ' Rourke and members of indie rock groups including Camper Van Beethoven, Deerhoof, Jackie O Motherfucker and Mr. Bungle.
* July 14, 1952: New York City, New York Bayard Peakes walked in to the offices of the American Physical Society at Columbia University and shot and killed secretary Eileen Fahey with a. 22 caliber pistol.
Bananarama was one of the few female groups featured on the Band Aid single, " Do They Know It's Christmas ?," and were the only artists to appear on both the original 1984 Band Aid, and the 1989, Band Aid II versions, with Siobhan Fahey only featured on the 1984 version.
was released in early 1988, Fahey — who had married Eurythmics ' Dave Stewart — left the group as she had become disillusioned with the direction the band was taking.
In 1998, Dallin and Woodward recorded the track " Waterloo " ( a cover of the classic ABBA song ) together with Fahey for the Eurovision celebration A Song for Eurotrash on Channel 4.
That same year, Bananarama ( with Siobhan Fahey as special guest ) celebrated their 20th anniversary at the London Astoria in London, with an audience of 3000 people.
Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey said he tried for years to work with Elkhorn, whereby they would not be annexed if they would do no further annexing of their own.
He became a member of the so-called " gang of five " with Jackie Fahey, Mark Killilea, Jnr, Tom McEllistrim and Seán Doherty which aligned itself to Charles Haughey and supported him in the subsequent leadership contest.
In 1988, frustrated with the direction she felt Bananarama were heading, Fahey left the group and formed Shakespears Sister.
In 1993, Fahey admitted herself into a psychiatric unit with severe depression.
Following this, Fahey left the label and after a lengthy battle with the label, Fahey finally released Shakespears Sister's, # 3, independently through her website in 2004.
In 2005, Fahey independently released The MGA Sessions, an album recorded with frequent collaborator Sophie Muller in the mid-1990s.
In 2008, Fahey appeared in the Chris Ward-written and directed short film What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor ( based on the life of artist / model Nina Hamnett, self-styled " Queen of Bohemia "), with Fahey playing the role of Hamnett opposite actor Clive Arrindel, Donny Tourette ( frontman with punk band Towers of London ) and Honey Bane ( former vocalist of the punk band Fatal Microbes ).
Prior to her marriage to Stewart, Fahey was romantically involved with Jim Reilly, the drummer for the Northern Irish punk rock band Stiff Little Fingers and Scottish singer Bobby Bluebell of The Bluebells, with whom she co-wrote the UK # 1 pop song " Young At Heart ".
* Global terrorism and failed states with Laura Dugan and Susan Fahey ( 2007 )
The final was between Bryn Sayers and Robert Fahey, with Fahey taking the match in four sets, 2-6, 6-3, 6-0, 6-5.
Kottke has also collaborated on his records with his mentor John Fahey, as well as with Chet Atkins, Lyle Lovett, Margo Timmins, Mike Gordon, and Rickie Lee Jones.

Fahey and Michael
Others in the cast included Sonny Blake, John Hamblin, Victoria Nicholls, Jill Forster, Joy Chambers, Peter Mochrie, Kim Lewis, Penny Cook, Shane Porteous, Sheridan Jobbins, Rosalind Speirs, Queenie Ashton, Vince Martin, Ivar Kants, Lenore Smith, Noel Trevarthen, Michael C Smith, Tom Burlinson, Jan Kingsbury, Joanne Stanley, Todd Boyce, Simon Burke, Jacqui Gordon, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Bunney Brooke, Lisa Crittenden, Marty Morton, John Ewart, Benita Collings, Rebecca Rigg, David Franklin, Peter Cousens, Robyn Gibbes, Deborah Kennedy, David Argue, Alita Fahey, Martin Sacks.
* Michael Fahey ( 1983-1984 )
In September 1995, Fahey met Michael Scanlon while she was still involved in the relationship with Capano.
* CD Liner notes – Michael Fairchild, Jym Fahey
The site is currently headed by Stephen Totilo ; other editors include Brian Ashcraft, Luke Plunkett and Michael Fahey, Owen Good.
* Michael Fahey – Reporter, East Coast
* Trinitarian Theology East and West: St Thomas Aquinas-St Gregory Palamas, with Michael Fahey.

Fahey and Ian
* Jack S. Blocker, David M. Fahey, and Ian R. Tyrrell eds.
* Jack S. Blocker, David M. Fahey, and Ian R. Tyrrell eds.
The Comedy Company, in the 1980s, featured the comic talents of Mary-Anne Fahey, Ian McFadyen, Mark Mitchell, Glenn Robbins, Kym Gyngell and others.
Fahey, sitting next to the Prince, subsequently assisted by the then Australian of the Year, Ian Kiernan, tackled Kang and wrestled him to the ground, after which Kang was subdued and arrested.
In 1987 he was the head writer and a key performer on a television sketch comedy show, The Eleventh Hour, which kickstarted the television careers of Vizard, Maryanne Fahey, Mark Mitchell, Glenn Robbins, Ian McFadyen and Peter Moon.
Editors: Jack Blocker ; David Fahey ; Ian Tyrrell

Fahey and Adam
In 2009 Fahey participated in Adam Bouska's NOH8 equality campaign / photo shoot, which stands for LGBT rights.
He has created remixes for Massive Attack, Rammstein, Siobhan Fahey, Ladytron, Adam Freeland, dEUS, Kasabian and more recently Reverend and the Makers.

Fahey and Jim
* Jim Fahey, NHL player, NJ Devils
She was a Policy Advisor to Jim Carlton, then Shadow Minister for Policy Co-ordination and Development, in 1990-1993, and Senior Private Secretary to John Fahey, then Premier of New South Wales, from 1993-1994.

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