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Page "learned" ¶ 613
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Failing and so
* Failing to minimise any damage to an SSSI and if there is any damage, failing to restore it to its former state so far as is reasonably practical and possible.
Failing to do so may result in a penalty for an incorrect substitution.
Failing to do so would be a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, carrying the possibility of a fine up to $ 100 and / or imprisonment for up to 30 days for each offense.
Failing to do so is condemned by these Lutherans as the sin of unionism.
Failing to do so makes bad company, and therefore those with specific interests and " love " of hobbies should keep their passions to those with kindred spirits (" A philosopher is company to a philosopher only " ( p. 51 )) or to themselves.
Failing to do so results in another drink.
Failing to do so, he offered her his own life vest, which he proceeded to even tie on to her himself since she was holding her infant child in her arms at the time.
Failing to do so multiple times will eventually result in Vibri degenerating from a rabbit into a frog, then a worm, and finally perishing for good.
Failing to do so entails a maximum sentence for adultery is death by stoning.
Failing that, even the third-placed team may fill the vacancy, and so on.
Failing to do so, a plaintiff " is not entitled to any remedy unless the transaction constitutes waste.
Failing to do so, they then attempt to neutralize him by placing him in the Garden of Eden.
Failing this hypothesis, we can only assume that Shelley's ' formidable list ' was not nearly so formidable as it might have been ".
Failing to do so has the opposite effect.
Failing to do so is condemned by these Lutherans as the sin of " unionism ".
Failing there, it moved to the sender of that activation and so on up the sender chain.

Failing and President
Failing that, he sets himself up as General and President for life in the African Republic of Burunda.

Failing and Truman
In 1995 he premiered a one-man " opera " Failing Kansas, based on the same story as Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, and in 2000 he produced an entire film with music by himself, rather pointedly titled Funding.

Failing and War
According to John G. Nicolay, one of Lincoln's private secretaries and a later biographer of the Civil War president, " Failing in this direct application, they made further efforts through Mr. Justice Campbell of the Supreme Court ... who came to Seward in the guise of a loyal official, though his correspondence with Jefferson Davis soon revealed a treasonable intent.
Failing to obtain the support of the War Minister, General Korechika Anami, Hatanaka organised a number of other officers and succeeded in occupying the Imperial Palace and Imperial Household Ministry.

Failing and on
Failing to find what was wanted, as was most likely, check out other guests, with special -- but not exclusive -- attention to those with rooms on the street.
Failing to escape on board a ship, he stabbed himself ; and, as he did not die at once, insisted on being taken to the mausoleum in which Cleopatra was shut up, and there died in her arms.
Failing to prevent the Germans from surrounding Leningrad however, he was dismissed from that post and replaced by the far abler Georgy Zhukov on 8 September 1941.
Failing to receive redemption in the church, Charlie seeks it through sacrificing himself on Johnny's behalf.
Failing to qualify for the post season for the second straight year, the Saints found themselves struggling on defense.
Failing to obtain a green light from the government, though with Allon's consent, on Passover in 1968, a group led by Rabbi Moshe Levinger rented the main hotel in Hebron as Swiss tourists, with Haim Drukman presiding over seder, and then refused to leave.
Failing to receive help from Tibet, the Druk Desi signed a Treaty of Peace with the British East India Company on April 25, 1774.
Failing to make a commercial success on the stage, however, and finding that the stresses of theatrical work were difficult to sustain, he returned to the writing of long, serialised novels, which again became the mainstay of his income.
Failing to convince the Whittakers that his group are Norwegians ( all of the Russians are conspicuously dressed in sinister all-black clothing ), Rozanov draws a gun and promises no harm if the family provides information about military on the island ( none ) and police force ( small ), and gives them keys to their car.
* Failing to comply with the restrictions on methods to kill animals and birds ( see Part I: Wildlife for further details ).
* Failing to comply with the restrictions on methods to kill animals and birds ( see Part I: Wildlife for further details ).
* Failing to comply with the restrictions on methods to kill animals and birds ( see Part I: Wildlife for further details ).
Failing to attend court on time as required is an offence, for which the maximum sentence in a magistrates ' court is three months ' imprisonment, or twelve months in the Crown Court.
Failing to disperse the delegates, Louis started to recognize their validity on 27 June.
Failing to find clerical duties at that time ( the Reign of Terror ), he took several posts in civil life, until on the appointment of Napoleon Bonaparte to the command of the French " Army of Italy " he became a commissary attached to that army.
Failing to bring any titles to Stavanger, Hareide was sacked by the club on 9 June 2012.
Failing to meet his enemy he returned to Cisalpine Gaul by sea, and sent his army on to Hispania under the command of his brother Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus with instructions to hold the Carthaginian forces there in check.
Failing health obliged him to return to England ; and in 1808, then a lieutenant, he entered on a student career in the senior department of the Royal Military College at Sandhurst.
Failing to recover his health, Mathews died poor in Plymouth in June 1835, without appearing again on a British stage.
Failing in an attempt to arrange terms, and also in obtaining the help which he solicited from France, O ' Neill was utterly routed by the O ' Donnells again at the battle of Farsetmore near Letterkenny ; and seeking safety in flight, he threw himself on the mercy of his enemies, the MacDonnells.
Failing, owing to Walpole's interference, in his efforts to procure the dismissal of a colleague and his replacement by a personal friend, Townshend retired on 15 May 1730.
Failing to win their claims on a diplomatic level, Albanians embarked on the route of military conflict with their Balkan neighbours.

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