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Famous and novelists
* Famous modern American novelists ( 1952 )
Famous contemporary Austrian playwrights and novelists include Elfriede Jelinek and Peter Handke.
Famous contemporary playwrights and novelists are Elfriede Jelinek and Peter Handke, well-known essayists are Robert Menasse and Karl-Markus Gauß.
Famous novelists include E. R. Braithwaite ( author of To Sir, With Love ), Roy Heath ( author of the Georgetown Trilogy and The Shadow Bride ), Wilson Harris ( author of Palace of the Peacock ), Jan Carew and Michael Gilkes.

Famous and 20th
Famous 20th Century artists such as Andy Warhol, among others, have utilized ballpoint pens to some extent during their careers.
Famous while he lived, Caravaggio was forgotten almost immediately after his death, and it was only in the 20th century that his importance to the development of Western art was rediscovered.
Famous for his meticulous built works, his provocative unbuilt proposals, and his teaching, Kahn was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century.
Famous Dons of the late 19th and early 20th centuries included Scotti and Maurel, as well as Portugal's Francisco d ' Andrade and Sweden's John Forsell.
Famous Art Nouveau architects Victor Horta and Henry van de Velde have influenced the early 20th century architecture in Belgium and abroad.
Famous Greek musicians and composers of modern era include the central figure of 20th century European modernism Iannis Xenakis, a composer, architect and theorist.
Muste: The 20th Century's Most Famous US Pacifist ," Friends Journal, April 2006.
* Politics on Trial: Five Famous Trials of the 20th Century, 2002
Famous first as the United States ' primary arsenal during the U. S. Revolutionary War, and then as the battlefield of Shays's Rebellion, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Springfield Armory became the site of numerous technological innovations of global importance, including interchangeable parts, the assembly line style of mass production, and modern business practices, such as hourly wages.
Famous for shooting the 1984 World's Fair fireworks and the subsequent historical pyrotechnical recreations of the seven great dasters of the 20th century at Distaster Fest in New Orleans at Club 920.
The 20th Century Limited was an express passenger train operated by the New York Central Railroad from 1902 to 1967, during which time it would become known as a " National Institution " and the " Most Famous Train in the World ".
* Ben Elton's Dead Famous ( 2001 ) is another example of a story where a murder is captured on film while the identity of the perpetrator remains in the dark, here in a late 20th century Big Brother-type reality television setting.
Famous works include Russia the Eternal, The 20th Century Mystery, The Ruining of the Temple on Easter Night and illustrations to the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Famous and century
Famous 19th century Arian Unitarians include Andrews Norton and Dr. William Ellery Channing ( in his earlier years ).
In literary records, the earliest evidence of the fishing reel comes from a 4th century AD work entitled Lives of Famous Immortals.
* Louis Bohne – Famous sales agent for Veuve Clicquot in the 19th century
Famous historic slave rebellions have been led by the Roman slave Spartacus ; the thrall Tunni who rebelled against the Swedish monarch Ongentheow, a rebellion that needed Danish assistance to be quelled ; the poet-prophet Ali bin Muhammad, who led imported east African slaves in Iraq during the Zanj Rebellion against the Abbasid Caliphate in the ninth century ; Granny Nanny of the Maroons who rebelled against the British in Jamaica ; the Haitian Revolution, the only slave revolt which led to the founding of a country ; Denmark Vesey in South Carolina, USA ; and Madison Washington during the Creole case in 19th century America.
Hale County is connected to three major twentieth century artists: Walker Evans photographed the area in 1936 while he collaborated with James Agee on the 1941 book Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.
During the Renaissance, Boccaccio, a 14th century humanist, included Eirene in De mulieribus claris ( Latin for On Famous Women ).
Famous composers from the second half of the century include Johann Strauss II, Brahms, Liszt, Čajkovskij, Verdi, and Wagner.
Ben Jonson's poem On the Famous Voyage ( discussed in Andrew McRae's article, cited below ) provides a mock-epic account of a journey along the excrement-lined ditch during the early seventeenth century.
Famous local Sheikhs include Abdirahman bin Isma ' il al-Jabarti, an early Muslim leader in northern Somalia ; Abadir Umar Ar-Rida, the patron saint of Harar ; Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti, Sheikh of the riwaq in Cairo who recorded the Napoleonic invasion of Egypt ; Abd Al-Rahman bin Ahmad al-Zayla ' i, scholar who played a crucial role in the spread of the Qadiriyyah movement in Somalia and East Africa ; Shaykh Sufi, 19th century scholar, poet, reformist and astrologist ; Abdallah al-Qutbi, polemicist, theologian and philosopher best known for his five-part Al-Majmu ' at al-mubaraka (" The Blessed Collection "); and Muhammad Al-Sumaalee, teacher in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca who influenced many of the prominent Islamic scholars of today.
Famous 19th century electrodynamicist James Clerk Maxwell called this the " electromagnetic momentum ", although this idea is not generally accepted as a part of standard curricula in physics classes as of 2010.
Famous in his own day, his work was subsequently eclipsed for close to a century, only to re-emerge in recent times as " the most important gay visual artist of the pre – World War I era " according to Thomas Waugh.
Diogenes Laertius, an Epicurean philosopher of the third century, includes the story of Epimenides in his book On the Lives, Opinions, and Sayings of Famous Philosophers, in chapter ten in his section on the Seven Sages of Greece, precursors to the first philosophers.
Famous cultural-historic monuments in this area are: the Roman necropolis in Mala Kopasnica originating from 2nd century AD, the Eastern Roman town of Justiniana Prima built in 535 AD.
Famous individuals connected with Edessa include: Jacob Baradaeus, the real chief of the Syriac Miaphysites known after him as Jacobites ; Stephen Bar Sudaïli, monk and pantheist, to whom was owing, in Palestine, the last crisis of Origenism in the 6th century ; Jacob, Bishop of Edessa, a fertile writer ( d. 708 ); Theophilus the Maronite, an astronomer, who translated into Syriac verse Homer's Iliad and Odyssey ; the anonymous author of the Chronicon Edessenum ( Chronicle of Edessa ), compiled in 540 ; the writer of the story of " The Man of God ", in the 5th century, which gave rise to the legend of St. Alexius, also known as Alexius of Rome ( because exiled Eastern monks brought his cult and bones to Rome in the 10th century ).
Famous examples include Sir George Martin's AIR Studios at Lyndhurst Hall in Belsize Park, London, a large, vaulted 19th century building originally constructed as a church and missionary school.
Famous vernacular poets of the 15th century include the renaissance epic authors Luigi Pulci ( author of Morgante ), Matteo Maria Boiardo ( Orlando Innamorato ), and Ludovico Ariosto ( Orlando Furioso ).
Famous for its cast iron bridge, built by French colonialists in the 19th century, it is close to the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, home to thousands of birds, some indigenous to the area.

Famous and include
Famous ethnographies include The Nuer, by Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard, and The Dynamics of Clanship Among the Tallensi, by Meyer Fortes ; well-known edited volumes include African Systems of Kinship and Marriage and African Political Systems.
Famous people who have studied the Alexander Technique include writers Aldous Huxley, Robertson Davies and Roald Dahl, playwright George Bernard Shaw, actors Judy Dench, Hilary Swank, Ben Kingsley, Michael Caine, Jeremy Irons, John Cleese, Kevin Kline, William Hurt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Paul Newman, Mary Steenburgen, Robin Williams and Patti Lupone, musicians Paul McCartney, Madonna, Yehudi Menuhin and Sting, and Nobel Prize winner for medicine and physiology Nikolaas Tinbergen.
" Famous Hopwood award winners include Robert Hayden, Marge Piercy, Arthur Miller, Betty Smith, Lawrence Kasdan, John Ciardi, Mary Gaitskill, Nancy Willard, Frank O ’ Hara, and Steve Hamilton.
Famous residents include Bill and Gloria Gaither, winners of five Grammys.
Famous examples include the War of the Roses, as well as the Jacobite Uprisings.
Famous residents of Burwash include Vincent Massey, Lester B. Pearson, Don Harron, and Donald Sutherland.
Famous concrete structures include the Burj Khalifa ( world's tallest building ), the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal and the Roman Pantheon.
Famous formations from North America include the rich marine fossils of Kansas's Smoky Hill Chalk Member and the terrestrial fauna of the late Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation.
Famous Football players from Fermanagh include Roy Carroll, Harry Chatton, Barry Owens and Kyle Lafferty.
Famous casuistic authors include Antonio Escobar y Mendoza, whose Summula casuum conscientiae ( 1627 ) enjoyed a great success, Thomas Sanchez, Vincenzo Filliucci ( Jesuit and penitentiary at St Peter's ), Antonino Diana, Paul Laymann ( Theologia Moralis, 1625 ), John Azor ( Institutiones Morales, 1600 ), Etienne Bauny, Louis Cellot, Valerius Reginaldus, Hermann Busembaum ( d. 1668 ), etc.
Famous Brâncuși works include the Sleeping Muse ( 1908 ), The Kiss ( 1908 ), Prometheus ( 1911 ), Mademoiselle Pogany ( 1913 ), The Newborn ( 1915 ), Bird in Space ( 1919 ) and The Column of the Infinite ( Coloana infinitului ), popularly known as The Endless Column ( 1938 ).
Famous cinéma vérité / direct cinema films include Les Raquetteurs, Showman, Salesman, Near Death, The Children Were Watching, and Grey Gardens.
Famous people who lived, worked or were born in Dachau include
Famous authors of the city include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Muriel Spark, author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, James Hogg, author of The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus series of crime thrillers, J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, who began her first book in an Edinburgh coffee shop, Adam Smith, economist, born in Kirkcaldy, and author of The Wealth of Nations, Sir Walter Scott, the author of famous titles such as Rob Roy, Ivanhoe and Heart of Midlothian, Robert Louis Stevenson, creator of Treasure Island, Kidnapped and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting.
Famous city artists include the portrait painters Sir Henry Raeburn, Sir David Wilkie and Allan Ramsay.
Series of this type include the Famous Five ( 21 novels, 1942 – 1963, based on four children and their dog ), the Five Find-Outers and Dog, ( 15 novels, 1943 – 1961, where five children regularly outwit the local police ) as well as The Secret Seven ( 15 novels, 1949 – 1963, a society of seven children who solve various mysteries ).
Examples include the Famous Five and Secret Seven, and the Adventure series.
Famous battles in France include Battle of Verdun ( spanning 10 months from 21 February to 18 December 1916 ), Battle of the Somme ( 1 July to 18 November 1916 ), and five separate conflicts called the Battle of Ypres
Famous London examples of inns include the George and the Tabard.
Famous players of the RGA guitars include Shaun Stonard of Assassins Of Arcadia.
Famous writers and composers who have created works about her include: William Shakespeare ( Henry VI, Part 1 ), Voltaire ( The Maid of Orleans ), Friedrich Schiller ( The Maid of Orleans ), Giuseppe Verdi ( Giovanna d ' Arco ), Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ( The Maid of Orleans ), Mark Twain ( Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc ), Arthur Honegger ( Jeanne d ' Arc au bûcher ), Jean Anouilh ( L ' Alouette ), Bertolt Brecht ( Saint Joan of the Stockyards ), George Bernard Shaw ( Saint Joan ), Maxwell Anderson ( Joan of Lorraine ), and Leonard Cohen ( Joan of Arc ).
Famous examples of his Suprematist works include Black Square ( 1915 ) and White on White ( 1918 ).
Famous London inns include The George, Southwark and The Tabard.

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