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Fantasy and author
# REDIRECT Fantasy author
* 2008 – Gary Gygax, Fantasy author and role-playing games creator.
Along with Steve Jackson he is the co-founder of the popular and influential series of Fighting Fantasy roleplaying gamebook series and author of many books within that series.
The Tombs of Atuan is a fantasy novel by the American author Ursula K. Le Guin, first published in the Winter 1970 issue of Worlds of Fantasy and published as a book by Atheneum in 1971.
* Christopher Stasheff, Fantasy author
Peter Milligan penned the other new series, Enigma, and continued Shade, the Changing Man, while Ennis continued Hellblazer, Delano wrote Animal Man, Fantasy author Rachel Pollack took over Doom Patrol and Horror author Nancy Collins wrote Swamp Thing.
* Blood of the Mantis, a 2009 Fantasy novel by British author Adrian Tchaikovsky ( and set in a fictional universe where different human races are modeled on different insects ) is dedicated to Fabre.
Fantasy author Kathryn Wesley wrote a novelization of Hwang's teleplay for The Lost Empire under the title The Monkey King.
* Fantasy author Karl Edward Wagner wrote a series of novels and stories about an immortal red-bearded warrior named Kane, who is clearly modeled on the biblical Cain.
Mr. Met was portrayed from 1994 through 1997 by AJ Mass, currently a fantasy sports writer for ESPN and author of the book How Fantasy Sports Explains the World, published in August 2011.
" Tolkien fandom " in this sense sprang up in the USA in the 1960s, in the context of the hippie movement, to the dismay of the author ( Tolkien died in 1973 ), who talked of " my deplorable cultus ".< ref name = Grossman > Lev Grossman, Feeding on Fantasy Time. com, November 24, 2002
She is the author of a national sentimentality trilogy beginning with The Anatomy of National Fantasy: Hawthorne, Utopia, and Everyday Life ( 1991 ), which looks at the relation between modes of belonging mediated by the state and the law, modes of belonging mediated by the aesthetic, and especially by genre, and modes that grow from within the everyday life of social relations.
When David Pringle chose it for inclusion in his book Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels, he described the novel as " a playful metafiction about the real and the fictitious, about the writer and his or her creation …" and concluded that the novel is "… a gripping and intelligent tale of the supernatural by an author who is adept at avoiding most of the clichés of the horror genre.
Eberron was created by author and game designer Keith Baker as the winning entry for Wizards of the Coast's Fantasy Setting Search, a competition run in 2002 to establish a new setting for the Dungeons and Dragons game.
Audio recording of author panel discussion from First World Fantasy Convention, Providence, 1975.
Also in 1982, American author Jeffrey C. Dillow published solo adventures in book format for his High Fantasy role-playing game which, unlike previous RPG solitaire adventures, included all rules required for play.
42 Entertainment had previously created the first ARG, The Beast, which had been used to promote the movie A. I .. Other members of the I Love Bees team included Sean Stewart, a World Fantasy Award-award-winning author who served as I Love Bees writer, and Jim Stewartson, I Love Bees technical lead who produced the first commercial 3D game delivered by the internet.
In The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines ( 2009 ), author Mike Madrid states that what set Barbara Gordon as Batgirl apart from other female characters was her motivation for crime-fighting.
In The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines ( 2009 ), author Mike Madrid states that what set Barbara Gordon as Batgirl apart from other female characters was her motivation for crime-fighting.
Fantasy author and Conan the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard, a big fan of Bunky, was fond of quoting from the strip, as noted by his friend, Tevis Clyde Smith.
Fantasy / horror author Neil Gaiman uses the " Larry Talbot " character in two selections from his short story collection Smoke and Mirrors.
Fantasy author David A. Hargrave pays homage to Stafford in the Arduin series of supplements, the most widely know example of this being the Stafford's Star Bridge 9th-Level mage spell ( Arduin I, page 41 ).
Fantasy has been distinguished from other forms of literature by its style and its freedom of expression wherein an author has the ability to use any story-telling element to strengthen the narrative ; whether it be dragons, magic and castles or the lack thereof.

Fantasy and Philip
" We Can Remember It for You Wholesale " is a short story by Philip K. Dick first published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in April 1966.
There have been other timpani concertos, notably, Philip Glass, considered one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century, wrote a double concerto titled Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra, which features its soloists playing nine drums apiece.
Philip Glass's " Concerto Fantasy " utilizes this technique during a timpani cadenza.
Lloyd Webber has given more than 50 works their premiere recordings and has inspired new compositions for cello from composers as diverse as Malcolm Arnold ( Fantasy for Cello, 1986, and Cello Concerto, 1989 ), Joaquín Rodrigo ( Concierto como un divertimento, 1982 ) James MacMillan ( Cello Sonata No. 2, 2001 ), and Philip Glass ( Cello Concerto, 2001 ).
* Philip Howard ( Fantasy Sports Champion ) ( born 1982 ), British fantasy sports manager
Since its 2005 English language release ( 2006 PEN / Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Prize-winning translation by Philip Gabriel ), the novel has received mostly positive reviews and critical acclaim, including a spot on The New York Times 10 Best Books of 2005 and the World Fantasy Award.
" Upon the Dull Earth " is a science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick, first published in November 1954 in Beyond Fantasy Fiction.
A collection of her short stories, Stable Strategies and Others ( 2004 ), was nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award and short-listed for the James Tiptree, Jr. Award and the World Fantasy Award.
According to the Press ' website: " Small Beer Press books have: won the Philip K. Dick Award ; sold reprint rights to the UK, Finland, Japan, Turkey, Hungary, Latin America, Romania, Russia, and Italy ; been nominated for the Impac Prize and finalists for the Story Prize, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards ; been chosen as best of the year by Booklist, Time Magazine, Salon, Village Voice, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Locus among others ; been reprinted by Penguin and iBooks ; been Book Sense picks ; been excerpted on Salon. com ; and have received starred reviews in Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal ".

Fantasy and echoes
" Bernard Goodman of Fantasy Review believes that " Bishop's theme of evil inherent in humanity echoes William Golding ," and that the novel " in some ways … parallels Golding's Lord of the Flies.

Fantasy and idea
At least one work of fiction, the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, uses Gaia philosophy as a central point to the plot, and may arguably represent a fictional parallel to Sir James Lovelock in the character of Dr. Cid, who is met with skepticism from the scientific and social community when he promotes the idea of a " living Earth ".
Fantasy has long borrowed the idea of " another world " from myth, legend and religion.
Cloud's Japanese voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai, first voiced the character in Kingdom Hearts with the idea that Cloud was a different character from the one in Final Fantasy VII, which he was a fan of.
Tajiri was also influenced by Square's Game Boy game The Final Fantasy Legend, noting in an interview that the game gave him the idea that more than just action games could be developed for the handheld.
The idea for the game came about when a chatter mistakenly referred to Enchanted Forest II ( an existing game ) as Fantasy Quest II.
Hironobu Sakaguchi — one of Chrono Trigger ′ s creators — pitched the idea of an MMORPG to Square while working on Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
The idea was for the film to focus on the characters of Cloud and Tifa in a similar way to how other titles from Compilation of Final Fantasy VII centered on certain characters ( for example, Before Crisis focuses on the Turks, Dirge of Cerberus focuses on Vincent, and Crisis Core focuses on Zack Fair ).
* Dramatic Fantasy for violin and cello ( an idea which was given to him by Meyerbeer ).
Igor Stravinsky, on the other hand, traces Stimmungs one-note idea back to Henry Purcell's Fantasy upon One Note, and its time-scale to Wagner's Götterdämmerung, while at the same time observing that this time-scale " indicates the need of a musical equivalent to the parking meter " ( Stravinsky and Craft 1969, 94 – 95 ).
Nevertheless, the idea of lighter-than-air motherships for fleets of smaller aircraft remains romanticized in fiction today, in games such as Crimson Skies and Final Fantasy.
* The image is used to illustrate important characteristics of Final Fantasy X mentioned in the article, which conveys to the reader an idea of what they look like
It reminded me of growing up and listening to the radio and that feeling the song gave me seemed to go with the melody and basic idea I had for " Fantasy ".
Although now anyone is free to use this idea, the success of “ Mimi ” to The Emancipation of Mimi, her tenth studio album released almost a decade after Fantasy suggests that it still belongs to Carey.
In 1962, while still residing in Oklahoma City, Bridwell submitted to the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction his first idea for a Feghoot adventure, a specific type of shaggy dog story that ends in a humorous and unexpected play on words.

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