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Faulkner's and works
It would be profitable, I believe, to read these realistic humorists alongside Faulkner's works, the thought being not that he necessarily read them and owed anything to them directly, but rather that they dealt a hundred years ago with a class of people and a type of life which have continued down to our time, to Faulkner's time.
Comparisons between Winesburg, Ohio and Jean Toomer's Cane ( 1923 ), Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time ( 1925 ), William Faulkner's Go Down Moses ( 1942 ), and several of John Steinbeck's works, among others, demonstrate the pervasiveness of the formal innovations made in Anderson's book.
She followed Hemingway's work with nine more books in 1932 included William Faulkner's Sanctuary, Kay Boyle's Year Before Last, Dorothy Parker's Laments for the Living, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery's Night-Flight along with works by Alain Fournier, Charles-Louis Philippe, Paul Eluard, George Grosz, Max Ernst, and C. G. Jung.
In 1946 Cowley edited Viking's edition of The Portable Faulkner, and his introduction is generally considered a turning point in William Faulkner's reputation in the United States at a time when many of his early works were in danger of going out of print.
" Additionally, David Haberly alleges that García Márquez may have borrowed themes from several works, such as William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha, Virginia Woolf's Orlando: A Biography, Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year, and Chateaubriand's Atala.
* Newton Faulkner discography, list of Newton Faulkner's works
However, this edition led to the Motte v Faulkner ( 1735 ) lawsuit, since the London bookseller Benjamin Motte had publication rights, under British copyright legislation, to many of the works included in Faulkner's edition.
In a letter to Motte in May 1736, Swift did not defend Faulkner's legal right to publish the works.

Faulkner's and fact
Thompson based his style on William Faulkner's notion that " fiction is often the best fact.
The weakness of Faulkner's position within Unionism was reflected in the fact that only about a dozen of the 250 odd local councillors elected for the UUP in 1973 chose to join the new party.
Despite the fact that she is on trial for Faulkner's murder, Andre is shocked by this news and faints, ending the act.

Faulkner's and those
Without saying or seeming to say that in portraying the Sartoris and the Compson families Faulkner's chief concern is social criticism, we can say nevertheless that through those families he dramatizes his comment on the planter dynasties as they have existed since the decades before the Civil War.

Faulkner's and which
Faulkner's is not the mind of the apologist which Mr. O'Donnell implies that it is.
Spenser seems to agree with William Faulkner's assessment of scotch — " that brown liquor which not women, not boys and children, but only hunters drank.
The use of Quentin Compson as the primary perspective ( if not exactly the focus ) of the novel makes it something of a companion piece to Faulkner's earlier work The Sound and the Fury, which tells the story of the Compson Family, with Quentin as one of the main characters.
In 1931, however, when Faulkner's sixth novel, Sanctuary, was published — a sensationalist story which Faulkner later claimed was written only for money — The Sound and the Fury also became commercially successful, and Faulkner began to receive critical attention.
As is the case in much of Faulkner's work, the story is set in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, which Faulkner referred to as " my apocryphal county ," a fictional rendition of the writer's home of Lafayette County in that same state.
The novel has also directly influenced a number of other critically acclaimed books, including British author Graham Swift's 1996 Booker Prize-winning novel Last Orders and Suzan-Lori Parks's Getting Mother's Body: A Novel, which is a reimagining of Faulkner's novel from an African American point of view.
Image: TheFaulknerPortable. jpg | William Faulkner's Underwood Universal Portable in his office at Rowan Oak, which is now maintained by the University of Mississippi in Oxford as a museum.
He is referenced extensively in Faulkner's popular classic ' The Bear " as the original owner of the land that was sold to Carothers McCaslin, the first white landowner of the woods in which the story takes place.
This meaning of the term " apothecary " has not passed into archaic oblivion, as in William Faulkner's still widely read 1930 story " A Rose for Emily " the main character, Miss Emily Grierson, goes to an " apothecary " and buys arsenic, ostensibly to kill a rat ( which turns out later to have been her " Yankee " boyfriend who had apparently become bent on jilting her and casting her aside ).
" That Evening Sun " is a short story by the American author William Faulkner, published in 1931 on the collection These 13, which included Faulkner's most anthologized story, " A Rose for Emily ".
A copy of the 1939 edition of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market | Writer's Market, published by Writer's Digest Books rests next to William Faulkner | William Faulkner's Underwood Typewriter Company | Underwood Universal Portable typewriter in his office at his home, Rowan Oak, which is now maintained by the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi | Oxford as a museum.
The letter was retitled " Fraud Detected: or, The Hibernian Patriot " by Faulkner's Dublin Journal, which published the piece in 1725.
The concept of an " induction haircut " has also been the focus of litigation, such as in the case of The Citadel where attorneys for the first female cadet, Shannon Faulkner, argued that the " knob haircut " ( referring to the college's freshman class's traditional nickname ) would " implement rules which altogether denigrate Ms. Faulkner's identity as a woman.

Faulkner's and 1946
Faulkner's tournament career began in 1946, shortly after the war.

Faulkner's and when
Child psychologist Samuel Faulkner's ( Hugh Grant ) ideal romance with ballet teacher Rebecca Taylor ( Julianne Moore ) is turned upside-down when Rebecca gets pregnant.

Faulkner's and made
The pro-Sunningdale parties, the SDLP, the Alliance, the Northern Ireland Labour Party and the " Pro Assembly Unionists " made up of Faulkner's supporters, were disunited and ran candidates against one another.
Newton Faulkner's Write It On Your Skin contained two Nexus songs-" Pick Up Your Broken Heart " and " Soon "-and made No. 1 in 2012 UK Albums Chart.
An allusion is made to Lothario in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!

Faulkner's and no
The ingredients of Faulkner's novels and stories are by no means new with him, and most of the problems he takes up have had the attention of authors before him.
Note that the ad for this repeat, a production adapted from William Faulkner's story, makes no mention of Faulkner.

Faulkner's and such
Examples of such usage are William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and William Wordsworth's The Idiot Boy.
First person narrators are often unreliable narrators since a narrator might be impaired such as Benjy in Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury ), lie ( as in The Quiet American by Graham Greene, or The Book of the New Sun series by Gene Wolfe ), or manipulate his or her own memories intentionally or not ( as in The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, or in Ken Keasey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ).
Her creation of this fictitious area of England is reminiscent of Thomas Hardy's creation of " Wessex "; and her use of recurring characters such that the protagonist of one novel appears as a secondary character in others is even more reminiscent of William Faulkner's work set in " Yoknapatawpha County ," Mississippi.

Faulkner's and South
My intention, therefore, is not to say that Faulkner's awareness has been confined within the borders of the South, but rather that he has looked at his world as a Southerner and that presumably his outlook is Southern.
By using various narrators expressing their interpretations, the novel alludes to the historical cultural zeitgeist of Faulkner's South, where the past is always present and constantly in states of revision by the people who tell and retell the story over time ; it thus also explores the process of myth-making and the questioning of truth.
Like much of Faulkner's work, The Sound and the Fury has been read as typifying the South as a whole.
It was written as Faulkner's response as a Southern writer to the racial problems facing the South.

Faulkner's and .
They have indicated the direction but they have not been explicit enough, I believe, in pointing out Faulkner's independence, his questioning if not indeed challenging the Southern tradition.
Faulkner's low-class characters had but few counterparts in earlier Southern novels dealing with plantation life.
Brown himself received six Academy Award nominations and in 1949 won the British Academy Award for the film version of William Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust.
* 1942 – William Faulkner's collections of short stories, Go Down, Moses, is published.
D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover was privately published in 1928, while another important landmark for the history of the modern novel came with the publication of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury in 1929.
The party ultimately nominated the former civil rights campaigner Austin Currie, a respected new TD and former minister in Brian Faulkner's power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland from 1973 – 74.
William Faulkner's character " Narcissa " in Sanctuary, sister of Horace Benbow, was also named after Narcissus.
Chatham Publishing, 1 & 2 Faulkner's Alley, Cowcross St. London, Great Britain, 1996.
* In William Faulkner's novel The Sound and the Fury, Jason Compson hits on other perceptions of Wall Street: after finding some of his stocks are doing poorly, he blames " the Jews.
In the field of American fiction, William Faulkner's 1930 novel As I Lay Dying can be read as an interaction with the cubist mode.
After his death, Burton was replaced by Edward Fox, and the character changed to Faulkner's younger brother.
The Origins of Faulkner's art.

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