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Few and singers
Few country singers fill their albums primarily with their own material.
In 2004, Stephen Holden of The New York Times wrote: " Few singers command such perfection of pitch.

Few and English
In April 1983 the group resumed its activities with a live appearance in Ljubljana, featuring guest performances by the English bands The Last Few Days and 23 Skidoo, for which recordings of dogs barking and snarling were used as the concert intro.
Few specimens have survived of what is often regarded as one of the most beautiful medieval English coins ever produced.
According to Charles Carlton, " Few heirs to the English throne have been as widely and deeply mourned as Prince Henry.
Few Norman keeps in English castles originally contained prisons, though they were more common in Scotland.
Few traditional Cornish lyrics survived the decline of the language, but in some cases lyrics of common English songs became attached to older Cornish tunes.
Few doors with cat holes have survived from this early period, but the 14th-century English writer Geoffrey Chaucer described one in the " Miller's Tale " from his Canterbury Tales.
Few of these have been assimilated into standard English ; but one that has is " holocaust " for burnt offering.
Few formidable wicket-taker spinner had been known to come from the English side for the past many years.
Lyrical Ballads, with a Few Other Poems is a collection of poems by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, first published in 1798 and generally considered to have marked the beginning of the English Romantic movement in literature.
The ZOA was originally called the " Zone of Few Nebulae " in an 1878 paper by English astronomer Richard Proctor that referred to the distribution of " nebulae " in Sir John Herschel's General Catalogue of Nebulae.
* In 2006, Russian-American jazz pianist Simon Nabatov and English jazz vocalist Phil Minton released a CD entitled, A Few Incidences, which was based upon Kharms ' texts.
Few English verbs are derived from the corresponding Greek verbs ; examples are baptize and ostracize.
Few writers of his time had a deeper knowledge of the English language, or cared for it more devotedly.
Few Englishman cared to accept a settlement at the hands of a victorious foreign army, and on 28 June 1650, five days after Charles II had sworn to the Covenant, the newly appointed Lord-General Oliver Cromwell was on his way to the Border to take command of the English army.
" Few realized at the time, however, that the English translation had been abridged to fit one volume and that controversial passages had been omitted both to streamline the narrative and make the book less offensive to readers.
Few diplomats, and even the first ambassador did not speak English.
Few parts have audio in English with Portuguese subtitles )
Windham was opposed to the evangelical movement and their attempt to outlaw traditional English sports: " Few subjects agitated ... Windham ... more than the puritanical and Wilberforcian assault on the traditional sports of Englishmen such as boxing and bull-baiting.
Few Sino-Mauritian youth speak Chinese ; those who do use it primarily for communication with elderly relatives, especially those who did not attend school and thus had little exposure to English or French.
Few documents survive into modern times, the ( Winchester confessions ) c. 1616 highlight the variant of English Romani and contains a high number of words still used in the modern Northern European Romani dialects and until recently Welsh Romani ; Examples include ; Balovas ( pig meat bacon ), Lovina ( beer, alcohol ), ruk ( tree ), Smentena ( cream ), Boba ( beans ) and Folaso ( glove ) and all such words occur in all western dialects of Romani, with little English loanwords present.
Nicholas Boson ( 1624-1708 ) wrote three significant texts in Cornish, Nebbaz gerriau dro tho Carnoack ( A Few Words about Cornish ) between 1675 and 1708 ; Jowan Chy-an-Horth, py, An try foynt a skyans ( John of Chyannor, or, The three points of wisdom ), published by Edward Lhuyd in 1707, though written earlier ; and The Dutchess of Cornwall's Progress, partly in English, now known only in fragments.
Few of his works have been translated into English, French or German.
Few of his works have been translated into English, but Wirriyamu was published in an English translation in 1980.

Few and folk
Few details of how the modern game developed from earlier folk games are known.
* ' A Few Folks And Their Songs ' -- a program on folk music, hosted by Theodore Bikel

Few and revival
His career revival began when the young Italian director Sergio Leone boldly cast Van Cleef, whose career was still in the doldrums, as one of the two protagonists, alongside Clint Eastwood, in Leone's second western, For a Few Dollars More.
Few wished for the revival of the absolute kingship, of the absolute authority of a single House of Parliament, or of the Laudian system of governing the Church .... The living forces of England — forces making for the destruction of those barriers which he was himself breaking through, buoyed him up — as a strong and self-confident swimmer, he was carried onward by the flowing tide.
O ' Hare appeared in a number of theatrical productions on Broadway and in the New York area, including an acclaimed revival of Shaw's Man and Superman with Philip Bosco and the role of Col. Jessup in the original stage version of A Few Good Men ( the role played by Jack Nicholson in the film version ).
Few became church members after the revival was over, however.

Few and have
Few writers have better understood their deepest selves.
Few new writers have their first story accepted, so they tell me.
Few business groups in recent years have come under heavier pressure to face these realities than real estate brokers and home builders.
Few artists have left a life work so eloquent of the period in which they lived.
Few who have painted the scenes around them have done so with so little bitterness.
Few of Salieri's compositions have survived from this early period.
Few Burkinabé have had formal education.
Few breatharians have submitted themselves to medical testing ; of those that have, including a hospital's observation of an Indian mystic surviving without food or water for 15 days, none have undergone peer review with results independently reproduced.
Few undersea craters have been discovered because of the difficulty of surveying the sea floor, the rapid rate of change of the ocean bottom, and the subduction of the ocean floor into the Earth's interior by processes of plate tectonics.
Few lawyers practice trial law or complex litigation and typically refer such cases to those who have the time, resources and experience to handle a complex trial and the commitment involved to complete a trial successfully.
Few scientific investigations into the effectiveness of Dianetics have been published.
Few details of Coleman's medical history have been made public.
Few new jobs have been generated in the formal sector, however, because domestic private sector and foreign investment has dropped and coveted public-sector jobs have been reserved mostly for the small Honduran middle-class with political or military connections.
" Few historians still hold it to have been the greatest issue of the period ..."
Few changes have been made to Ido since 1922.
Few others in the American study of religion have had this kind of impact on students of so many approaches and interests.
Few examples of the Khazar language exist today, mostly in names that have survived in historical sources.
Few Lombard buildings have survived.
Few studies have investigated the effects of morphine on motor abilities ; a high dose of morphine can impair finger tapping and the ability to maintain a low constant level of isometric force ( i. e. fine motor control is impaired ), though no studies have shown a correlation between morphine and gross motor abilities.
Few major biological types have emerged during the evolutionary history of life and most of them survive till today.

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