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Fife and Airport
Inverkeithing and its hinterland are also served by the Ferrytoll Park and Ride, off Hope Street, which provides car parking and access to bus services to Edinburgh city centre, South Gyle, Edinburgh Airport, Livingston and many parts of Fife, as well as links to the Scottish Citylink coach network.
There were four other sites, one at Hedley Road, one on Hatfield Road, St Albans ( Fleetville Works ) and one on the Donibristle Industrial Estate in Fife, Scotland and one at Luton Airport, Luton.

Fife and lies
The village of Kinglassie lies to the north of the Lochty Burn, 3 miles ( 5 km ) southwest of Glenrothes in Fife and 3 miles southeast of Perth and Kinross district. Kinglassie ( Pronounced Kin-glassie ) village has been populated for thousands of years, in 830 AD the village was known as Kinglace, the ancient Picts used to live in this area.
Known as the place where King Alexander III of Scotland died, it lies on the A921 road and the Fife Coastal Path.
The historic former Royal Burgh of Kinghorn lies on the coastline of the Kingdom of Fife.
Cowdenbeath lies in south-western Fife, near to the larger town of Dunfermline.
The Duke of Albany died in 1420 in Stirling Castle and lies buried in Dunfermline Abbey in Fife.
Inchcolm lies in the Firth of Forth off the south coast of Fife opposite Braefoot Bay, east of the Forth Bridge, south of Aberdour, Fife, and north of the City of Edinburgh.
Glenrothes lies in mid-Fife between the agricultural " Howe of Fife " in the north and east and Fife's industrial heartland in the south and west.
Limekilns, a village in Fife, Scotland, lies on the shore of the Firth of Forth.
Tayport lies close to the north east tip of Fife.
Part of the East Neuk, it lies immediately to the north of ( but inland and separate from ) Anstruther on the south Fife coast.
Mugdrum Island lies in the Firth of Tay, offshore from the town of Newburgh, Fife, in the east of Scotland.
The village of Kingsbarns lies on eastern coast of Fife, Scotland, in an area known as the East Neuk, 6. 5 miles southeast of St Andrews and 3. 6 miles north of Crail.
The small village of Springfield ( population less than 1000 ) lies at the edge of the Howe of Fife, to the south of the town of Cupar, Fife, Scotland.

Fife and mile
The 46 mile flight over the Firth of Forth ended at Coaltown of Callange in the parish of Ceres, Fife.
The Ferry Peninsula is separated from the rest of Fife by narrow isthmus, about a quarter of a mile wide.
The family settled in a small mining town, Crossgates, about a mile to the east of Dunfermline in Fife.

Fife and 1
* May 1 – George Fife Angas, Founder of South Australia ( d. 1879 )
* 1, 325 km < sup > 2 </ sup > — Fife, Scotland
* Fife Lake Union District No. 1 Schoolhouse
The bridge has a gradient of 1: 81 running from above sea-level in Dundee to above sea-level in Fife.
On 1 January 1932, George V declared that his only daughter should bear the title Princess Royal, succeeding her aunt Princess Louise, the Princess Royal and Duchess of Fife who had died a year before.
1 candidates were: West Jim Bollan, Glasgow Frances Curran, Central Kevin McVey, Lothian Colin Fox, South Colin Turbett, Mid Scotland and Fife Morag Balfour, North East Angela Gorrie, Highlands and Islands Pam Currie.
pt: Alexandre Duff, 1 ° Duque de Fife
sv: Alexander Duff, 1: e hertig av Fife
Iain Smith ( born 1 May 1960 ) is a Scottish Liberal Democrat politician, and was Member of the Scottish Parliament for North East Fife until defeated by the SNP's Rod Campbell in 2011.
# Joan de Clare ( 1264-after 1302 ), married ( 1 ) Duncan Macduff, 7th Earl of Fife ; ( 2 ) Gervase Avenel
Queen's defeated Arbroath in the semi-finals 4 – 1 on aggregate and then East Fife in the final 7 – 2 on aggregate.
* 1 / 7th ( Fife ) Bn, the Black Watch
The Witches warn Macbeth to “ beware Macduff, beware the Thane of Fife( 4. 1. 87-88 ).
The Mid Fife Local Plan is guiding the future development of the town and has identified land in the east and west of the settlement and its surrounding villages for the development of approximately 1, 800 new houses.
John Robertson ( born 2 October 1964 ) is a former professional association football player and up until 1 March 2012 he was the manager of East Fife.
On 1 March 2012 it was announced that Robertson had left as manager of East Fife
He appeared for them as a trialist a little less than a year later, playing for the full 90 minutes in a 1 – 0 win over East Fife.
The High Possil meteorite is one of only four ever to have been found in Scotland-the others being the Perth meteorite of 1830, and the Strathmore meteorite, which fell in Perthshire in 1917 of the 1, 998 fragments of a stony meteorite reported from a field near Glenrothes in Fife, although this is known to be an older fall, as they are very weathered.
Helen King ( 1 March 1972 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom ) is a Canadian actress working in theatre, film and TV as an actor, voice artist, puppeteer & singer.
The team's 2006 cup run was halted by Fife team Cowdenbeath who defeated the University 51 at Central Park on 9 December 2006.
He played two games during the Willie Harkness era: a 1 – 0 win over Cowdenbeath on 26 November 1983 and a goalless draw with East Fife on 10 December 1983, both at Palmerston Park.
* 1 May – George Fife Angas

Fife and .
`` Witt House happily announces the engagement of Fran Horowitz to Erwin Schwartz of Fife House ''.
Alexander died in a fall from his horse in the dark while riding to visit the queen at Kinghorn in Fife on 18 March 1286 because it was her birthday the next day.
He was advised by them not to make the journey over to Fife because of weather conditions, but travelled anyway.
The son of a shoemaker and tanner in Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland, Selkirk was born in 1676.
On 11 December 1885, after a speech by Lord Aberdeen, Lady Aberdeen unveiled a bronze statue and plaque of Alexander Selkirk outside a house on the site of Selkirk's original home on the Main Street of Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland.
Southwards, it faced Fife across the Firth of Tay.
Aberdour (;, ) is a scenic and historic village on the south coast of Fife, Scotland.
The A921, the main road along the south coast of Fife, leads down the High Street of Wester Aberdour, before kinking sharply left to cross the railway line, then right again to progress through Easter Aberdour's Main Street.
It was nominated for " Best Coastal Resort " in Scotland along with St Andrews in Fife, North Berwick in East Lothian, and Rothesay in Argyll and Bute.
New facilities are currently under construction by Fife Council, which will much improve the beach throughout the year.
The two beaches are linked by part of the Fife Coastal Path which also takes you past the harbour and the Hawkcraig-a popular rock climbing location.
In 1798, James Duff, 2nd Earl Fife, acquired Balmoral, and leased the castle.
Major additions to the old house were considered in 1849, but by then negotiations were underway to purchase the estate from the trustees of the deceased Earl Fife.
* Constantine or Causantín, Earl of Fife ( fl.
Some believe he was beheaded on a Fife beach, following a battle at Fife Ness, near Crail.
The core of the kingdom was similar to the old counties of Mearns, Forfar, Perth, Fife, and Kinross.
The second son of James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark, Charles was born in Dunfermline Palace, Fife, on 19 November 1600.
David was the third of six children, two daughters and four sons: James ( 1777 – 1847 ), minister at Craig, Ferryden ; David ; David ; George ( 1784 – 1855 ), minister at Scoonie, Fife ; and Patrick ( 1788 – 1859 ), minister at the abbey church, Paisley.
The club play their home games at the Murrayfield Ice Rink and compete in the ten team professional Elite Ice Hockey League along with three other Scottish teams which are the Fife Flyers, Braehead Clan and the Dundee Stars.
In the east coast fishing communities and Dundee, first-footers used to carry a decorated herring while in Falkland in Fife, local men would go in torchlight procession to the top of the Lomond Hills as midnight approached.
Kinglassie ( Gaelic: Cille MoGhlasaidh ) is a small village in central Fife, Scotland.

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