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Fifteen and years
Fifteen years ago, there were no Guideposts at all.
Fifteen years ago, troubled by the rising tide of materialism in the post-war world, a businessman and a minister asked themselves if there might not be a place for a small magazine in which men and women, regardless of creed or color, could set forth boldly their religious convictions and bear witness to the power of faith to solve the endless problems of living.
Dry Guillotine: Fifteen years among the living dead.
Fifteen hundred years have passed since the 3, 500-year reign of the God Emperor Leto Atreides II ended with his assassination ; humanity is firmly on the Golden Path, Leto's plan to save mankind from destruction.
Fifteen ( 15 ) to thirty ( 30 ) years of archival data storage is cited by manufacturers of modern data tape such as Linear Tape-Open media.
" Fifteen years after Animal Liberation: Has the animal rights movement achieved philosophical legitimacy?
Fifteen years later in 1776, the chevalier de Tromelin ( from whom the island takes its name ), captain of the French warship La Dauphine, visited the island and rescued the survivors — seven women and an eight-month-old child.
Fifteen years after the Bounty mutiny, he was appointed Governor of New South Wales in Australia, with orders to clean up the corrupt rum trade of the New South Wales Corps, resulting in the so-called Rum Rebellion.
* October 21 – Fifteen Arab leaders convene in Cairo, Egypt, for their first summit in 4 years ; the Libyan delegation walks out, angry over signs the summit will stop short of calling for breaking ties with Israel.
Fifteen years later, Lepping competitions were brought to Britain and by 1900 most of the more important shows had Lepping classes.
Fifteen years later, Speaker Nicholas Longworth restored much — but not all — of the lost influence of the position.
He is given as the ancestor of a Welsh king on the Pillar of Eliseg, erected nearly 500 years after he left Britain, and he figures in lists of the Fifteen Tribes of Wales.
Fifteen years after splitting up, Doe Maar became frontpage-news again ; they were going to close off this chapter properly, and finally taking a long-denied slice of the financial pie.
He is given as the ancestor of a Welsh king on the Pillar of Eliseg, erected nearly 500 years after he left Britain, and he figures in lists of the Fifteen Tribes of Wales.
Fifteen years later The School Bag aimed at something different.
Fifteen years later, disillusionment with Britain's weak economic performance and troubled industrial relations, combined with active spadework by figures such as Sir Keith Joseph, had helped to make a radical market programme politically feasible for Thatcher ( which was in turn to influence the subsequent Labour leadership, especially under Blair ).
Fifteen years after the Peace Accords, the democratic process in El Salvador rests on a precariously balanced system since the Legislative Assembly decreed an amnesty after the accords.
The album received fairly good reviews ; Scott Bergen of The Record described it as " one of their best albums ", while Jim Farber of the Daily News wrote that " Fifteen years after they batted out their first left-field hit with ' The Distance ,' the band's sound and words still have bite ".
Fifteen years later, Bure's goal and McLean's save were ranked first and second in a Vancouver Sun article listing the " 40 most memorable moments in team history.
Fifteen years later, in 1562, a Cambridgeshire man, William Gery, purchased the estate and almost immediately began building on the site of the priory.
Fifteen years later, Henry meets a chorus girl ( Helene Reynolds ) in her dressing room shortly before her performance.
Fifteen years after Napoleon I, Charles X's road to exile also started at Rambouillet.
Fifteen years later, Worcester was hit by a tornado that killed 94 people.
Fifteen years younger than her husband, Catherine Hershey developed an undiagnosable illness circa 1901, and was increasingly sickly for years.

Fifteen and later
Fifteen minutes later the competitors entered the stadium in a procession that took 50 minutes.
Fifteen months later Prince Edward had escaped captivity ( having been freed by his cousin Roger Mortimer ) and led the royalists into battle, turning the tables on de Montfort at the Battle of Evesham in 1265.
Fifteen incarcerees were buried there, but only five graves remain, as most were later reburied elsewhere by their families.
Fifteen hundred years later in Heretics of Dune ( 1984 ), the Bene Gesserit have regained their power and relocated to a hidden homeworld they call Chapterhouse, and the spice cycle has been renewed on Arrakis, now called Rakis.
A later study, " Plainville Fifteen Years Later ," by anthropologist Art Gallaher, was far more tactful and sensitive in its portrayal of the village's residents, and created essentially no negative response.
Fifteen years later she died from a brain aneurysm, which Reisman suspected was linked to the earlier trauma.
Fifteen hundred years later in Chapterhouse: Dune ( 1985 ), the Bene Gesserit Bellonda assesses the many Duncans who came before:
" Fifteen years later, Time critic Richard Schickel listed it as one of his " Guilty Pleasures "; while acknowledging " there are people who think this film ... may be the worst big budget film of modern times ", Schickel disagreed, saying " if you set aside the routine comic expectations its marketing encouraged, you may find yourself entranced by a movie that is utterly sui generis.
Fifteen days later, he returned to find the same flower, still fresh and fragrant in the same place as if a mysterious force was preserving it.
Fifteen years later, her mother remastered and edited her music and launched it in CD form including a video of her hit song " Amor en Mil Idiomas ".
Fifteen years later, in 1452, it was at Stirling Castle that James stabbed and killed William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas, when the latter refused to end a potentially treasonous alliance with the John of Islay, Earl of Ross and the Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford.
Fifteen years later, he and his associate published a report of more than 500 cardiac surgeries in this population, documenting that cardiac surgery could be safely performed without blood transfusion.
Fifteen years later, it was evident the term Separation of Concerns was becoming an accepted idea.
He developed and contributed to many dinghy classes which are still with us nearly a century later: the Albacore, International 14, National 12, the Firefly, Flying Fifteen and the Scorpion.
Fifteen years later ( in 1322 ), approximately thirty of Dolcino's disciples were burned alive in the marketplace at Padua.

Fifteen and director
William Gladstone Stewart ( born 15 July 1935 in Lincolnshire ) is an English television producer and director of comedy and game shows, now best known as the former presenter ( and producer ) of the Channel 4 quiz show Fifteen to One.
Fifteen passengers, including a director of the railway, Lord Herbert Vane-Tempest, and the driver and fireman of the stopping train were killed in the collision.

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