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File and Deutsches
File: Suit of chain mail from DHM museum Berlin. jpg | A suit of mail on display at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin.
File: El Alamein Deutsches Kriegsgraeberdenkmal. jpg | El Alamein German memorial
File: DFKI 2. JPG | The Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz ( DFKI ), the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
File: Wappen Deutsches Reich-Reichswappen ( Mittleres ). svg | A pedestal ( terrace ) compartment in the middle version of the coat of arms of the German Emperor until 1918.
File: Zeughaus Unter den Linden Berlin. jpg | Zeughaus ( now Deutsches Historisches Museum )
File: Freie Bibliothek and Deutsches Dispensary. jpg | Stuyvesant Polyclinic ( right )
File: Wappen Deutsches Reich-Königreich Preussen ( Grosses ). png | Greater arms of Prussia, 1873
File: Dinkelsbuehl BW 2. JPG | Market place with " Deutsches Haus " ( 3rd from right )

File and Berlin
File: Roedeliusplatz 2007 11 Glaubenskirche. jpg | Saint Anthony & Saint Shenouda Church, Berlin, Germany
File: Roedeliusplatz 07-05-17-Glaubenskirche-gesamt1. JPG | Saint Anthony & Saint Shenouda Church, Berlin, Germany
File: Roedeliusplatz 07-05-17-Glaubenskirche-gesamt4. JPG | Saint Anthony & Saint Shenouda Church, Berlin, Germany
File: Berlin Neue Nationalgalerie June 2002. jpg | Interior of Neue Nationalgalerie museum in Berlin, Germany
Deighton's anonymous spy, protagonist of The IPCRESS File ( 1962 ), Horse Under Water ( 1963 ), Funeral in Berlin ( 1964 ), and others, is a working-class man.
File: Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F086693-0012, Berlin, bemalte Reste der Berliner Mauer. jpg | A Trabant passing the Berlin Wall in 1990
File: Berlin_Wall_Trabant_grafitti. jpg | Mural ( post-Wende, on the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery near Berlin Ostbahnhof
File: BerlinWall01b. jpg | Mural on the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery featuring Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker riding together in a Trabant ( Spring 2002 ).
File: Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R38586, Berlin, Essen für bedürftige Kinder. jpg | Children being fed by a soup kitchen, 1924.
File: Bundesarchiv Bild 183-B0527-0001-772, Berlin, Friseur-Salon, Angebot für Arbeitslose. jpg | A man reads a sign advertising " Attention, Unemployed, Haircut 40 pfennigs, Shave 15 pfennigs ", 1927.
File: Bundesarchiv Bild 183-09249-0013, Berlin, alte Frau sammelt Abfälle. jpg | An elderly woman gathers vegetable waste tossed from a vegetable seller's wagon for her lunch, 1923.
File: Lesser Ury Dame im Café. jpg | Sketch of a woman in a café by Lesser Ury for a Berlin newspaper, 1925.
File: Wolfsonian-FIU Museum-IMG 8232. JPG | Armchair, model MR-20, 1927, by designer Mies van der Rohe, manufactured by Bamberg Metallwerkstatten, Berlin.
File: Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-P062899, Berlin, Tanzkabarett im Europahaus. jpg | The Europahaus, one of hundreds of cabarets in Weimar Berlin, 1931.
File: KoenerAndHirschfeld. png | A scene from Different from the Others ( 1919 ), a film made in Berlin, whose main character struggles with his homosexuality.
File: Bundesarchiv Bild 102-07741, Berlin, " Koks Emil " der Kokain-Verkäufer. jpg | Prostitutes buy cocaine capsules from a drug dealer in Berlin, 1930.
File: Bundesarchiv Bild 102-07740, Berlin, " Schnaps-Ede " der Likör-Verkäufer. jpg | A liquor-seller after closing time on the road.

File and February
File: Feb 2011 Haze over China. jpg | Dense smog settled over the North China Plain on February 20, 2011.
File: Scandinavia. TMO2003050. jpg | Scandinavian Peninsula in winter ( February 19, 2003 )
File: Goldchat1. jpg | Gold record for Chattanooga Choo Choo presented to Glenn Miller ( right ), by W. Wallace Early of RCA Victor with announcer Paul Douglas on the left, February, 1942.
File: Freedom of Worship. jpg | Freedom of Worship, February 27, 1943.
File: Klyuchevskaya ASTER 24feb05. jpg | The eruption of February 2005.
File: Lava and Snow on Klyuchevskaya Volcano 2010-02-13. jpg | The eruption of February 2010 taken by NASA ASTER.
An In-Depth Look into the Win32 Portable Executable File Format by Matt Pietrek ( MSDN Magazine, February 2002 )
* The Haiti File, Mary Anastasia O ' Grady, The Wall Street Journal, 12 February 2007
File: Maxim Gorky. jpg | 7 February 1910
File: Albertville, Alabama Depot. JPG | The Albertville L & N Railroad Depot was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 20, 1975.
File: Thornhill, State Road 21, Talladega vicinity ( Talladega County, Alabama ). jpg | Thornhill was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 20, 1998.
File: Flag of Korea 1882. svg | Flag of the Provisional People ’ s Committee for North Korea ( February 1946-July 1948 )
File: William Brittain. jpg | SS-Rottenführer William Brittain, February 1945
File: BedaleTerrier2005. jpg | A terrier used for hunting, February 2005
File: William McKinley Vanity Fair 2 February 1899. jpg | President McKinley in Vanity Fair, 1899
File: DreadnoughtHoaxCartoonDailyMirrorFebruary1910. jpg |< center > Daily Mirror cartoon, February 1910 </ center >
File: DreadnoughtHoaxHobartMercury24March1910. jpg |< center > Report dated London 18 February 1910, published in the Hobart Mercury, Tasmania, 24 March 1910 </ center >
File: Parliament of Iran, February 2012. jpg | The third building ( used: 2004-present )</ br >
File: Royal Festival Hall terrace activity. jpg | Royal Festival Hall terraces, February 2008
File: Red flag of colonial Samoa. gif | Red Ensign of Western Samoa under Trusteeships with New Zealand, used between February 24, 1949-1962.
File: Departure of British Troops from India-28 February 1948-Gateway of India. jpg | The Sikh parade at the Gateway to India on the occasion of the departure of British troops from India on 28 February 1948.
The flexi was included in the February 1974 issue of File, a Canadian art magazine.
File: New Monuments in Gate of Heaven Cemetery February 2012. jpg | New monuments

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