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File and ::
File :: Abensberg RegensburgerTor. jpg | Regensburg Gate
File :: St Mary Abchurch-Painted Interior of Dome. jpg | St.
File :: Starr 070515-7041 Osmoxylon lineare. jpg | Osmoxylon lineare.
File :: Illustration Hydrocotyle vulgaris0. jpg |( Hydrocotyle vulgaris )
File :: Alizaryna. svg | alizarin
File :: The_Spa_and_the_Grand_Hotel, _Scarborough_-_geograph. org. uk_-_807308. jpg | The Spa and the Grand Hotel
File :: Lake nero. jpg | Lake Nero
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:: File: C-command 02. png
:: File: Einstein solids 1. svg
:: File: Einstein solids 2. svg
File :: Funchal-Zantedeschia aethiopica IMG 1904. JPG | Funchal
File :: Kendall County tx seal. png | Seal of Kendall County
:: Federal File, Nine Network

File and Edificio
File: Edificio G UniNorte. jpg | Graduate Building, front view.
File: Edificio G Posterior UniNorte. jpg | Graduate Building, rear view.
File: Edificio Celosía ( Madrid ) 01. jpg | Edificio Celosía, Madrid ( 2001-09 )
File: Edificio de BNF. jpg | National Bank of Public Works

File and Europa
File: Europa Island. jpg | Satellite photo of Europa Island ( north up )
File: EuropaIsland Map-en. png | Map of Europa Island
File: Moreau, Europa and the Bull. jpg | Europa and the Bull ( 1869 ).
File: Fountain, West Edmonton Mall ( 2005 ). jpg | Europa Boulevard
File: Asturian sheep. jpg | Asturian sheep grazing in the Picos de Europa
File: University of Triest. jpg || The main building in Piazzale Europa
File: 1595 Europa Mercator. jpg | Gerardus Mercator Map from 1595
File: Rembrandt_Abduction_of_Europa. jpg | Rembrandt, Abduction of Europa, 1632
File: Gibraltar Levante Cloud 4. jpg | View of Europa Point and the Rock of Gibraltar from the Strait of Gibraltar.
File: Gibraltar Europa Point 01. jpg | View of the Rif mountains in North Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar from Europa Point.
File: Europa Point east. jpg | Europa Point toward Mediterranean sea
File: Point lighthouse, Gibraltar. jpg | Europa Point Lighthouse
File: Marie Pierre Abduction of Europa. JPG | Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre, The Abduction of Europa, 1750

File and Leon
File: Bardeen. jpg | John Bardeen ( 1908 – 1991 ): awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1956 with William Shockley and Walter Brattain for the invention of the transistor and again in 1972 with Leon Cooper and John Robert Schrieffer for a fundamental theory of conventional superconductivity known as the BCS theory.
File: Flowers in a Green Vase by Leon Dabo. jpg | Leon Dabo, Flowers in a Green Vase, c. 1910s, pastel
File: The Butterfly costume design for Anna Pavlova by L. Bakst ( 1913 ). jpg | The Butterfly ( Costume Design by Leon Bakst for Anna Pavlova ), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
File: Kathedrale Leon 2. JPG | Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of León.
File: Sunsetinponeloya. JPG | Poneloya Beach, just outside Leon at sunset.
and that " John " was actually dead because he had been murdered by his confederates .< ref > Turrou, Leon G. Special Agent FBI ( 62-3057 ) < u > Memorandum For File: Unknown Subjects-Kidnaping and Murder of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr .</ u > September 21, 1934.
File: Hostal de San Marcos Leon. jpg | Hostal de San Marcos
File: Leon Panetta official portrait. jpg | Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense
File: Cattedrale Leon Coro Misericordia. JPG | Léon cathedral, Spain: catching a cat?
File: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel by Leon Bonnat. jpg | Léon Bonnat ( 1876 )
File: Ponce De Leon SP stairs01. jpg | Stairs into the springs
File: Ponce De Leon SP06. jpg | The springs
File: Self Portrait Leon Bonnatt. jpg | Self Portrait dedicated to William Walters ( 1885 ) Walters Art Museum
File: De Leon Springs State Park09. jpg
File: De Leon Springs State Park13. jpg
File: De Leon Springs State Park03. jpg
File: De Leon Springs manatee03. jpg
File: Dabo-The Seashore. jpg | Leon Dabo, The Seashore, ca.
File: Souda_Island. jpg | The islet of Souda, to the right of a smaller islet called Leon, within Souda Bay.
File: Souda Bay from the of the Venetian fortress at Souda Island. jpg | View of the islet of Leon, from the Venetian fortifications on the islet of Souda, within Souda Bay.

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